Destiny Takes Its Toll

Chapter 19

In a dark chamber there were four people. The leader, Ishmikus, looked very calmly at his members. Two men and one woman stood before him. "My friends, it's time to protect the power, and fulfill our destinies." Ishmikus led his members to another room where a box sat in the middle of the chamber. Ishmikus walked over to the box and lifted it up. Ishmikus asked his members to make a circle around him, and they began a Latin chant. As they were chanting, the box started to glow a light green than slowly lifted itself from Ishmikus' hands.

The boxes lid opened and smoke slowly lifted out of the box and spun into three individual circles. Those three circles flashed and forged into three separate amulets. Ishmikus took the three artifacts, thanked his friends, and asked that they follow him again into another room. There was a stone table with three indentations. Ishmikus told the three that they must send the amulets to their appointed Guardians. One of the members, the woman, asked if the Charmed Ones were going to be the three Guardians.

"My dear," Ishmikus said with a smile, "The Charmed Ones are retired and the new Charmed Ones won't be reconstituted for another eleven years. It's nice to leave the Halliwell sisters in peace." When Ishmikus placed the amulets into their indentations, three holograms appeared showing the three who would protect their amulets. The guardians consisted of two witches and one mortal. Ishmikus waves his hand and traveled into the first hologram. Ishmikus appeared in a little house in Cairo. There a woman that was either in her late twenties to early thirties was performing a prayer at her altar.

Once she was done, she turned and was shocked to see Ishmikus there. The man told the Egyptian witch not to worry, for she would help protect the Power. The witch, who's name was Akila, stared at Ishmikus in disbelief. She was chosen to protect a power? Exactly what kind of power? She told the man before she was probably not worthy enough to protect whatever power he was talking about. Ishmikus chuckled saying that was not true, and she was rightfully chosen for the role. Before Akila could further decline this offer, Ishmikus placed the green amulet around Akila's neck.

Instantly the Egyptian witch felt the power of the amulet run through her body. At that point, she knew she could no longer deny the role. "B-but what if I fail?" Ishmikus laughed saying he had full trust that Akila would perform a fantastic job. Otherwise he would not have chosen her to help protect this power. "When the time is right," Ishmikus said in a serious tone now, "I will be calling you and the other two Guardians to join together for the side of Good to possess this power. Until than, I wish you the best of luck." Ishmikus bowed to the Egyptian witch and she generously bowed back.

With a flash, the man was gone, leaving Akila alone with the amulet. She lifted the amulet with her hands and inspected the green glowing object. There was just one thing etched into it. Three letters T-R-I. Tri? What in the world did Tri mean? Although Akila was confused, she knew when the amulet touched her neck, that this was truly her destiny.

Now it was time to meet the second guardian of the power. Richard Montana. Ishmikus appeared in the small apartment located in LA, and entered Richards room. Richard was in his bed fast asleep, when Ishmikus started calling his name. Richard stirred and slowly opened his eyes to see the man in front of his bed. With a yell, Richard jumped from the bed and looked at the man. "Who the hell are you?" Ishmikus smiled telling Richard not to worry. He began telling Richard what he told Akila about being one of the three Guardians of the power.

Richard immediately shook his head and waved the man off. "No, no, no! There is no way I'm going to partake in this nonsense! I'm officially done with magic!" Ishmikus just smiled and told Richard he did not need to practice magic to protect the power in which this amulet could open. Ishmikus took the amulet and held it in front of Richard. "Richard, this power is strong enough to bring about an apocalypse which could wipe out mortals everywhere resulting in a war between good and evil. I've appointed you one of the three guardians which would protect and keep the power locked up long enough for Good to possess it! Evil cannot get to this power!"

Richard couldn't believe this was happening. Again he was being sucked into magic! And worse of all this man was dead confident that Richard was a guardian to this new power of his. Fucking fabulous. This was something Richard wasn't expecting to happen to him, ever. Ishmikus placed the amulet around Richards neck like he did with Akila. "Richard, we are counting on you to help us restore what's rightfully ours! For Good to possess what is theirs!" Before he could let Richard say anything else, he disappeared as he traveled to the third and final guardian.

Richard looked down at the amulet on his neck. He was fascinated by the odd glowing the amulet had. Curious, he took the amulet off to further inspect it. In front of the amulet had four letters etched into the front of the amulet. F-E-C-T. Fect? Was this even a word? Richard immediately looked for a dictionary by the bookcase. He couldn't find any word that was Fect. Richard wondered why this word...if it even was a word, was on this amulet. Richard sighed and put the amulet in his pocket and decided to just call it a night. Maybe when he woke up tomorrow, the amulet would be gone and everything that happened tonight would be a dream. "Yeah that's's just a dream." Richard went back to his bed and closed his eyes as tightly as he could. Tomorrow when he woke up, this would all just be a dream.

By now Ishmikus made his way to the third guardian who in fact lived in San Francisco. It was around 8:00PM when Ishmikus appeared in the living room. He looked around, but couldn't seen anyone in view. Taking out the third and final amulet, Ishmikus let its power take him to where he needed to go. The Leader made his way upstairs and into a bedroom were he found the last guardian, a mortal woman sitting on her bed looking in what appeared to be a photo album. Ishmikus looked at the object and locked on it. "Memories are what keeps us alive isn't it?"

The woman’s head shot up and she got up from the bed dropping the album on the floor. Ishmikus told her not to be afraid for he was not going to hurt her. The woman looked scared, and was completely speechless. "You my dear, has been chosen for something unimaginable." the woman gulped and managed to get something out even if she was stuttering the words. "W-what do y-you m-mean?" The man explained what he explained the first two times to Akila and Richard. After he was finished, the woman couldn't believe what she was hearing. How could she be "chosen" for something like this?

Ishmikus walked towards the woman and presented her with the amulet. It was the most transfixing thing she's ever seen. The woman took the amulet from Ishmikus who was a little shocked since she was the only one out of the three who did so, and looked at the front of the glowing green object. "A. What does that mean?" she looked at Ishmikus who just gave her a small smile. "You'll find out soon my dear, but remember to protect this amulet with all your life." The woman cleared her throat, shook her head and told the man she couldn't because she had a son to protect.

"What if he gets hurt? What if someone comes after this and in turn hurts him?" Ishmikus promised that there were many enchantments protecting the amulet and its sisters. Not waiting for another word from the woman, Ishmikus said goodbye. "Take care Jenna, may the God and Goddess be with you." Jenna watched as the man disappeared in a flash of light. She looked at the amulet again and placed it around her neck. "Mom?" Jenna looked up at her eight year old son who was standing in the doorway. She smiled at him, got up from the bed, and walked towards him. "You ready to go to bed sweetie?" The young boy nodded and Jenna led her son to his bedroom. After tucking him in she walked over to the door frame and turned out the light. "Sweet dreams, Jacob."

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