Destiny Takes Its Toll

Chapter 17

Up on the bridge, Melinda sat on the edge looking down at the moving cars. She realized she's been up here a lot lately, but it didn't matter. She dug in her pocket and took out a bag of M&Ms and opened it, taking some out and throwing them in her mouth. "Stupid little bitch thinks she just knows everything." Grabbing a small rock she looked from the rock and the cars thinking about throwing it down at them. She rolled her eyes, groaned and threw the rock towards the wall of the bridge. "C'mon Mel, just calm down." She closed her eyes, inhaled, and exhaled. She continued this process for a couple minutes before opening her eyes again. 'Don't let Sarah get to you. It's not worth it.' "Not worth it at all."

As she said that, Prudence beamed onto the bridge behind her. "What's not worth it?" Melinda looked behind her to see Prudence and smiled. She turned back to the cars shrugging and said it wasn't worth letting Sarah get under her skin. Prudence nodded and sat next beside her cousin with a smile. "That's a good thing to do." Melinda nodded again handing Prudence some M&Ms. Prudence took the M&Ms, and ate them one at a time. "Ya know, it's sad. Seeing what she's going through." Prudence nodded and sighed.

Prue said it wasn't going to be fun telling her parents about what's gonna happen to Sarah. Melinda gave Prudence a questioning look and she told her that Sarah accepted going to rehab to help her with her problems. "Wow. That's a big step for her..." Melinda asked what Sarah was doing now, which Prudence told her she was asleep at the moment. The witch got up from the ground and helped Prudence up. She said it was a good time to go home. Prudence took Mel's arm and beamed them to Halliwell Manor.

The beam appeared in the living room where everyone else was. They immediately started asking questions when they saw Chris on the couch holding his head. " head..." Patience rolled her eyes at her cousin and shook her head. She told him if he wasn't hunting demons like he was invincible, his head wouldn't be hurting. Chris glared at Patience who gave a glare right back. Melinda stepped up and demanded to know what happened to her nephew. "Well after the intervention, Chris here was taking on three to five demons by himself!" Melinda looked at Chris asking why he was fighting demons be himself. Chris shrugged, saying it was something to do.

Melinda sat on the couches arm and sighed to herself. Sometimes her nephew was just like his Uncle. "Well the next time you decide to go hunt demons by yourself, ask someone to assist you. Like your brothers." Chris rolled his eyes and promised he would do just that the next time he wanted to go hunt demons. Melinda looked around the room and was surprised to see Jason. "Uh hi. Who are you?" Jason introduced himself as Chris and his brothers whitelighter. Melinda nodded slowly and raised a thumb, “That's very good to know.”

It was five o'clock when everyone else seemed to show up at the manor except Sarah and Tyler. Leo had gone up to his and Piper's room to work with papers from Magic School, and Piper was starting on tonight's dinner. Everyone else was in the living room talking to Jason. They all seemed to like him, and they were also glad to know he wasn't like those arrogant stuck up white lighters they've met in the past. Even Piper had good things to say about Jason which was rare. She even went ahead and invited him to stay for dinner which he accepted gratefully.

The front door to the manor opened and in came both Tyler and Jacob. "Look who I found walking into Prescott Street." Everyone peered in the Foyer to see Jacob, who Tyler was talking about. Chris immediately went over to his boyfriend and asked if everything was alright. Jacob didn't really look too happy and explained he got into a bad fight with his step father. Chris hugged his boyfriend and apologized for what happened. "It's not your fault. Anyway he'll probably forget about it by tonight." Kira, who'd been listening from the living room made a mean look on her face.

She met Jacobs step father and absolutely hated the man. She swore the first time she met him, he had a suspicious agenda in life. Wyatt caught his wife's expression and told her not to even think about doing what she was thinking. Kira looked at her husband with an innocent look on her face, "I have absolutely no idea what you're talking about." Wyatt dully looked at his wife who was looking in a different direction. She snatched up a magazine from the rack and opened it to the middle of the magazine. "Wow, who knew the gas prices would equal out the ones in twenty-eleven!" Wyatt rolled his eyes, got up from the couch and went in the kitchen to get a beer.

In the kitchen Piper was working on Pork Chops Oregano with rice, apricot and toasted almond stuffing, a green bean casserole, potato salad, spicy Thai noodles, and scalloped potatoes. She even had a pecan pie, cherry cheesecake, and a blueberry cheesecake in the fridge for desert along with chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry ice cream in the freezer. Wyatt looked at all the food that was cooking and tried to sneak some scalloped potatoes, but Piper caught him red handed, "Wyatt Matthew Halliwell! Don't you dare touch that with your hands!"

Wyatt stopped what he was doing and chuckled at his mother. Piper, hearing the chuckle, smacked him on his left arm. "Get back in the living room before you make me lose my temper!" Wyatt couldn't get the smile he had off his face. He loved annoying his mother to the point where she had a bad temper. It was pretty funny. Wyatt took a beer from the fridge, and immediately left the kitchen since he was being watched by Piper. The chef sighed and went back to her cooking mumbling about her son getting on her nerves.

Tyler was seated on a chair in the living room glancing from the TV to Jason. He honestly didn't no why he and his brothers needed a whitelighter. There was plenty of white lighters in the family, so he thought it was kinda pointless. He looked around to see if anyone was paying attention, and not seeing anyone looking their way he leaned up, "Hey, just out of curiosity, but why did the Elders assign us a whitelighter?" Jason looked at Tyler with a small grin on his face. He loved this part of the job. There was always one Charge who questioned him.

"Well the Elders said since you are the new Charmed Ones, They thought you guys needed your own whitelighter." Tyler nodded pretending to understand when in fact he didn't. It really shouldn't even surprise him since he knew the Elders are stupid fuckers who loved making peoples lives a living Hell. But he had to admit, it might be a good idea to have a whitelighter out there waiting for calls... Tyler decided not to question Jason anymore and had his attention to the TV. When he smelled the food cooking in the kitchen, he made a frown and felt his stomach growl in hunger. 'Dammit when is Grandma gonna be done with dinner?'

Patience and Prue purposely got up to go in the dining room to set the table so Chris and Jake could be closer together. The sisters smirked at each other and looked back to see the two boys get closer together. "God they're so cute!" Patience whispered and Prudence agreed. They began talking about whether Tyler and Andrew would get themselves some girlfriends. Both thought Tyler wouldn't be open to relationships since he knew very well what happens when Halliwells get in a relationship. Somehow everything turns upside down and their relationships are ruined. "Honestly I think Chris broke the curse. I mean he and Jake’s been dating since what? Sophomore year of High School?" Prudence got out the plates and handed half of them to Patience.

"Yeah somewhere around there. Four years and they're still going strong." The girls made sure the table looked absolutely perfect for tonight’s dinner. They managed to make enough room for everyone at the table, but they had a feeling Sarah wasn't going to show up tonight. They knew she was going to need a lot of time for herself so they didn't want to bother her. Piper called from the kitchen for someone to help her with the food and Prue hurried in the kitchen. After everything was brought out, everyone gathered around the table to start their feast.

Prue and Patience cornered Chris and Jake and got them to sit next to each other, but there was some confusion with the rest of the seats since Sarah was gone and Jason ended up on the other side next to Chris, while Patience sat next to Jason. Everyone else found their seats and sat down at the table. Phoebe looked around and noticed her youngest daughter was gone. She looked towards Patience and Prudence and asked where Sarah was, and they both said she wasn't feeling well. Phoebe wasn't really believing them, but dropped it anyway.

The food passed around the table multiple times, and soon everyone’s plates were filled. The Halliwell family plus their guests enjoyed everything Piper made for all of them that night. Of course, something always had to ruin the moment, right? Unknown to them, Medilyn had shimmered in the kitchen, eavesdropping on the family. She did her best to peer out in the dining room to see what was going on and listened to what was being heard. She got a glimpse of everyone who was there. 'It seems like everyone’s there...wait! That girl isn't in there!' She smirked and walked away from the door and summoned Breos. Breos bowed and asked what Medilyn wanted with him on such short notice. "I want you to get your demons together and attack Sarah Halliwell wherever she is! She isn't here for some reason..." Breos nodded and bowed again, than shimmered out. Medilyn walked over to the door again to eavesdrop some more.


Across town at Phoebe and Coops, Sarah was laying in her bed with earphones in her ears. She was laying on her left side staring at the wall. Tonight really wasn't her night, and all she wanted to do was exactly what she was doing. Absolutely nothing. Sarah sighed to herself getting up from the bed. She walked out of the room and made her way towards the kitchen. Taking a glass cup from the cupboard, Sarah filled the glass until it was full of water, and put a couple ice cubes in it to cool it. She turned towards the counter which separated the kitchen and living room. There was so many things going through her mind right now. First was how her parents would react when they found out she had a drinking and guy problem. Plus the fact that she'd be going to rehab for the drinking.

Deep down she had a feeling her parents knew about the drinking problem...Actually she was surprised that her mother didn't do anything about it. Maybe she, her mother, thought it was just a phase. Maybe her father got that in her mothers head. God this was gonna suck, but at least she had her sisters there for her. Finishing the water Sarah put the cup in the sink, turned around and jumped at what she saw. Breos and his demons were standing in the living room looking at her with those ugly demon smiles they had. The witch/Cupid rolled her eyes and mumbled on how she could never seem to get away from the demons in the world. They'd sadly always find her one way or another.

Breos smiled his damn ugly fake demon smile and introduced himself. Sarah clearly just wasn't impressed...she never was. Demons were always the same in her point of view. Ugly, stupid, idiotic, broken records...well okay they weren't always ugly...Sarah thought some of the demon guys she ran into was sometimes hot. But the point was they were all the same. "So wanna explain why you're here, or do you just wanna cut to the chase in killing me?" Breos laughed commenting on Sarah's eagerness. He crossed his arms and made a tsk sound with his tongue.

"Patience is a virtue you know." Sarah smirked saying that was her sisters special ability. "You might know her you know...her names Patience. Get it?" Breos shook his head wondering how these people...these witches could be so fucking annoying. The demon was beyond sick with these Halliwell's and wanted them dead as much as Medilyn did. Breos wondered why Medilyn wasn't there now, but assumed she had a good reason. The demon was done waiting for the right time to strike, and ordered the demons to make fireballs. Sarah watched the demons with their fireballs and sighed. This was beyond useless.

“Demons standing in my sight, I twist your fireballs with my might, let fire erupt the ones who are in my sight!”

The demons erupted in flames and screamed in agonizing pain. Sarah watched the demons explode to their deaths, looking really bored. "And I hope they enjoy the wasteland." Sarah crossed her arms, a triumphant smile on her lips. Breos sarcastically congratulated Sarah and gave her an applause, "Well done! You must be very powerful." Sarah rolled her eyes and got up on the counter. She sat with her legs crossed and her eyes were directly on Breos'. "If this is the part where you try to," she raised her fingers to look like quotation marks, "turn me, you can save it. Now get the fuck out of here before I get the Charmed Ones on your ass."

Breos glared at the witch and quickly shimmered out. Sarah again rolled her eyes and jumped off the counter. "Right now rehab sounds like a good idea... and a shrink." she thought about it for awhile and walked fast in her room. She opened her closet door, took out a suitcase, and started stuffing her clothes in it. After she was done packing, she would be out of here in no time.

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