Destiny Takes Its Toll

Chapter 16

Part of the Halliwell family were all in the living room discussing all the things that's been going on as a recap. The boys told them about their second confrontation with Medilyn, the book they found, and Chris' new power. "What I don't get," Andrew said looking at the ground, "is why are our powers so advanced? Shouldn't they be on a first base kinda thing?" Piper and Phoebe gave each other looks, and Phoebe shrugged. Piper sighed at looked at her grandson, "Well you guys were destined to continue the whole Charmed thing, and since your powers were never bound than you received them at an advanced stage."

Seeing Andrews confused look, she couldn't help but laugh, "Don’t think too hard on it, you'll get a headache." Piper said the boys were lucky to have these advanced Charmed powers since it took her, Phoebe and Paige a very long time to get the advanced powers they received. "I still think it was stupid how my third power didn't advance until six years later." Piper rolled her eyes and Phoebe chuckled. Prue looked at her sister and commented on their powers they inherited from Phoebe. "Its not fair that we'll never get levitation. It isn't really an advancement to Clairvoyance."

Patience huffed and agreed with her sister. "It'd be fun to fly around the city once in awhile." Prue said it was even more unfair for Melinda since all she could do was freeze and speed up molecules like their Aunt. Soon the discussion was away from the families powers and they talked about how the boys were going to attack. Tyler repositioned himself and started out by saying they're still going with Chris' idea with fighting Medilyn on their turf. "That way we'll have the advantage, and there will be absolutely no more abandoned buildings!" Andrew rolled his eyes and waved his hand at Tyler.

After a little more talking, Prue and Patience excused themselves and left for home. They reached the front door when Prue stopped Patience from going out the door. "Wait, we need Chris." Patience nodded and offered to go get him. She reentered the living room and asked Chris if he could help her and Prudence with something. Chris nodded and hurried to get his jacket since night was soon falling on San Francisco. He rejoined the girls and said if they weren't in a hurry they could take his car. Patience shook her head and said teleportation would be best. Patience took her sister and great cousins hands and beamed out of the manor. Piper and Phoebe gave each other questioning looks, but they both just shrugged it off.


The three witches beamed in the loft and looked around. Melinda surprised them who was sitting on the couch with a bowl of popcorn and a soda. "I’ve been waiting for you for freakin hours! Where were you?" The girls and Chris apologized saying the boys needed to hunt a couple demons which made Melinda roll her eyes. "Ugh the demon excuse is being used again. I wish they'd leave everyone alone..." Chris smiled and agreed with his aunt, and grabbed some popcorn. Prue asked if Sarah was in yet, but Melinda shook her head.

The girls and Chris sat on the couch. Mel told the newcomers she's been watching romance movies such as Titanic, The Notebook, P.S. I Love You, and Valentines Day. The three gave her looks knowing she really couldn't go through all those movies in just a couple hours. They continued watching movies until they heard someone unlocking the door to the loft. They all saw Sarah walk in looking exhausted. She jumped when she saw her sisters, Melinda, and Chris waiting for them. "Uh...Hey guys! I'm going to bed, night!" She started walking towards her room when Prue stopped her saying it was too early for anyone to go to bed. "Sit down sis, we wanna talk to ya."

Sarah slowly made her way to a couch and slowly sat down. She looked between the four people and gave them a smile. "Okay sooo...what's up?" Prudence and Patience looked at each other and Prue decided to start the intervention. She cleared her throat and looked at her sister, "Uh Sarah, we wanna talk to you about how you've been acting lately..." She saw Sarah raise her eyebrow and she continued on, "Well we've seen you when you come home and sometimes it's with multiple guys, or you're drunk..and we just want to help you." Sarah crossed her arms and scoffed quietly. Wow, they were seriously giving her an intervention? This should be good. Sarah looked at the group and didn't look too happy. 'What's the point in acting the part?'

Sarah crossed her legs, with her arms crossed and eyes dead right on the floor. Patience got up from her couch and sat by her sister. She took Sarah's hand and looked at her, "We're worried sis, and we want to help you in anyway possible." Sarah pushed her sisters hand away from her and shifted her position. "I don't need help. I'm living my life the way I want to and I’m going to keep living it like this." Patience looked at her sister and cousins helplessly. Prue sighed and looked at her baby sister, "Sar, we're not trying to insult you. We just want to help..." Sarah rolled her eyes and said confidently that she didn't need any of their help.

Melinda could see tears welling in Prudence’s eyes and immediately felt bad for her cousin. Chris leaned up in his chair and looked at his great cousin, "Sarah, you don't have to live like this you know..." Sarah's head zipped over towards Chris and her eyes looked hostile. Patience sat back and glanced from Sarah to Chris, knowing something was about to happen. Sarah's expression became rigid as she looked at the youngest Halliwell, "I hope you don't expect me to listen to you!" Patience told her sister he was there to help, but Sarah refused to listen.

She got up from the couch and shook her head looking disgusted. "No! I don't want to listen to a kid who's been nothing but spoiled all his damn life!" Chris looked shocked at what Sarah was saying, and Melinda shook her head saying he was never spoiled. Sarah rolled her eyes and told Melinda her feelings towards Chris was exactly the same with her. "You guys got everything! You have boyfriends you can actually keep, you have career paths you can actually get into but every time I get into something it goes down the fucking drain! Call me jealous, a brat, I don't fucking care, but don't stand there and lie your fucking asses off saying you never got anything you wanted!"

She ran off into her room and slammed the door shut. Now Chris was looking pissed and Melinda had tears rolling down her eyes. Prudence tried apologizing to both Melinda and Chris, but Melinda put her hand up, "No Prue, don't apologize for her. If she wants to think that Chris and I had it easy growing up, let her! We all know how we were raised, and there was nothing in our lives about being picked as favorites so if she wants to be jealous of me, fucking let her! Because she'll NEVER know the truth!" She grabbed her keys and stormed out of the loft slamming the door on the way out. In the meantime, Chris could be seen shimmering out immediately.

Patience and Prudence stood there for awhile before looking at each other. Patience said that she'll go and take care of Chris, and Prue said that after dealing with Sarah, she'll go find Melinda knowing a place where she'll probably be. Prue made her way to Sarah's room and Patience closed her eyes to get a read on Chris and groaned. "He's off fighting demons...shit." She immediately beamed out of the loft. Prudence opened Sarah's door and slowly walked in. She saw Sarah looking out her window and sat on the bed. "Sarah, what was that? You really hurt Mel and Chris' feelings."

Sarah continued looking out the window, not bothering to move. She was actually crying now and wasn't going to waste her time to hide it. "I'm sorry okay? I know what I did was wrong and I really do know they're trying to help but..." Prue got up from the bed and pulled her sister in a hug. Sarah cried in her sisters shoulder and started asking Prue to help her and fast. "I don't want to go down the wrong path, I really don't..." Prue said she knew what Sarah was talking about and took in a deep sigh. She pulled away the hug and looked at Sarah in her eyes.

"If you really want help, then I think you should go to therapy or rehab...I know it sounds harsh but..." Sarah wiped away her tears and told Prue that she was right. She was open to pretty much everything at the moment. Prue told her it wasn't going to be easy, but she would be there for her. "And I'm sure once Mellie and Chris are over this, they'll be here for you too." Sarah nodded slowly and hugged her sister again.


Patience beamed into an alleyway and immediately ducked down to avoid an energy ball. She saw Chris throwing energy balls left and right at demons. Some were missing, and others were right on target. "Ugh this isn't good..." She quickly recited a spell to vanquish all the demons, and soon they all blew up leaving a confused looking Chris. He turned to see his cousin when another demon shimmered behind him. "Chris, look out!" Before Chris could react, the demon formed and threw a fireball at him which hit him square in the chest. He fell to the ground and groaned in pain which soon lead to him passing out, "Fucking bastard!"

Patience grabbed a wooden stick and threw it at the demon which lunged in his stomach resulting in his vanquish. Patience ran to Chris and tried waking him up. "Oh my God Chris wake up!" She didn't see the orbs forming in front of her, and kept shaking Chris. "Chris! Come on dude!" She was about to yell for help, but the persons voice interrupted her. "I can help." Patience looked up to see a man with brown hair and green eyes. He knelt down and began healing Chris' chest wound. As Chris' wound was healing he started to gain consciousness which made Patience sigh in relief.

Chris opened his eyes and looked at his healer who was blurry in his vision. "W-who are you?" The man instructed Chris not to talk for a couple more seconds, and when he was fully healed, the man helped Chris sit up. "You could've died from the fireball." Chris sighed and admitted his fault which Patience laughed at hearing. "Wow that's a first." Chris looked at his healer and asked who he was. The man smiled and introduced himself, "I'm Jason, your whitelighter." Chris nodded and recalled the Elders telling him he and his brothers were getting a whitelighter.

Jason and Patience helped Chris up and Chris rubbed his head. "Ow, that fucking hurts man..." Jason chuckled and apologized saying he couldn't heal headaches. Chris smiled in appreciation, and held onto Patience and Jason’s arms for support. "I think it'd be best to take you home little DH." Chris nodded at Patience and Jason orbbed all three out heading for the manor.

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