Destiny Takes Its Toll

Chapter 12

It was a very cool clear night in San Francisco. Prudence Johanna and Mel took advantage of the night to lay on the bridge looking at the sky. "So what do you think of the whole new Charmed Ones gig?" Mel looked at Prue with curiosity. Prue shrugged and said as long as she wasn't one of the new Charmed Ones, she was fine. Mel smirked and had to agree on that. "It just sucks, I mean you know that Tyler doesn't like the idea of being a witch." Melinda scoffed and told Prudence about the spells he's been casting ever since he came back to San Francisco.

Prudence rose her eyebrow, interested in hearing this new news. "I thought the idiot hated magic all together?"

Melinda rolled onto her side and rested her hand on the side of her head, “He uses magic all the time so he can see if the Elder's would get mad at him and strike him with lightning or something.” The girls giggled and Mel moved back onto her back, “That's my nephew for ya. Always the damn rebel.” The The girls continued talking about their lives, and what they hoped to accomplish in the future. Prudence frowned, and turned her head towards her cousin, "Mel, why did you come back to San Francisco? I mean don't get me wrong, I love that you're back, but why here? And now?” Melinda curled her lip and looked at the stars. She had to admit it was a good question.

"Well... This is where my family is. New York's great and all, but here is where I's where I feel wanted. You know?" As she was answering, Prudence sat down and curled up her legs, and looked down at the passing cars. She'd been thinking a lot lately, what with the crowded manor and the crowded loft. It was just getting to the point where nobody could have their own privacy. Prudence knew her sister was going through hardships, but there came a point when someone had to make a very important decision in life.

"Mel, I have an idea!" Melinda looked up at her cousin with a curious look. She was always interested in the ideas Prudence came up with.

After Melinda asked what her idea was, Prudence said that they should move out of their homes and get an apartment of their own. "Our own apartment, huh?"

Prudence nodded and immediately began throwing out the pros of having their own place. Late night girl talk, talk about guys all night, invite guys over, etc. "You're really serious about this aren't you?" Melinda herself had to admit, it was a pretty ballsy yet awesome plan. Prudence nodded, saying they can't live with their parents all their lives. Melinda started laughing saying how funny it was that Prudence still lived with her parents. Prudence smacked Melinda on her arm, telling her to shut up. "Do you know how much apartments cost now a days? The economy is going crazy! I don't know how you survived New York." Melinda shrugged and simply told her cousin she's been living paycheck to paycheck basically.

She stood up on the bridge, helping her cousin up. "Okay, I'm in. I'll graciously move back out of the manor to move in an apartment with my awesome cousin and best friend." The girls both laughed and hugged each other, as they both wondered what their futures held for them.


Tyler was up late in the attic looking in the Book of Shadows. All he could think about was what had happened to him and his brothers earlier. Even though he accepted his destiny, he didn't like the idea of actually being Charmed. He remembered all the stories he'd heard from his grandparents and great aunts. What was really on his mind was hearing how his Great Aunt Prue died. It was only three years after becoming Charmed when she died. Was he ready to begin his destiny, only to have it possibly wiped out three years later? What about next year? What about six months? Was it worth it all? Tyler shut the Book and rested his elbows on it.

Feeling exhausted, he rubbed his eyes. All the cons rushed through his brain, but then there were several pros. He would never leave his brothers side. This was his chance to show everyone, especially his parents, that he had matured as a person, son, and brother. Sure he always asked for money, and he was a schmoozer, but this was a chance for him to mature and age. He just hoped he wasn't going to form wrinkles. Now that would be absolutely horrible!

"What if we can't do it? What if I can't do it? What if my brothers gets hurt or worse die? It'd be my fault..."

He shut his eyes and thought about all the things that were going on. What could go wrong. Everything. "You won't fail, Tyler." Tyler looked up took look around to see if anyone was in the attic. "Who was that?" Swirling lights appeared in front of him forming into his great aunt Prue. Prue Halliwell looked at her great nephew and smiled kindly. "Tyler just because I died after three years of being Charmed, doesn't mean you or your brothers will. That's not how Destiny works." Tyler crossed his arms and looked down at the ground.

Prue walked towards Tyler and gave him a soft hug. "You can't think about the negatives. Think about the positives." Tyler scoffed and said there weren't any positives in the family. Prue chuckled and said it wasn't true, and stated all the good things that's happened. "There was your grandparents wedding, Paige being found, Piper becoming pregnant with your father, your Uncle coming back to save your dad from Evil...there's a lot of good things." Tyler rolled his eyes and turned away from his great aunt and walked towards the window.

"What about the bad things? Like everyone that's died in our for example, and what if I find someone I like and she dies by a demons hand?" Prue shook her head and walked towards Tyler. "Did Henry die after he met Paige?" Tyler shook his head so Prue continued on, "And what about your brother and Jake? They've been together for almost four years and has anything happened to them?" Tyler again shook his head and had to admit, his aunt was right. His brother had a strong relationship going and Jake hasn't gotten hurt once. Prue led Tyler over to Pearl Russell's couch and sat him down.

"You can't continue life thinking people are going to die. I mean they are going to die, it's part of life, but thinking they're gonna die by your hand isn't the way to do it." Tyler listened to his great aunt and he sort of understood where she was coming from. He smiled at Prue and thanked her for the talk. Prue hugged Tyler and told him all he had to do was look after his brothers at all times. "Don't let your guard down, and always watch after their backs. If you do that, you'll be fine. But don't think everything's going go be fine and dandy, cause it doesn't work like that. Oh and also, you have to look after yourself.” Smiling softly as ever, she went on, “Your brothers will be there for you too. They love you whether they want to tell you or not.”

Tyler thanked his great aunt for the talk and hugged her again. She said it was no problem and was happy to help in anyway she could. Prue stood up from the couch and helped Tyler up too. "Just don't worry about it too much. You'll be completely fine." She gave her great nephew one more hug before stepping away from him. Giving her blessing, she disappeared in golden bright lights. Tyler thought he understood a little more about the situation. Prue was right, he couldn't live his life thinking bad things were gonna happen to him or his brothers all the time.

He even thought about his brother and Jake's relationship. To be honest, he was pretty envious He walked over to the Book again and traced the Triquetra with his finger. It was time to start his destiny whether he liked it or not. He thanked his great aunt once again and started going through the Book again.


Chris P and Bianca were in their room laying on the bed. Bianca looked over at her husband and smiled softly at him. "Are you okay? You haven't said anything all night." Chris looked at his wife and caressed her cheek softly. He said he was fine, commenting how sweet she was. Bianca laughed and kissed her husband softly on his forehead. "You know honestly I think the boys will do great with their destiny." Chris looked at his wife and nodded. They both had confidence in the boys, and knew they'd do a great job at it. Bianca got closer to her husband and wrapped her arms around him.

As they laid there, Chris thought about everything he went through to be here, in the time he was in right now. He knew that if he didn't go back in time to save his brother from evil, everything that's happened in the past few weeks, and hell even years, wouldn't have happened. Chris smiled and closed his eyes, letting sleep over take him.


Chris M laid on his bed holding a picture of Jacob and himself. He smiled as he thought about the day the picture was taken. His family had taken a trip to Disney World in Florida and Piper insisted that Jacob come. It was no secret what so ever that Piper liked Jacob the most because he had a normal life as a mortal. When the picture was taken, half the family was waiting to enter the New Management Tiki Room with Iago and Zazu. Chris remembered that day Patience kept ranting on how wonderful a couple Chris and Jake were which made Chris so embarrassed.

Flashback in Italics

It was Chris, Jake, Patience, Prue, Leo, Piper, and Henry Jr. in one group. They were all in line waiting to enter the Tiki Room. Chris and Jake were leaning against a wall talking about what would happen as they entered their Senior Year of High School. Prue and Patience were looking at the two boys smiling and giggling towards the boys. Prue took the camera from Patience's hand and took a picture of the boys. Chris caught her taking it and glared at her. Prue smirked and told him to get over it. Jacob found it amusing and Chris gave him a little punch in the arm.

Patience snatched the camera from her sister and told the boys to give her a big smile. Chris and Jake repositioned themselves wrapping their arms around one another. Prue gave them a thumbs up and Patience took the picture. "Now that is one cute pic." Prue looked at the picture and agreed with her sister. Chris rolled his eyes and seeing the Tiki Room being opened dragged Jake inside as fast as he could. The girls giggled again and Piper smacked their arms telling them to quit being mean. "We're not being mean Aunt Piper, we're just being cousins."

Piper rolled her eyes and pushed her nieces in the room. Chris, who had watched the whole thing, thanked his grandmother for the back up. Piper patted her grandsons shoulder and said it was no problem. They followed the rest of the group in and the Tiki Room doors closed.

Jacob was one of the best things that happened to Chris. It happened so suddenly really. They were both in high school, and Chris was just getting over his ex boyfriend, Rick McCrum. Chris had been hanging out with some friends on their usual lunch table when Jacob just happened to be passing them. Something Chris didn't quite remember happened, and Jacob had dropped his books he was carrying. Luckily, nothing happened to his lunch.

Chris had picked up all of Jacob's books, and now was standing directly up. He had a supportive smile on his face, “Hey, don't worry, I got these.” Jacob looked very thankful, telling Chris he was so grateful for what he did.

Chris just shrugged, telling Jake it was absolutely no problem what so ever. Looking back at the table, Chris offered an empty seat to Jacob. “Come have lunch with us... Unless you were going to sit somewhere else then...”

Jacob shook his head, and told Chris he didn't really have anywhere to sit. He was just recently new, and did not know anybody at this school. The boys sat down, and Chris introduced Jacob to all his friends, and his brothers who just happened to be sitting at the exact same table as himself. “Let's see, that's Laurel, Craig, my brothers Tyler and Andrew, and Stacy.” He told Jake that this was only less than half the friends they hanged out with at school. “I'll introduce you to them later, if you want.”

Tyler and Andrew gave each other a knowing look, and both were smirking. At first, they liked Rick to an extent, but after doing what he did to their brother, Chris literally broke, and did not want to like any guy ever again. It was nice knowing there was a possible connection between the two. After the introductions, lunch went on as usual, and Chris and Jacob immediately went into conversation.

Chris was forever thankful for the young man who entered his life. He smiled softly and placed the picture back on the nightstand. He laid on the bed on his side, with the same smile on his face. He would always love his soul mate as long as they both lived.


Patience entered the loft looking exhausted. She spent her whole night fighting and vanquishing demons, as usual. It was like an obsession she couldn't get rid of, which was fine by her. She would never want to stop fighting demons, no matter what came her way. The witch/Cupid yawned loudly not bothering to close her mouth. She was just about to enter her bedroom when she saw her sister Sarah's room light still on. Patience looked at we watch seeing it was twelve thirty in the morning. She made her way to her sisters room and peeked inside of it. She sighed when she saw her sister on the bed with all her clothes and even shoes still on.

Patience walked in and went over to her sisters bed. She looked down at Sarah and sighed softly. "What the hell are we gonna do with you Sar?" Patience looked around and took a light blanket from a chair in the corner of the room and placed it over Sarah. Before she exited her sisters room she shut off the light, and than closed her door when she was out in the hall. Patience made her way back to her room and immediately walked to her bathroom. After showering, brushing her hair and teeth, and dressing in her PJ's, she got in her bed and started texting someone. Once finished, she pressed Send and placed her phone to the side.

Patience laid on the bed staring up at the ceiling. Her thoughts were on her sister and how she's been acting lately. Sarah was sort of the black sheep of the family. She shared her disinterest of magic with her aunt, and never fought demons like her second older sister did which Patience guessed was kind of a good thing. But the guys Sarah always seemed to bring home with her was a little sad. Never had Patience seen Sarah fall in love with one guy alone. Patience's phone started vibrating and she immediately checked the text message. Two words were sent as her response, "I agree." Patience shut her phone off and placed it back on her nightstand and closed her eyes.

The person who had received Patience's text shut the phone and sighed. "Is everything okay?" Prue looked over at Mel and shook her head. She told her cousin that Patience asked if she wanted to get help for their sister. Melinda wrapped her arms around her legs and knew Prudence was going to tell her something. Something she's been quiet about for a long time. "For the past few months Sarah would get herself in trouble. She'd go out, get drunk, get with some guy and Mom would always have a cow if she ever found out. Pay and I helped Sarah every time we got the chance to, but it always didn't work." Mel scooted next to her cousin and said she'd help the two girls help Sarah with her problem. Prue smiled and thanked her cousin. "Hey you know I'll do anything for you Prue." Prue rested her head on Mel's shoulder and simply sighed.

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