Destiny Takes Its Toll

Chapter 2

Magic School had been abuzz lately and its Headmaster, Leo Wyatt, was confused by everyone's recent behavior. The students were more paranoid than usual, the teachers had "weird feelings they couldn't quite explain”, but Leo really wasn't feeling anything along the lines of threats. He repeatedly told students that if anything were to happen, they were protected in the school with the sisters new charms and enchantments they casted after the demons' infiltration back in 2005. Leo was sitting in his office when his sister in law Paige Matthews stood at the door frame.

"What the hell is going on around here lately?" Leo looked up and Paige and gave her the I-Have-No-Idea look. Paige took a seat in front of Leo's desk as he explained to her about the students and teachers paranoid attitudes. Paige nodded slowly as Leo told her everything with a confused expression. "Why are they so worried? We put protective enchantments on this place so they should be safe here." Leo nodded in agreement telling her he made sure he let the students and teachers know this. "Nevertheless..." Paige started with a curious look on her face,

"You know I can always check with the Elders...or at least I'll check with Sandra. I always like talking to her." Paige immediately stood up and was about to orb when Leo stopped her. "I wish you the best of luck." Paige smiled and told Leo she thought he was the one that needed the luck. "Maybe after I'm done talking to the Elders, I'll come back here and help you out with some things. The kids are gonna be out all day and Henry's at work so I'm free to be here... you know... all day." After Leo thanked her gratefully, she orbbed out quickly. Setting his materials aside, the old headmaster covered his face, slowly feeling the stress of everything weigh on his shoulders. “What the hell is going on here?”

Out at the San Francisco toll road, cars zoomed back and forth. People paid the toll and went on their merry ways. A black Impala drove through one of the tolls. Rolling down the window, the man in the car gave the female worker a charming and elegant smile.

“So, is it still the regular ol' fifty cents?”

The woman rolled her eyes and told the man it was now seventy five. The man made an O shape on his mouth and gave the woman the money due. "Have a great day! Don't stop looking beautiful, Beautiful!" The female rolled her eyes again before pushing the button to let the young man through. As he drove off, he shook his head while rolling his eyes, "Nice service." he mumbled under his breathe, and drove on. He wasn't aware that there were actually two cars behind him. A Red 2027 Volvo and a black convertible, which would actually be going to the exact same destination as himself.


Two people revealing to be Chris and Jacob entered the nice, cool library. Jacob was eager to look for some books for himself, leaving Chris wondering why he couldn't just go to a bookstore and buy the damn things for himself. Jacob lead Chris to an aisle which held a ton of history books. Presidents, wars, information on different countries. After Jacob found out Chris' big bad family secret, he'd taken Jacob all over the world to experience new things. Paris, Italy, Spain, Jacob loved every second of it. Chris had suggested giving Jacob the most badass history lesson he'd ever received, but his parents immediately shut that idea down. His Uncle, Christopher Perry Halliwell, was most upset over his nephews idea. Time travel was never, ever, the best idea.

Even though Jacob appreciated Chris' continental orbing, he still enjoyed reading about the past in the History books, which Chris respected. When Jacob was looking at a book on the Civil War, Chris walked off towards the Occult section. Being a witch, he was very well taught in Wicca, but he always wanted to learn more. Sure, it was easy to cast a spell and make so much shit happen, but it always good to pick up a book and read about it too. He'd just picked up a book when he felt his phone vibrate in his pocket. Taking it out quickly, he looked to see who was calling. The number however was completely unknown to him, so he just let it go through to voicemail. Going back to his book, Chris looked around and saw Jacob still rummaging through different History books, so the young Halliwell found one of those big comfy library chairs and sat down. Opening the book, he was quickly dissolving into his own little world. He never thought of himself as a book worm, but his great aunt Phoebe always encouraged him to get to know a lot of the Wiccan religion as possible.

Reading his book, Chris was interested in all the things in there. There were explanations on all the Wiccan holidays, the Sabbats, tools Wiccan's used for their ceremonies among other great information. As he turned the page, he could feel someone sitting on the chair with him, “So you find a good history book for yourself, Nerd?” Hearing a dark chuckle, Chris froze while his heart began to beat very fast. Placing the book down on his lap, he was now looking at someone he never thought he'd see again. Rick McCrum, his ex boyfriend from High School. Rick was a tall man with a lot of muscle. Not body builder muscles, just enough to be pretty strong. He had deep blue eyes, brown hair, light skin, and a scar on his right eyebrow. Chris didn't bother to hide the book he was reading, because there was no way Rick was smart enough to put pieces of the Halliwell family secret together. He was pretty stupid. Rick shifted himself in order to cross his legs, “Fancy seeing you here, Christopher.”

Chris just glared at Rick, not even bothering to move from the seat. 'Just look at him with the most murderous eyes you can manage, Chris.' Back in High School, Chris and Rick really did love each other, but soon their relationship turned dark and twisted. To make a long story short: Chris was happy as hell to get out of the relationship when he did. Turning himself away from Rick, Chris went back to his book, hoping Rick would get a clue. Unfortunately, all Rick did was get closer to Chris, who was now fuming. “So, did the boyfriend drag you here? Seriously, this isn't your scene, at all.” Rolling his eyes, Chris gave Rick a look. Why the hell was he even here? It wasn't like this was Rick's scene either. The boy hated reading. He never read in school, he always cheated off of other people and quite honestly, it was a wonder how he graduated with Chris to begin with.

“If you must know, Rick, my boyfriend did bring me here. You wanna know why? Because I love him with all my heart, and respect him. Therefore I can take a little time out of my life for him.” Chris felt pretty proud just now and turned the page of the book, leaving Rick pretty speechless. “Now can you please run off and leave me the fuck alone? My boyfriend knows I'm over here, and quite honestly, I don't want to get kicked out of a library of all places.” Looking hurt, Rick started to say something, but he just closed his mouth. In truth, Rick knew what he did to Chris was pretty fucked up, and it was understandable why he didn't trust Rick anymore. Over and over again, Rick would wish he could go back to the past to fix his mistakes, but knew it wasn't possible. What he did to his ex boyfriend would stay with the both of them as long as they lived. Getting up from the chair, Rick muttered something Chris couldn't comprehend, and walked away sullenly. Jacob, having witnessed the whole thing, walked over with a smile on his face.

“I'm so proud of you, you know that, right?” Chris looked up at his boyfriend and returned the smile. Nodding, Chris got up from the chair and gave Jacob a big kiss on his lips. They both held it for awhile before breaking it off. “I love you Chris, don't forget that.” Nodding, Chris wrapped his arms around Jacob. A few aisles over, Rick was watching them and he was seething in anger.

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