Destiny Takes Its Toll

Chapter 15

Orbs filled the attic and the three brothers appeared. Tyler immediately walked over to the Book and started going through it. Chris looked at Andrew and whispered, "I’m actually starting to think he likes this whole witch thing..." Andrew chuckled and walked over to Tyler’s side asking if he found Medilyn in the Book yet. "No, but I will just gimme some time." The boys were quiet as Tyler ferociously flipped the book looking for Medilyn. He started complaining under his breathe on how big the Book was and wished it could flip by itself all the time. Andrew and Chris gave each other a look and shrugged at each other.

"I'm sure the boys are alright Phoebe. If Wyatt thinks they don't need help, than they probably don't." Piper walked into the attic with Phoebe in tow. "Ha! See they're back." Phoebe rolled her eyes and asked the boys how being in the Underworld went. Chris was glad to say he was happy to be back above the ground, and Andrew said it went well. Tyler was too busy looking through the Book to answer. Andrew told the women that they possibly found a lead to peoples mysterious attitudes. "All we have to do is find the name of the demon we heard."

Tyler continued to flip through the Book, throwing out frustrated grunts. Chris suggested asking the spirits for some help, but Tyler was determined to find the demon himself. Piper asked if the boys got the name of the demon they were trying to find, and after hearing her name neither Phoebe or Piper recalled knowing who the demon was. "HA! I got her!" Tyler looked proud as hell and began reading Medilyn's description, "Medilyn is well known for her manipulative schemes against other demons. It's also said that she cannot be vanquished by a potion with her flesh, but also a Power of Three Spell which is written below..."

Chris scrunched his face up after hearing about the part with the flesh. He did not like the idea of touching and holding someone's chopped up skin. Forget that! Andrew had come up to Tyler’s side and continued reading from the book for his brother, "Her powers includes Atmokenisis, Genesis, Incineration, Pyrokenesis, and Voice Manipulation. She also has the common teleportation power of Flaming. This demon is not to be taken lightly and is very dangerous to confront alone. Use extreme caution when facing this demon." Tyler and Andrew gave each other a nervous glance while hearing Medilyn's description.

Chris mentioned that she also had the ability to form fireballs, which Phoebe replied saying she probably stole it. "But if she could steal powers, wouldn't it be in the Book?" Piper shook her head at her youngest grandson saying that whoever wrote about Medilyn probably didn't know she had the ability to steal powers. "Okay so we have a bitch who has all these powers, but since we have The Power of Three, we should easily take this bitch out." Tyler began writing down the potion ingredients and handed it to Andrew,

"Andrew you start with the potion, make sure we have enough in case something goes wrong." Andrew took the paper nodding and headed out of the attic. Tyler told Chris to push his discomfort for the Underworld aside since they had some flesh to get. "Uh...but I'm better at potions so maybe I should go do that." Tyler’s expression didn't flinch. He was determined to help his brother get over his Underworld fear. He took his brothers arm and pulled him over to a trunk. "We are going on a demon hunt whether you like it or not." Tyler opened the trunk and starting digging through it.

He set aside some candles, oils, and some potion ingredients until he found what he was looking for. "Here we go." He took out a hunting knife and handed it to his brother. "Whoa whoa wait a minute, I'm the one getting the flesh?" Tyler shook his head saying who ever would be the one closest to Medilyn would be the one who got the flesh. The boys were about to orb back to the underworld when Chris stopped themselves. "Wait, Andrews making the potion which needs the flesh so shouldn't he come with us?" Tyler thought about it, but said they'd be back in time to hand the flesh over to Andrew.

Piper and Phoebe were abit iffy on Tyler’s confidence, which marked his defeat. "Fine, we'll bring Andrew. We'll probably need his kick ass power anyway." Tyler walked out of the manor to get Andrew while Chris stared at the ground looking like he was deep in thought, "I wonder what my power is..." Piper told her grandson not to worry about it since he may not have his Charmed developed powers yet, he still had some active powers which was true. The youngest Charmed One headed downstairs giving the chance for Piper to look at Phoebe, "Remind you of anyone?" Phoebe thought about it for a minute and than shrugged. "Paige?" Piper rolled her eyes and headed downstairs, leaving Phoebe there pondering on what the answer to Piper's question could be.

When Tyler and Chris, who had hurried to gain up with Tyler reached downstairs, they ran into Patience and Prue. Prue took her hand off of her sisters arm and looked a little irritated. Patience on the other hand had a smile on her face and waved at the boys. "Hey guys what's up?" Prudence looked at her sister and said they'd talk about her hunting habits at a later time. "I said I was sorry!" Tyler asked if Patience seriously hunted a demon after she left the manor and the witch proudly nodded her head. "No one can keep me away from those scoundrels! Just call me an extra when it comes to the Charmed Ones."

She asked if she could help with their demon, but Tyler said they had everything under control. He went in the kitchen and Chris, Patience and Prue followed. Tyler came up next to Andrew asking how the potion was coming along. "Pretty good, I just need to find some Rosemary and Cockle Shells." Patience immediately offered to get the potion ingredients and Prudence told the boys she'd keep the potion fresh. Chris said that instead of going to the Underworld, they should try to lure Medilyn on their turf. Tyler was about to shoot down the suggestion, but then thought about it for awhile. "You know what? That's a good idea, C."

He said they could lure Medilyn in an alleyway or an abandoned lot. Andrew and Chris agreed saying it sounded like a good idea. Prudence and Patience smiled and looked at each other. They were amused to see how well the brothers worked together. "Okay we can do this. We'll go with C's plan. Andrew can you find a place where we can lure the sons a bitches?" Andrew nodded and said he actually knew a place to go. "Awesome. And thank you girls for helping us in our time of need." Prudence and Patience nodded and pushed them to go and get the demons and make them suffer.

Tyler smiled and made that a promise. "Okay let's go. We'll T-Pulse, ice-freeze, whatever to get these demons out of our lives forever." Tyler exited the kitchen with Andrew behind him. Prudence was casting a spell over the potion to keep it fresh, and Patience was looking at Chris' expression. "Just because you didn't find your special power yet, doesn't mean you won't." Chris looked at his favorite great cousin and smiled at her. "I know. I'll find it when I’m meant to." Prudence commented on his positive attitude and he went off into the dining room. "He better have a kick ass power..." Prudence looked at her sister and nodded, "Amen to that sister."

In the foyer, Tyler and Andrew were talking about the demons when Chris joined them. "You guys ready?" The two older brothers nodded and they grabbed each others hands. "Lets get these sons' a bitches." Orbs formed over the three brothers and they disappeared.


The boys orbbed at an old abandoned factory which was located downtown near City Hall. Tyler looked around at the dilapidated building and commented how gloomy as hell the place looked. "Well that is why they call it abandoned." Tyler looked at though he was gonna hit Andrew in his head, but didn't. Chris walked towards the building a little inspecting the place. "I think we should go inside. We don't need the demons surrounding us in this big lot." Tyler agreed saying Chris was full of good ideas lately. The boys entered the building and started inspecting the place.

Tyler looked at Andrew and asked how he knew about this place. "My friends and I use to come here when we were sixteen. We'd use to scare each other into coming in here." Tyler nodded without a word and walked into another room. He told his brothers to keep a good proximity distance with him in case there was any trouble. Chris was looking at old dusty books about mechanics and how machinery worked. After he found out what they were about, he tossed them down with a soft thud. Tyler opened a door leading into another room and wished they'd brought flashlights with them.

"This place is creepier than the house down the street on Halloween..." Andrew heard his little brothers comment and chuckled softly. Chris was always the one who wasn't afraid to admit whether he hated a place or not. Andrew began to wonder if choosing this place was a good idea or not. He even wondered if the demons would even show up. A few seconds later he heard a noise behind him and wheeled around as fast he could to see a man behind him with a smirk, "Expecting anyone?" He hit Andrew in the face making the witch fall to the ground.

Andrew turned on his back to face the demon and started getting up. The demon stopped him when making an energy ball in his hand. Andrew told the demon he didn't need to throw the energy ball at him and the demon chuckled. "Do you really think I'll listen to you, Witch?" The demon laughed again and threw the energy ball right at Andrews face. Immediately Andrew shot his hands up ice freezing the energy ball in its place. "I love how that works..." The demon looked angry and continued throwing energy balls with one hitting the iced energy ball

Andrew jumped to the ground and kicked the demon in the stomach, who stumbled back and got stabbed with a metal pipe. Flames erupted the demon and with screams from him, the demon exploded. Andrew slowly got up from the ground and Chris hurried in the room to see his brother standing up. "Are you okay?" Andrew was about to answer until he saw a demon shimmer in behind Chris. "Get down!" Chris didn't think twice and immediately dropped to the ground and Andrew waved his hands at the demon ice freezing him immediately.

Chris looked from the ice frozen demon to his brother and thanked him. "No problem." He walked over to the demon and after a few thanks and welcomes, the two brothers looked at the ice frozen demon. "You wanna do the honors?" Andrew asked with a small smile on his mouth. Chris smiled too and thanked Andrew for the honors. With a hard kick, the demon shattered right to the ground. "The only way demons will leave leftovers..." Andrew chuckled at his brother and they decided to stick with each other and looked for Tyler.

The oldest Charmed One was three rooms away from his brothers looking around. Thankfully it wasn't as dark and the first two so that made it easier to look around. He found it hard to believe that Andrew even stepped foot in this place, but realized it made sense since he was always late for dinner most nights. Tyler made his way over to a window and looked to see dusted tools, books, and other assortments of junk. He walked towards another table and picked up a book that wasn't as dusty as the other books were. He looked at the title and his face grew dim. "Great, isn't this perfect."

The book was titled Demons and Everything You Need To Know About Them. He opened the book to look inside to see if there was a name of its owner but found no links to anyone. Andrew and Chris entered the room seeing Tyler with the book. Andrew asked what he was reading, and Tyler showed them the cover of the book. "This book better not belong to you." Andrew gave his brother a weird look and asked what he was talking about. Tyler told his brothers about the book, and Andrew swore it didn't belong to him. "If I needed to know about demons, I'd refer to the big green book in our attic."

Tyler said he was right and apologized which was accepted. Chris asked if he could see the book and Tyler handed it over to him. Andrew was talking about who would want to come here and read about demons when he heard a gasp from his little brother. Tyler looked at Chris and asked what was going on. "I think...I think I’m having a premonition..." Andrew asked how he was still talking since Phoebe and Prudence were always silent when having premonitions, but Tyler waved his hand telling him to be quiet. "What are you seeing?" Chris told them he was in the building they were in already.

Premonition in Italics

Chris was looking around the building the boys were in, but Tyler and Andrew were not in the room. Chris looked around and saw a person who was blurred out looking through the book Tyler found. "Hey who are you?" Chris asked with a curious tone in his voice. The person obviously didn't hear him and continued to look through the book. A noise was heard outside the room and both Chris and the mystery person looked over to see who entered. Medilyn entered the room and asked the person if she was done with her task. Before the person could answer, the premonition came to a quick close.

Chris opened his eyes and rubbed them. He complained how dizzy that experience was. "What happened?" He looked at Andrew and started explaining the premonition, but Andrew interrupted him, "No, I meant about you. Phoebe and Prue could never do that when having premonitions." Chris said that it felt like he himself was in the premonition too. "What, you mean you saw yourself in the vision?" Chris shook his head at Tyler and explained it was like he was transferred in the premonition. Tyler and Andrew tried to understand, but they really couldn't.

Tyler suggested asking their grandmother and great aunts about it when they got back to the manor. "In other news, you finally found your Charmed power C! Congrats." Tyler patted his baby brothers shoulder and smiled proudly. Andrew said that Chris still needed to explain what he saw in the premonition. "Oh yeah, uh I was in this room and it was sunny out, and I saw a person who was blurry to me reading the book Tyler found when Medilyn came into the room and talked to the mysterious person. "But before that person could talk, or reveal themselves, the vision ended."

Tyler and Andrew nodded and Tyler decided to keep the book for now. He placed the book in his coat pocket and told them that they should go now. "Maybe Prue can ice the potion until we need it later." Chris asked why Andrew couldn't just freeze the potion himself and Tyler smirked at him. "You are just full of ideas today aren't you?" Chris nodded and shrugged, "Yeah you mentioned that once or twice today." The brothers were about to orb out before a fireball hit the table behind them making them scatter around the room. "Going somewhere boys? Learn to have a little fun!"

Medilyn laughed forming another fireball. She looked between the three brothers and tilted her head, "Three little brothers down in a row...which to kill first." She set her eyes on Andrew, but knowing he could just ice her fireball again, she looked at Chris. Immediately she knew the conditions which were set with her partner, but screw that! The circumstances changed when they became the Charmed Ones! "The youngest is always the weakest." Tyler growled and threatened if she hurt Chris, he'll have her head. Chris glanced at Tyler and looked back at Medilyn, "Try me, bitch."

Medilyn laughed and commented on Chris' bravery. Immediately she threw the fireball at the youngest Halliwell and Chris shimmered out quickly and shimmered in behind her. "Behind you bitch!" Before Medilyn could turn around, Chris kicked the demon to the ground giving Tyler the chance to slice her and get some flesh. Medilyn screamed in pain and Chris hurried to his brothers shimmering them out. Medilyn held onto her arm and kicked a table to the ground. Twice she had been humiliated because of the Charmed Ones, and promised herself she wouldn't be again. Medilyn flamed out of the abandoned building leaving someone that had been eavesdropping on the whole scene: Jayde.

Jayde rolled her eyes and walked in room and looked around the room which was more messy than it was before. Jayde leaned against the wall and looked at her nails. "She needs to learn she's no match for the Charmed Ones at all..." She looked at the table which was now in shambles and made a confused look, "Hey! Where's my book?"

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