Destiny Takes Its Toll

Chapter 18

Medilyn was still peeking in the dining room eavesdropping on the Halliwells. The stuff they were talking about bored her so damn much! All these people talked about was their lives... work, relationships, college, was sickening! Medilyn thought she was on the verge of throwing up. She almost exposed herself when Breos shimmered in behind her by freaking out, "You miserable demon! Don't ever do that again!" She took one more peek in the dining room before facing Breos again. She demanded to know what he was doing here and asked him how it went with Sarah.

Breos inhaled and told the demoness that Sarah took out all the demons except for him. This made Medilyn confused, which resulted in her giving Breos a glare. "How the hell could she take out all those demons? She doesn't have any powers except for...what does she have? Those visions?" Breos told her Sarah was extremely talented and quick with spells. Medilyn rolled her eyes and was about to smack Breos across the face until she heard Piper getting up to go to the kitchen. "Today’s your lucky day..." Before Breos could ask what she meant, the demoness grabbed his shirt and flamed them both out just in time for Piper to miss them. Piper looked around the kitchen feeling a bit off, but she pushed the feeling aside and got out the pies for desert.

Piper reentered the dining room with a smile on her face. She set down the pies and Tyler’s eyes looked like he didn't eat tonight. "That's some...good looking pie..." Wyatt told his son that everyone was going to have just one piece. Tyler smirked saying he knew for a fact Piper made more than one pie for tonight’s desert. The chef looked from her son to grandson and simply shook her head. "Before anyone gets a piece, I want to cut one for Sarah." She started to cut the piece, until a voice stopped her. "Don't bother." Everyone looked up to see Sarah standing in the foyer with her car keys in her hand.

Prudence and Patience gave each other a look, both with the same expression: Worry. This wasn't going to end pretty. The two girls wondered what Sarah was going to say. Was she gonna drop the rehab bomb? Or was she going to tell their parents in private? Luck was on their side when Sarah asked to see her parents alone. Phoebe and Coop got up from the chairs and followed Sarah in the living room Everyone except Prue, Patience, Melinda and Chris M were confused. Tyler and Andrew looked at each other and shrugged while everyone else looked worried.

In the living room Sarah had her parents sit down in front of her. Phoebe's expression was nothing but worrisome as was Coops. Sarah took a deep breath, and exhaled slowly. 'Well, here goes nothing.' Sarah cleared her throat and gave her parents a nervous stare. "Mom, Dad..." She purposely stopped to see her parents expressions before going on, "Just recently, I've decided something that I have to do, for myself... And..." As she felt more nervous, the harder it was to get it all out. Her father told her if she had something to tell them, they wouldn't get mad even if it was bad. "I'm going to rehab. For a drinking problem I've had for the past couple months."

Phoebe and Coops expressions looked like they collapsed and was tossed off a building. Out of everything Phoebe thought she was going to say, it was the worst. She knew her daughter had a problem settling with a guy, but a drinking problem? Phoebe could feel herself becoming more and more sad...not to mention guilty. She should've sensed this! She should've known something was wrong...not with being an Empath, but with her mother instincts! Seeing his wife almost in tears, he thought it would be best if he started talking. "Well uh... We're..." Coop sighed.

He thought he knew what he was going to say, but it wasn't coming out right. Sarah sighed and placed her hands on her parents hands. "I think I know how you feel, but at least I'm doing this by myself...going to get help I mean. And I know it'll take you time to adjust, but I'll always know I have a support system here." Phoebe now had tears streaming down her face, which made Sarah really guilty and shitty. She knew this was going to happen, but it still didn't make her feel good about it. Phoebe inhaled deeply, and slowly exhaled as she tried to wrap the news around her brain.

Phoebe looked down on the ground, and before she knew it she was racing up the stairs. Everyone in the dining room had heard what Sarah said and it was like time was officially standing still. Nobody was giving each other direct eye contact and most of them were staring down at the table. Jason was immediately feeling awkward since this was his first meal with the family, and he wasn't sure whether or not he should excuse himself from the table. Same thing with Jacob aswell.

After about an hour or so, Phoebe had come downstairs and there were some people still in the dining room and Coop, Prudence, Patience and Sarah were still in the living room with Phoebe who had joined them. Melinda and Chris M were standing by the living room in case they needed to go in for whatever reason. In the kitchen Piper was putting food away in the fridge so if anyone wanted some all they had to do was get it. Paige and Henry Sr had gone home, but their kids had stayed to help around the manor. Henry Jr. came up to Jason who didn't really know what to do here, "Kinda awkward huh?" Jason looked at Henry Jr and simply nodded. Henry Jr chuckled and told Jason to get use to it since things like this seems to always happen..the drama he was talking about.

Jason looked at Henry Jr with a smile and told him he's up for the challenge. Henry Jr smiled and patted Jason’s shoulder, "Good good! Because if you get my cousins hurt in anyway," he leaned close to Jason’s ear, "I'll have you taken out quicker than a dark lighters arrow." With another pat on the shoulder Henry Jr strolled away and accidentally bumped into his sister Katrina. She had her arms crossed and a smirk on her face. "Henry did you seriously just threaten the new whitelighter?" Henry Jr admitted the accusation with pride, which his sister laughed. She loved seeing her brothers mean side towards people.

Phoebe had become calmer, but she wanted to go home. She, Coop, and Sarah were about to exit the manor but Sarah quickly turned around. "Wait, I almost forgot!" She got Tyler, Chris and Andrew together in the Foyer and told them about the demon she had met earlier that day. "He was about six foot two, dark hair, big fat nose..." She smiled and chuckled when she said that. It was probably the first real smile she made that night, "Okay I added the last part. Oh and he had a scar on his forehead." She asked if they needed help to ID the demon in the Book, but Tyler said he thought he knew who Sarah was talking about.

Chris and Andrew gave Tyler an awkward stare which in return he merely shrugged, "What? So I was up one night studying the Book. Gimme a break." Both his brothers shook their heads, hugged Sarah goodbye and headed upstairs. Patience also hugged her sister telling her not to leave the city until tomorrow so she could see Sarah off. "I wanna be there for you, okay?" Sarah smiled again promising she wouldn't leave until tomorrow. She told everybody goodnight, exited the manor with Phoebe who was behind her. Coop faced everyone and told them he'd tell them when things were gonna happen.

After he left, Patience started up the stairs towards the attic, while Prudence was being dragged upstairs towards Melinda’s room. The girls entered the room and Prue shut the door. "Mellie, thank you for helping me try to help Sarah even though she..." Melinda shook her head and placed her hands on her cousins arms, "Prue, don't apologize. You have nothing to apologize for." She began telling Prue about finding them some resources to help them buy an apartment. "I have a few friends I know downtown, and they told me there are three more apartments available!" She went on to say she actually received an update tonight via text and told Prue they had to act quick.

Prue thought about it for a split second before raising her hand, "Better start packing cousin, we're movin' out!" They both giggled and Mel clapped her hand against Prue's and they shared a hug. 'This is something Prue needs right now.' Melinda thought and Prue was the same way.


Medilyn and Breos was standing in the lair of the double doors. The demoness was giving Breos the glare of death, but Breos wouldn't flinch. "You could be the most worthless demon I’ve ever worked with! Except for..." A noise was heard and both Jayde and Athulak entered the lair. Breos and Medilyn stared at the demon and demonic teen. "I hope you're not talking about me," He stared right at Medilyn and ignored Breos. "because that would hurt my poor feelings." Medilyn rose her eyebrow and asked since when did demons have feelings.

Jayde rolled her eyes and sarcastically told her, "Since when did demons act so pathetic?" Medilyn laughed asking Jayde if that was the best she got. In return Jayde formed a fireball so quick and flung it at Medilyn that the demoness didn't have time to react. The fireball caught her hair on fire and Medilyn started screaming, "You stupid girl!" Medilyn disappeared in flames and Jayde cracked up. She was laughing so hard that her face was turning red. When Athulak didn't say anything Jayde asked him if he had a sense of humor. The demon looked at the girl saying he only found it funny when he was torturing and killing people. Jayde looked at him curiously, "So, what do you want with the Halliwell's anyways? Really, gimme the truth." Before the demon could reply, there was a scream within the Underworld saying Jaydes' name. "Shit I gotta go!" In an instant she shimmered out leaving the dark haired demon alone.

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