Destiny Takes Its Toll

Chapter 14

The retired Charmed Ones, the new Charmed Ones, Patience, and Wyatt were in the attic discussing a plan. There was obviously something happening right in front of them, and all they needed to do was find out what so Phoebe started throwing out some possibilities, "We know that there's a power out there. One that may be good or evil, right?" Everyone nodded and Phoebe went on to say that in order to get to where they needed to be, they had to go down under. Chris raised his eyebrow and tilted his head, "Wait, we're going to Australia?"

Everyone looked at him like he was stupid. Phoebe shook her head and told them that they needed to go undercover in the Underworld. Chris made an O shape with his mouth and Tyler immediately raised his hand. "I'll go." Now everyone’s stares were on Tyler. Wyatt asked Tyler if he was sure he wanted to do that, and Tyler nodded saying he was absolutely sure. Andrew immediately spoke up saying if Tyler was gonna go, he would go too and Chris pitched in without thinking twice about it. Paige smiled and looked at Wyatt, "The Power of Three." Wyatt chuckled at his aunt and looked at his sons. He was extremely proud of them, no doubt about it.

The boys were ready to orb out when Wyatt immediately stopped them. He told them that once down there, they wouldn't be able to reach him, Paige, or other white lighters in the family. "That may be true, but there is one person we can probably reach." Andrew said with a smile on his lips. His brothers asked who he was talking about, and he smiled at them. "Mom." Everyone chuckled at what Andrew thought of, and now they were ready to go to the Underworld. It would be interesting to see Kira face all those demons that pretty much has it out for her.

Wyatt said he would immediately tell their mom about the possible helping call, and walked out of the attic. "Here." Paige handed the boys each three vials of potions. "The red ones is the most powerful ones you have. When thrown it will cause a huge blast. The blue ones a stun potion, which was made for warlocks, but it's also good to throw demons off." Tyler asked what the orange one was for,which Paige smiled. "The orange one my dear great nephew is just an extra potion I whipped up." The boys gave her questioned looks and Paige rolled her eyes, "Okay it's just a back up defense potion. It'll vanquish any lower level demons within ten miles."

Piper and Phoebe looked at Paige impressed. Paige looked at her sisters and said she was bored one day and decided to create her own potions. "It's easier than it looks..." Piper and Phoebe shrugged and wished the boys luck with their mission. "Stay safe, call for Kira when you need it, and don't get trapped." Piper hugged her grandsons and they orbbed out and into the Underworld.


The boys orbbed into a random spot in the underworld and looked around. Chris immediately complained that the place gave him the creeps. Tyler chuckled at his brother and patted his shoulder. "Okay I think we should stick together. If demons surrounds us at any given moment we orb or shimmer out." Andrew and Chris nodded and the boys continued on through the underworld. The place seemed to be pretty quiet, which was unusual since demons always roamed around here. They also had the ability to sense good beings down there, so the boys were lucky not to get caught...yet anyway. Maybe their demonic side would help them out here.

Soon the three brothers approached a tunnel and Tyler reminded his brothers to stay as close to him as they could. Chris kept thinking about this whole trip ending with his and his brothers demises. He did not agree to come down here to fucking die! Andrew was the same way, wishing that whoever suggested coming down here, didn't. Exactly who suggested it again? This was totally not going to end well at all. Tyler heard footsteps and held his arms up to stop Andrew and Chris from walking. "Shh...get down behind here!" He led his brothers to some rocks to hide behind. Andrew was starting to ask what was going on when three demons came into their view.

The demons stopped walking and stood about seven feet in front of the boys. "I don't know about you guys, but I'm starting to get a bad feeling with this Medilyn chick running orders." The other two demons nodded agreeing with their friend. They said they all wished that there wasn't a powerful demon trying to take over the underworld. The second demon laughed, "Wouldn’t it be funny if we banned together with the Halliwell's to take Medilyn and her boyfriend out?"

The boys looked at each other knowing they were thinking the same thing. Who the fuck was Medilyn? And who was her quote, unquote boyfriend? The Charmed Ones stayed in their hiding place until the demons were gone. The boys walked out from behind the rocks and looked at one another. "At least coming here wasn't a huge waste." Andrew shrugged and looked around to see or hear if anyone was coming their way. Chris asked if they were done yet, but Tyler said he wanted to find out who Medilyn's boyfriend was. Chris made a scrunched up face and made a crying expression, "I was afraid you were gonna say that..." Tyler shook his head and told his brothers to follow him. "And no more whining."

There were no demons around which Tyler thought it was a good thing. He didn't want to face demons yet, and thought he needed to be more prepared to battle more than one demon. Plus he knew he was the only one so far to experience an active power, at least he thought so. The boys soon reached the lair of the big double doors with the green lock on it. "What made you bring us here?" Tyler looked and Andrew and shrugged saying he was following his gut instinct. Yeah, that sounded legit. Andrew nodded and looked around the place. He saw the big double doors and began walking towards it. Tyler stopped him and said they were not splitting up unless they absolutely had to. He led the boys to the double doors and examined it as fast as he could.

He used his finger to outline the interesting looking lock. "If this door opens, the demons can't since they need what looks like a key." Chris asked what they thought was behind the door but neither Tyler or Andrew could come up with anything and quite frankly they didn't want to. "Okay we got some stuff to research about. So let's go back to the manor and..." Tyler stopped what he was saying when he heard footsteps approaching the lair. Or room. Or whatever the hell this was. He grabbed onto his brothers shoulders and was about to orb out, but a voice stopped them. "Don't even think about leaving this lair."

The brothers looked in front of them to see Medilyn walk into the lair with an evil glint in her eyes. "Unless you wanna die." Tyler pushed his brothers gently behind him and Medilyn gave a hardy laugh. "Do you really think forcing them to stay behind you's gonna do anything?" Tyler glared at Medilyn and said if she touched his brothers she was going to die a slow and painful death. Medilyn laughed and mocked Tyler. "Oh please, don't make me laugh! You can't kill me. Not with your powers anyway. You're not strong enough." She rose her hand and a fireball formed above it and starting growing more and more.

"Tyler...I think we should get out of here..." Tyler looked down at Chris who looked freaked beyond belief. The kid could deal with regular ol' demons, but for some reason he felt completely uncomfortable in the Underworld. Imagine that. Medilyn continued laughing her annoying haughty evil laugh and before the brothers knew it, the fireball was flying right towards them. Tyler was about to orb his brothers and himself out, but the fireball froze literally with ice surrounding it and everything. Medilyn looked furious while Tyler looked confused as Hell.

He looked at Chris who shrugged confusedly and looked at Andrew who looked shocked with his hand raised in front of him. "Andrew did you just do that?" Medilyn growled angrily ranting on how the boys shouldn't even be able to use their powers down here. Tyler rolled his eyes telling Medilyn to shut the fuck up. He kicked the ice frozen fireball watching it shatter to the ground. Medilyn was about to throw another fireball, but Tyler grabbed his brothers and orbbed out before Medilyn could throw it. "NOOO!"

Knowing very well, she just made the most humiliating move of her life.

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