Destiny Takes Its Toll

Chapter 20

Sarah narrating in Italics

Sometimes in life, people go through many changes in their lives. Some are good, some bad, while others can be for the best.

Sarah had finished packing her suitcase, and zipped it up. She took the bag by its handle and let it thump on the floor. The girl sighed. Looking around the room, she saw all her things where they were, nothing being bothered to be touched. It wasn't worth stowing away items that were full of memories. Sarah rolled her suitcase out of her room where Phoebe, Coop, Prue, Patience, Melinda and Chris were waiting for her. At Sarah's request, she didn't want the whole family there to see her off. The only reason Melinda and Chris were there was because Prue and Patience wanted them to be.

It was decided that Coop and Phoebe would be the only ones taking Sarah to the rehabilitation center. The girl said her goodbyes to her sisters and hugged them. "I'll see you guys soon. Trust me." Prue and Patience gave Sarah their love and stepped back. Sarah than walked over to Melinda and Chris and hugged them as well. "I am so sorry for the way I treated you guys before." Melinda and Chris both told her the apology wasn't needed. Sarah smiled and let her parents escort her out of the apartment. Sarah turned around and promised her cousins and sisters she'd keep in touch.

After the door closed, Melinda walked over to Prue, pushed her hair back behind her ear and gave her a half hug. "Hey, are you okay?" Prue said she was and Melinda looked towards Patience who said the same thing. Chris came over and hugged both the girls. Melinda told Prue that they had something they really needed to do right now. Prue nodded and both the girls set off. Patience looked at Chris who asked if she wanted to do something. Patience thought about it, but said she just wanted to stay home tonight. Chris nodded, hugged his great cousin, and Patience rushed Chris out of the condo. "Go see your boy! Don't worry about me."

Chris got out in the hallway and looked at Patience, "If you need anything, just call. I'll be here." Patience nodded and watched Chris walk off. Once Chris reached the parking lot his cell started going off. He looked at the ID seeing Jacob had sent him a text message. He opened to read it which said, "Come to my house, I need to talk to you." Chris closed the phone then hurried to his car.

Life doesn't always work out the way we want it, but just as long as we find the signs, everything should work out for the best.

At P3, the club had just opened for the night and already there were people coming in. One of those people were in fact Jayde. The young demon was at the bar getting plastered. Tyler, who had been giving a temporary job at the club, watched Jayde. She didn't really seem to notice he was watching her. She downed a shot and bit into a piece of lime. A guy who looked like he was drunk off his ass already approached the teen demon. "Hey babe, how about I take you out and we can get our groove on." He winked at Jayde who rolled her eyes.

"Please, no ones used that term since nineteen seventy seven." Tyler chuckled at the girl, and saw that the guy was slowly walking away from her. He came up to Jayde and introduced himself. "Hey I'm..." Jayde put her hand in front of his face to stop him from talking, "I know who you are. I was in your brothers graduating class... You're Tyler... or is it Andrew?" Tyler smirked telling her she was right the first time. Jayde giggled and told Tyler he was the one who use to make out with all those girls at the school assemblies. Tyler gave Jayde a thumbs up indicating she was right.

Tyler had now just noticed the green glowing amulet on the girls neck. "Nice necklace." Jayde looked down at the amulet and thanked Tyler for the comment. "I got it from an Egyptian wi-" she caught herself and started coughing, "Sorry. Sphinx. I found it when I was in Egypt by an Egyptian Sphinx." She immediately asked for another shot of liquor. Unfortunately for her, Tyler caught on quick. Was she about to say Egyptian Witch? Or was it just a big misunderstanding? Tyler was busting himself by cleaning glasses while taking glimpses at the drunken girl.

People who got drunk did one of two things: One: Mumbled shit that never makes sense, or two: Told their deep dark secrets to people. Jayde was now about to pass out on the bar, but now instead of laughing at her Tyler was now glaring at her. "I will find out who you are."

When your suspicion rises, what do you do? Do you run away? Or do you try to find the truth? What if no matter how hard you try, you can never run from it? What if you're forced to find the truth? Maybe you're not looking for signs. Maybe you've already received one, and started to follow it.

Melinda and Prue entered their new apartment and had a look around. The girls smiled at each other and gave each other a big hug. "We finally did it! We can have our own lives!" Prue chuckled and asked about Melinda’s life in New York. Melinda shook her head telling Prue life in New York just wasn't worth it. "When I first got to New York I had fun yeah, but there was always that one thing missing, making me feel empty." Prue asked what that was. Melinda smiled and shrugged, "My family."

All the time, I’ve heard my family was cursed. We Halliwells could never keep our relationships. That's not entirely true. Look at my mom and dad. Look at my aunts and uncles, especially Piper and Leo. They've kept on their relationship for God knows how long! So now, don't you think it's someone elses time to shine?

Chris pulled up to Jacob's house and got out of the car. He didn't bother to lock the doors because he was worried Jacob got hurt or something. He rushed in the house and started to call out Jacobs name. "I’m in my room!" Chris rushed up the stairs in a panic and barged in Jacobs room asking if everything was alright. Jacob smirked and started cracking up. "If something was wrong, then I would've called your name." Chris sighed in relief and sat down next to Jacob on the bed. "You worry too much. Just like your uncle." Chris rolled his eyes stating he was not like his Uncle, "...much." Both boys laughed, and Chris asked Jacob why he wanted to come over.

"Well I've been thinking. And believe me I've been thinking a lot about this." Chris rose his eyebrow in curiosity, wondering what Jacob was going to do. Jacob walked over to his dresser to retrieve something. He picked up what he was looking for and smiled. Chris tried to take a peek, but couldn't see anything. When Jacob came back and sat on the bed he was all in smiles. "Chris, I have something to ask you." Chris nodded, not wanting to say anything in case anything he said ruined Jacobs mood. Jacob revealed a black box and opened it revealing an engagement ring.

By now Chris' heart was beating at a fast pace, and he felt like he couldn't breathe. Jacob took out the ring, and held it in front of Chris. "Will you marry me?"

If you know somethings wrong, what do you do? Do you confront the person doing the wrong, or do you go and gather up fellow soldiers?

Andrew was lounging on the couch watching an old TV show that use to come on the CW. In his hands was a bowl of popcorn and he also had a cup of Mountain Dew on the side table. "If Brooke's wedding gets messed up, I'm totally gonna laugh..." his cellphone started beeping, so he checked the text message. When he read it, his face was expressionless. "Jaydes a demon, I know it. We need to take her out." Andrew exited from the text message Tyler sent him and looked down at the bowel of popcorn. "Shit."

Secrets aren't uncommon in this family. We all have them...Hell even I have them. Maybe our secrets needs to come out. Maybe we should keep them to ourselves. If we do reveal something we've been keeping a secret, sure it'd piss alot of people off. Or maybe it just might result in our demise.

Jayde had left P3 and was now walking down the street by herself. She stole a bottle of vodka when Tyler wasn't looking. Tonight, she almost blew her cover to a damn Halliwell! That would've been so stupid! "Great job Jayde, way to go." she started chugging down the vodka and soon the bottle was empty. The demon rolled her eyes, threw the bottle at the wall, and heard it shatter. "Ow..." Jayde rubbed her head, and leaned against the wall. The young demon looked down at the necklace Tyler was interested in. "This is all your fault..." Jayde sighed as she started to remember when she stole the necklace.

Four Years Ago

Jayde was getting bored with school. Sure she was new to High School, but being her she didn't really even need school. Her next class was Algebra One where she had the youngest Halliwell in the class with her. "Ugh." She looked around the school to see if anyone was around before shimmering out. Jayde appeared somewhere in Egypt. It was sunny, although it was starting to set, but it was still hot as fuck outside. How the hell could the Egyptians handle this heat? Especially at night! Jayde took off her jacket and tossed it aside. She could always just steal a new Tyler Halliwells leather jacket. Looking around she saw houses lined up in rows.

"That’s so cute...not!" Nevertheless Jayde strolled along into one of the houses. Akila, one of the Guardians, was sitting at her altar in deep prayer. It was just a basic prayer to the God and Goddess. Akila finished the prayer and blew out the candles she had lit. She stood up and was shocked to see Jayde standing in her house. "Who the hell are you?" Jaydes eyes immediately locked onto the green glowing amulet. Now that must be worth a fucking fortune! "Well? Aren't you going to answer me?" Jayde jumped and looked at Akila. "Uh...sorry. I was just admiring your necklace."

Akila held onto the amulet protectively staring dead into Jaydes eyes. "Right... you must leave. Now." Jayde crossed her arms asking Akila how much she wanted for the amulet. "Silly girl, this is not for sale. Leave at once!" Jayde raised her hands and slowly turned around. Suddenly an evil smirk came across Jaydes lips. She formed two fireballs and turned to face Akila. "I'll be taking that now." She immediately threw the fireballs at Akila who dodged them immediately. Jayde rolled her eyes mumbling, "Why don't these people ever die in peace?"

Jayde formed more fireballs, but still missed Akila. "What do you want with me?" Jayde chuckled and told her she just wanted the necklace. " can't have it! It was given to me...for my Destiny!" Jayde told Akila that destinies were full of shit. By now Jayde was throwing fireballs left and right. "Why won't this bitch die?" Akila was hiding from Jayde behind a piece of furniture. She desperately hoped someone could come to help her. Maybe Ishmikus. "Come out, come out where ever you are..." Jayde noticed Akilas movements and threw a fireball full force right at the Egyptian Witch.

After hearing her scream, Jayde smiled victoriously. She walked over to Akila and inspected the body. Stones from the house had fallen on the now dead Guardian. Jayde looked at the dead witch, and took the amulet from her neck. "Interesting front side..." Jayde was referring to the letters T-R-I. Shrugging, Jayde placed the amulet around her own neck and felt the amulet glow. "Whoa! This is powerful..." She looked at Akilas dead corpses one last time before shimmering out.

End of Flashback

Jayde now knew what the amulet was for. Truth was that Jayde didn't even want Medilyn to have it. Seriously if she did, she would've handed it over already. What she needed to do was give it to the Halliwells. In an instant Jayde ran from P3 as far as she could.

Life doesn't always work out the way we want it to. Everything is absolutely different for everyone. I know what I’m doing is what's best for me. I now know it's better to live a full happy life instead of living in denial. I am Sarah Jessica Halliwell and I will get a better life.

Sarah, Coop, and Phoebe made it to the rehabilitation center. They signed her in and immediately went to get treated. She would do everything she could to get better.

This is Sarah Jessica Halliwell saying goodbye...for now.

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