Destiny Takes Its Toll

Chapter 13

Day broke out in San Francisco and everyone was sleeping in, all except Patience. Even though she got in at twelve thirty last night, she had a lot of energy. She was at Halliwell Manor making herself some eggs and toast. The sound of the sizzling pan gave her a warm smile. She wasn't much of a cook, but she got by when it came to food. Thank God for Aunt Piper and Andrew though. They were amazing cooks... or chefs. Whichever you wanted to call it. Did it really matter? She could almost see the expression on her aunts face when she thought about asking such a questions. Piper would get her all knowing, “You Should Know The Difference By Now” face on. Ugh, so annoying sometimes. Only sometimes.

When the eggs were finished, she took a fork and chopped it up as fast as she could. For some reason, she never cooked the eggs scrambled, but loved to smash them up into little itty bitty bits. Smiling proudly, she transferred the eggs to her plate, then grabbed up the salt and pepper shakers and drowned the eggs. Literally. "Take that damn eggs. You can't get passed Patience Halliwell." She chuckled and started to eat her breakfast. “Mmm, mmm.” The girl sat down on one of the kitchen chairs, propping her feat up on the table in the process. Picking up a piece of toast, she bit into it and let the crumbs fall where they may. She didn't care if she made a mess when she was alone, so it was all good.

After she was finished she put her plate in the sink, rinsing the dish off of course, before making her way into the foyer. The house was extremely quiet, it was almost eery. Others would enjoy this peace and quiet(like Pat's Aunt Piper), while others had to get some noise going. Unfortunately, everyone was probably asleep, so she didn't want to risk waking anyone up. They were so damn grumpy when they were woken up from their slumber. Stealthily, Patience crept her way up the stairs, hoping not to hear a single creak. Once she got up to the second floor landing, she looked around and all the various bedrooms. What to do, what to do...

Carefully, she made her way to her youngest great cousins room and slowly opened the door. Making sure he was alone and Jacob hadn't spent the night, she knew exactly what was about to be done. A wicked grin spread across her face as she inched towards the bed. Thankfully, the floor didn't squeak or creak, so her plan was still in full motion. As she was closer to the bed, she noticed the picture of Chris and Jacob at Disney World. God, they were such an adorable couple! Mushy, cheesy, yet adorable. How did that work out? Even she didn't know. Slowly, but surely, Patience aimed for her mark, and then...

As soon as she jumped onto the bed, she fell off. Chris had jumped up screaming and sent Patience on the floor. “Shhh, shut up! Do you want to wake everyone up?!” Chris felt his heart beat wicked fast as he breathed in hopes of calming it down.

Patience was now laughing so damn hard, it was hard for her to say anything. She calmed down and took in deep breathe, "I'm sorry, I'm sorry...I just had to! Your face was priceless!"

Chris rolled his eyes and got back on the bed demanding to know why Patience had woken him up. Patience smiled and asked if Chris would like to accompany her in a few demon hunts today. "Not only would you get better at fighting demons, but you'd get a good name in being a new Charmed One and all." Chris shrugged and said he'd think about it. Seeing Patience’s fake frown, Chris explained that Tyler pretty much banned him from anymore demon hunting unless he was present. “Now don't you go off hunting random demons, Christopher! Don't get us in any trouble we're not suppose to be in! If Patience comes to you, then just kick her out the room!” Patience thought Chris' impression of Tyler was funny at first, but then she thought it was just too damn annoying.

She made a face and just rolled her eyes. What a stupid idiot for banning demon hunting...she sighed and asked that now that Chris was up if he wanted to do something else like watch TV or go play pool at a bar. That was one of her favorite things to do. Since she accompanied so many guys to bars, she was well acquainted with all the bartenders so Chris pretty much got a free pass in any bar he wanted to go to.

Chris laughed and said he'd pretty much be down for anything today. A day in the city with his favorite cousin was something he definitely wanted to do. Hopefully Tyler wouldn't find out where he was and order his ass to get home right away. Sometimes, brothers could be so damn annoying.

"Great! Get dressed and meet me downstairs. Normally I would take you demon hunting, but for some reason I don't wanna confront the wrath of Tyler." She got up from the bed and told Chris they were also meeting Melinda and Prue later that day. After she left Chris rolled his eyes and dropped on the bed, looking at the ceiling.

Patience wouldn't mind if he decided to take his time... right? "And don't even think about getting a few extra minutes of sleep!" Chris looked up to see Patience wink and heard her walk down the hall. "I stand corrected." Chris got up from his bed and went over to his dresser and picked out random clothes to put on for the day. He took a shower, brushed his teeth, and dressed. When he was done, he made his way quietly down the stairs making sure not to wake anyone up. He met Patience who was standing near the railing, looking at her cell phone.

"Almost an hour and fifteen minutes. Damn you take a long fucking time to get ready." She turned away from Chris missing his mocking expression and grabbed his coat. "C'mon dude, today is just the two of us until we have to go meet with Mel and Prue." Chris asked why they were going to meet the two women and Patience told him there was something she needed to do with his help. This confused him, but he assumed it had to be important. The two witches made their way to Patience’s corvette and hopped in the car. Patience drove her and her great cousin down the roads, trying to take the back ways to avoid traffic lights.

"So, how are you and Jacob doing?" Chris said that their relationship was going pretty well, which being a Cupid Patience pretty much already knew that. "I gotta say Chris, you and Ja-HOLY SHIT!" Patience slammed on the breaks and the car stopped with a halt. In front of the car was some man with all black clothes on. Patience started bitching and honked the horn multiple times. "Hey fucker! Get out of our way!" Chris suggested he throw some energy balls at the dude to scare him. Patience said as much as she'd love to see that, she didn't want Chris exposing magic. Grandmother Piper and Father Wyatt would have the biggest cows in the history of the world.

Patience opened the door and leaned out yelling at the guy to get out of the way. The man stood in front of the car for about an extra minute before turning away and walking off. Patience got back in the car and slammed the door. "Maybe he's drunk or something?" Patience said it was a possibility and continued to drive to the bar. When she parked, she and Chris got out and entered the small building. The bartender looked at the two Halliwell's and greeted Patience with a grin. Patience smiled back and gave a small wave.

"Hey Jer, gimme a beer and a coke for my cousin." she leaned over to Chris and whispered that she didn't need anyone telling Wyatt she ordered a beer for his son behind her back. Chris chuckled and said it was cool. Jerry served the drinks and Patience turned her stool around to look at the other people in there. She was actually looking to see if the weird guy from earlier had followed them to the bar, 'Maybe he'll show up later...' Knowing Patience was usually a talker in his bar, Jerry gave her a curious stare. "Everything okay, Patti?"

Patience looked at Jerry and said everything was alright. She looked at Chris and asked if he knew how to play pool. She dragged her great cousin over to the billiards table and handed him cue stick and set up the billiard balls in a triangle. "Okay we're gonna play a simple game of eight-ball. Whoever gets a ball in first determines who stripes and solids are. Get the Eight ball in at anytime, you lose the game unless you have all your balls in. You ready?" Chris nodded and Patience made the first play.

With a strong grip she managed to get three balls in the holes, which she told Chris it didn't count on who's stripes or solids. "Okay, fourteen striped ball in upper right hand pocket." She hit the billiard ball and it rolled fast hitting the fourteen ball successfully into the pocket. She smiled triumphantly and told her great cousin she was obviously stripes and he was solids. The two witches continued playing, and Chris was starting to get the hang of it. Patience was impressed on how fast her little cousin was getting the game, and continued to give him pointers throughout the whole session.

Soon other people were watching Patience teach Chris on how to play pool. After a bit of fun and “school”, the door opened indicating someone had entered the bar. Chris had hit in his second to last ball before he could go after the eight ball when he saw Patience glancing at the newcomer. Chris decided to take a glance and once he saw who had entered, he gave Patience a look. It was the same man who had stupidly walked in front of Patience’s car. Patience motioned for Chris to finish the game by using his powers, so she could listen in on the black clothed dude.

After the game was over, people around the Halliwell's congratulated Chris in winning, and Patience was already close to the bar. She motioned for Chris to get over by her in case they needed to use their powers in the guy. Jerry looked at the guy and commented that he wasn't a regular to the bar. "Come from LA?" Ignoring Jerry's question, the man asked for a beer. Jerry saw Patience give him a look, and got out a beer and a glass. The bartender poured the drink in the glass and placed it in front of the man. The bar was pretty quiet now, most people were looking at the mystery dude.

The man drank his beer, chugging the whole thing down in three minutes flat. Patience rose her eyebrow wondering who this dude was. One of her rules to living was to never talk to guys she didn't know, but this was an exception. If the guy wasn't gonna talk to Jerry freely, she had to go with plan B. Patience got up from her seat, motioning for Chris to stay put. She got closer to the mystery man and sat next to him. She was determined to find out who the hell this was. "Hey, I'm sorry for yelling at you earlier when I was driving here."

Patience gave the man a smile, who gave her a glare instead. He didn't answer her either, which made Patience want to talk some more. "So you're not a reg here huh? Where you visiting from? LA, San Diego, a different state?" Still the man would not budge at all. Jerry gave the Halliwell a shrug and went back to his job. Patience knew the man wasn't going to say anything so it was pretty useless to waste her own breathe. Patience shrugged and got up from her chair, which was when the man decided to speak, "Your demise will come."

Patience stopped dead in her tracks and other people looked over at them curiously. Patience put on a fake smile and forced a fake laugh. "That's nice man. Enjoy your alcohol." Patience motioned for Chris to follow her outside and she rushed out. Chris started walking out when the man grabbed his arm, "Tell your cousin to watch her back..." then he leaned over to Chris' ear and whispered the word "Witch". He let go of Chris' arm and the young Halliwell hurried out to Patience’s corvette.

The corvette drove away pretty fast and Jerry glared at the man. "If you ever harass my customers again, I will throw your ass out." The man looked at the bartender and took out some money and threw it in Jerry’s face. He got up from the stool and walked out of the bar casually. Outside the man smiled as he looked around at the other parked cars. Suddenly his eyes stared glowing green and green smoke surrounded the man making him disappear. In the corvette, Chris was telling Patience about the warning the man gave him about Patience. Patience rolled her eyes and hit the gas break making the car go faster. "I accelerate when I'm frustrated. If you start feeling sick, shimmer or orb out."

Chris placed his hand on the side of the passenger seat and forced himself to get use to the speed they were going. "If he's a demon, he might be in the Book." Patience agreed and turned sharply around a corner. Chris asked if she was worried about the cops pulling her over which made her smirk. "The cops? Please, they never caught me before." She started going over what had happened to them through the day and analyzed everything. She kept coming up with different scenarios on how the guy could be a demon or at least something. "He could be possessed too." Patience kept making fast sharp turns and soon the corvette was parked in front of the manor.

Chris and Patience immediately got out of the car and entered the manor heading straight upstairs. Wyatt had heard the door and walked into the Foyer to see his son and cousin head upstairs. "What are you two doing?" He followed them upstairs and sighed when they were going up to the attic. Good ol' Wyatt, always knowing when something strange and unnatural was going on. Patience explained about something happening to them when they were playing billiards. Wyatt told Patience he thought she hated going go the arcade with all the technical stuff there. She didn't answer her cousin and busted in the attic to find Tyler, Andrew, Piper and Paige in the attic by the Book.

Patience asked what they were doing up there and they explained they were trying to figure out why everyone’s been having weird attitudes lately. Patience and Chris gave each other a look and both crossed their arms. Could there possibly be a connection? Everyone now exchanged stories on how the public in San Francisco and Magic Schools been acting. They all agreed that there has to be something brewing up in the Horizon. "Well whatever is “brewing up” isn't in the Book. Well at least I don't think so because we really need more information on this." Paige closed the Book and everyone looked defeated.

Footsteps were heard on the attic stairs and Phoebe entered the room with her hands folded together. "Maybe we need to ask our invisible guardians to help us." Piper told Phoebe they couldn't rely on their defendants for everything. "Pfft that isn't true. We all know Grams would love to help us with this." Tyler added that Prue would too which Piper gave a curious stare. Without a word more the Book started flipping through its pages by itself. "Told ya." Piper glared at her sister and the witches in front of the book looked at its entry. The page was the Power Of Three spell which helped the witches vanquish warlocks.

"The Power of Three spell? How will that help us?" Paige demanded furiously and began flipping away from the spell, but the Book flipped back to the Power of Three Spell. Piper, Phoebe and Paige looked at each other and than changed their glances to the three boys.


In the Underworld everyone was in the lair with the big double doors. Medilyn and Athulak was talking about exactly where the two other key amulets could be. "We need the pieces immediately!" Athulak agreed wholeheartedly with Medilyn, and asked how they would go about finding them. Medilyn turned away and started pacing the lair. "We're missing something... And not something little. Something big." Medilyn turned and looked at Athulak.

That's when he just happened to think of something. Something that could help them with their goals. "The Power of Three was just reconstituted which means they're not as powerful yet..." Medilyn rolled her eyes and told him he's said that before. The male demon rose his hand to shut Medilyn up. Before she could bitch at him, he immediately started throwing out plans. "We need to weaken them now. We need to tear them down, attack their loved ones, and make them powerless." Medilyn looked at her partner like he was completely stupid. Was he seriously considering of using a recycled idea that got the demon vanquished all in the end? Who the hell was this guy? Brush up on your history, fool, this has all happened before! Idiot.

Medilyn knew this probably wasn't a good idea. She liked to be original. But if it helped her with killing the Halliwell's, then hey, she was all for it. "Fine, we use the recycled plan, as long as those witches dies in the end!" Athulak smirked and promised his plan was going to work, but Medilyn wasn't so sure of this. No, there had to be a different way to go about this. And she was going to find that out!

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