Destiny Takes Its Toll

Chapter 21

"Will you marry me?" Chris was completely speechless. Did he just hear Jacob correctly? Like did he seriously ask what he just asked? His head was spinning out of control. "I-..." the sound of his cellphone stopped him. "Uh hold that thought for a sec..." Chris looked at his phone and saw Tyler's name on the caller ID. "Just a minute." Chris answered the call and turned away from Jacob. "Tyler I'm kinda in the middle of something." he looked at Jacob rolling his eyes which were directed at Tyler. "Okay. I'll be home in a little while. Bye." he hung up the phone, and Jacob heaved a great big sigh. "Jacob I..."

Jacob shook his head encouraging him to go. "If it's a demon then go. I can't keep you from your job. I know that." Talk about your guilt trips...fucking demons always knew how to destroy perfect timing's. Also Chris had to admit he needed time to think about this. "I really am sorry..." Chris kissed Jacob on his cheek and ran off. Jacob looked down at the ring and sighed again. This was not what he had in mind.


In the Underworld, Athulak and Medilyn, with her new due thanks to Jayde, looked around the Underworld at the many demons whom surrounded them. "Nows the time to fight! We need the Halliwells dead to get what we want!" Athulak demanded to know where Breos was, who appeared and was looking really fucking bored. "If you plan on ordering me around, don't. My loyalties are only to her." Medilyn looked like she just won the lotto. She just loved loyal demons. Athulak walked up to Breos and grabbed a hold of his neck. "Don't you ever talk to me like that again."

Breos' eyes looked towards Medilyn who nodded. After Breos gave the male demon his "loyalty" he was immediately let go. "Now I need to know where Sarah Halliwell is." Breos smirked telling the mystery demon she was now off their radar. The demon growled while forming an energy ball which was aimed right for Breos. "No!" Medilyn hurried and stopped her partner from killing Breos. "He's my most powerful demon!" The mystery demon walked off looking really pissed off. Breos asked Medilyn what they were going to do next. "I have an idea...".

Medilyn waved her hand, and an electrical beamed cage appeared in front of the demons. "Kidnap the youngest Halliwell brat!" Medilyn and Breos both smirked. One way or another Medilyn planned on helping her partner...that is until it was time to double cross the bastard. Breos bowed to his master and shimmered out. "Perfect." Medilyn rubbed her hands together while sporting an evil smile.


At the manor Chris hurried upstairs to meet his brothers who were both in the attic. Tyler and Andrew were looking in the Book-well Tyler was looking. Andrew was just standing there with his arms crossed. "Who are we vanquishing?" As Chris made his way over to his brothers and the Book, Tyler told him they were going to vanquish Jayde. "A jewel? Why are we going to vanquish jewels now?" Tyler rolled his eyes and told him they were gonna vanquish Jayde from his Chris' graduating class. "Wait Jayde's a demon? Since when?"

Andrew rolled his eyes now saying they didn't know she was one for sure. "She was drunk you know." Tyler reminded Andrew that that drunk people often told the truth. Andrew looked at Chris, wanting to know what he thought. "What about you C, what do you think?" Tyler told Andrew only he was allowed to call Chris "C", but he was curious too so he was going to ask what he thought, until he saw Chris flipping furiously through the Book. He rose his eyebrow and cleared his throat, "Chris?" Still the youngest brother continued to flip through the Book. "Chris!"

Both his brothers yelled making Chris jump. "What's wrong, C?" Chris looked down at the Book refusing to look at his brothers. "Nothing's wrong..." he started walking off towards the potions table. "Jake asked me to marry him." Both Tyler and Andrew smiled and congratulated his brother. "What'd you say?" Chris faced his brothers and made a shrug, "Nothing. I left after he asked." Chris sat down on Pearl Russell's couch and rubbed his head. Andrew sat down next to his little brother and patted his shoulder. "I think you need to give him an answer. That type of question just can't be ignored."

Chris laid his back on the couch and crossed his arms "I know I do...but..." Andrew said there were no buts to marriage proposals; that Chris already knew the answer he wanted to give Jake. Suddenly orbs appeared in the attic revealing to be Jason. The whitelighter looked at his charges with a serious facial expression. "Do you guys know what the Trifecta is?" All three boys shook their heads asking Jason why. He told the Charmed Ones the Elders received an anonymous tip and researched it. "They say the Trifecta is a very old and ancient Power. It was created centuries ago by the forces of Good, but Evil somehow apprehended it." Tyler asked what Evil was going to do with the Power, which Jason gave somewhat of a relieved look.

"The Elders says it hasn't been released yet, but they're close." The boys groaned and looked at each other. Their lives just got more complicated. How terrific. Chris asked if they saw anything about the Trifecta in the Book when they were looking for Jayde. "I don't think so, but we can try again." Tyler walked back over to the Book and began flipping. He looked up at Chris telling him to go back to Jacobs. "Give him an answer, C. Just remember you don't wanna live life wondering what if." Chris nodded slowly getting off the couch.

Tyler was right. He didn't want to wonder “What if?”. "I'll be back then..." Chris left the attic while Jason gave Tyler a confused look. "His boyfriend proposed to him." Jason’s expression dulled a bit and he nodded. "Okay so we find this Trifecta thing and stop the demons from getting it." Jason said the demons have an advantage because the door to the Power was in the Underworld. Tyler and Andrew both groaned, "God dammit piece of shit!" Tyler slammed the Book shut and rubbed his head. "Okay so the doors in the Underworld, but obviously it isn't open."

Tyler rolled his eyes while mocking his brother. "But the question is, how do we get to the door?" Andrew immediately smirked giving Tyler a look. "What?" Andrew chuckled putting his arm around Tyler. "Let's ask Jayde." Jason smiled, approving of the plan. Tyler swatted Andrews arm away from telling him "No touch". He pushed Andrew away from him telling him to go call Jayde. "I hate it when people touch me." he shuddered and continued looking through the Book.

Jayde was actually at the house across the street from Halliwell Manor. She made herself at home since Medilyn and her boyfriend didn't really come here anymore. "I hope there's food in this house..." she reached the kitchen when her phone started going off. Not bothering to look at the caller ID, she took the phone and opened it. "What can I do for Andrew Perry Halliwell?" Andrew told Jayde he and his brothers really needed her help. Jayde found a bottle of beer, almost picked it up, but found Mountain Dew instead. After asking what kind've help they needed, Andrew told her everything she needed to know.

This was an opening for Jayde on so many levels. First of all she needed to change sides...Medilyn and her boyfriend starting to annoy her...mainly Medilyn. Maybe she could even use the Book to find the demons name! Jayde smiled, opened the Mountain Dew, and drank some. "I'll be there in two seconds." she shimmered out of the house and into Halliwell Manor right next to Tyler. "I'm here." Tyler yelled and jumped back away from her. The demon hung up the phone, pocketed it, placed the Mountain Dew on the floor and smiled. She kindly said hello to Andrew giving him a hug. She turned to Tyler and just gave him a dull hi.

"Okay, so let's get to work. We have some demons to take care of." she walked over to the Book, but it flashed in her presence. She looked helplessly at Andrew who was walking towards the Book and Jayde. Andrew questioned the girl about the Trifecta hoping she'd know something about it. "Ohh that's what's behind the door! Medilyn and her boyfriends been trying to open it." Tyler's curiosity peeked so he asked who Medilyn's boyfriend was. "I don't know. I tried getting his name, but Medilyn screamed at me before getting the chance."

She explained Medilyn pissed her off so she burned her hair off. Andrew kept turning the pages and Jayde would give comments on the demons that were in the Book. "Ohh I had a love affair with him!" Tyler gave the girl a weird look, which she ignored. As Andrew flipped, the comments continued. Tyler was sort've impressed with all the guys...well demons that Jayde's been with. "Have you been with all of these demons?" Jayde rolled her eyes not bothering to answer Tyler’s question. They continued to look through the Book, but to no avail.

Jayde looked at the Book with a confused expression, "What good's this Book if it doesn't have the demon with black hair in it?" Andrew told Jayde they couldn't always be on the lucky side. "Wait!" Jayde smiled and pointed at the Books page entry they were on. "What about them?" The boys looked at the entry which was coincidentally on Leprechauns. Tyler rolled his eyes saying he hated them. "They hit me with their sheigh leigh lee the last time I saw them." Andrew pointed out that Tyler had insulted them with his little people jokes. "They were funny!...Kinda." Jayde even admitted that was a little mean. Tyler glared at the demon and told Andrew to keep flipping.

Jayde sighed and asked if she could do anything to help, which Tyler told her they didn't need help. The girl looked around asking where their whitelighter was. "He's Up There getting us more information on the Trifecta." Jayde sighed, walked over to the couch and sat down. "Are you sure there's nothing I can do?" Tyler gave her a look and smile, "Vanquish yourself?" Jayde glared wanting to make a fireball, but fought it back. Andrew was going to yell at them to shut up, but Jason appeared in orbs. "The Elders didn't have any..." he stopped and looked at Jayde.

"Why couldn't I sense her here?" Tyler told the whitelighter to relax and then told him she was just a demon. "We'll vanquish her after all this is over." Jayde scoffed saying he didn't have the guts to even try to vanquish her. Tyler growled raising his hand at the girl only to have it pushed down at Andrew. "Will you two knock it the hell off? Tyler as much as you want to vanquish Jayde, we need her help." Tyler mumbled angrily and crossed his arms. Andrew told Jayde they needed more information so he asked her to go to the Underworld. Jayde was all in smiles now. Jumping from the couch she told them she'd be back ASAP and shimmered out.

Tyler demanded to know why Andrew trusted the stupid demon. His brother told him she was the best they got when it came to spying on the other demons Down There. That just made Tyler mumble about how he never wanted to team up with demons. "Sorry bro, but there's nothing left to do." he shrugged and walked away. Tyler rolled his eyes and looked at Jason. "What're you looking at?" he walked passed Jason who just shook his head. "Brothers." Downstairs Tyler had followed Andrew to the kitchen so they could continue their talk about Jayde. "I really think we should vanquish her puny ass!" Andrew sighed shaking his head.

Tyler never really gave up on any type of argument. Andrew raised his hand saying he didn't want to discuss this any further. "Andrew we can't have a demon "friend" in the family!" Andrew rolled his eyes as he got out a bagel and butter knife. He stated that their mom was a demon, but Tyler immediately said it was different. Andrew asked how which got Tyler listing many excuses he could think of. Andrew tilted his head with a chuckle. "What the hell are you laughing at?" Andrew walked to the fridge and got out a bottle of beer.

Sometimes Tyler could be so thick. Putting on a show with the bad ass act all tough and shit, when in fact..."You like Jayde don't you?" Tyler immediately gagged denying having any feelings towards Jayde. Andrew reminded his brother that it was Jayde he always use to make out with at the school assemblies. "Excuse me, but I was young back then. I didn't know she was a demon!" Andrew laughed all the way to the living room teasing Tyler about him being in love with a demon. Tyler kept yelling at Andrew saying he felt nothing for Jayde. "Keep telling yourself that."

Tyler kept gritting his teeth while trying to calm down. "Screw this! I'm going to P3!" Tyler rushed out of the house slamming the door on his way out. Andrew dropped on the couch with a triumphant smile on his face.


Chris drove up to Jacob's house and parked in front of the place. He pretty much did the same thing he did earlier only he wasn't in a hurry this time to get in. When he reached the front door he put his thumb on the doorbell, but he didn't press it. "I don't want to talk about this right now! I need to go to work!" Jenna and her husband were having a fight...again. Chris remembered Jacob telling him his mom and step fathers been fighting a lot these past few weeks now. "Maybe if you weren't so stupid than maybe you wouldn't be working for a crack whore!"

Chris looked pissed now. The fat drunk just called his grandmother a crack whore? Chris opened the front door and found the two adults arguing in the living room. "Don’t call Piper that! The Halliwells are good people!" Jenna’s husband laughed while saying the Halliwell's were only good to buy drugs from. Chris created an energy ball and threw it at the guys head. When the man was sent crashing in the wall, Jenna felt her heart beat ten times faster. She looked at Chris who looked like he was about to get hit. "Uh...I didn't mean to do that?"

Jenna took one more glance at the knocked out man before looking at Chris again. "How much did you hear sweetie?" Chris told her he heard her husband call his grandmother a whore and that the Halliwells were drug dealers. Jenna looked absolutely embarrassed and started apologizing for the mans behavior. Chris told her it wasn't worth it, then asked if he could orb the man in a lava pit. Jenna laughed but said it wouldn't be good for him and his family. Chris smirked saying that was a big shame. Jenna thanked Chris for coming at a really good time. They both looked at the man who wasn't really moving, but they could tell he was breathing. "Well can I at least orb him to a motel in France or something?" Jenna laughed and said it was only okay if he sensed to see if nobody was around. Chris smirked, waved his hands, and the man orbbed out of the living room.

Jenna thanked her rescuer and excused her for work. "I'll clean the living room!" Jenna thanked Chris again and walked out of the house shutting the door behind her. Chris looked at the wall where Jenna’s husband slammed into, "Let the object of objection become but a dream as I cause the scene to be unseen." The living room filled with orbs and soon everything was fine the way it was before. Chris smiled at the scene and turned around to walk up the stairs. He found Jacob in his room laying on his side with his earphones in his ears. Chris crossed his arms and leaned against the door frame.

"Is everything okay?" Jacob turned to see Chris and gave him a small smile. "I guess. Just hearing some more arguing so I decided to put in some music." Chris walked over and sat on Jacobs bed. "Yeah I caught them downstairs. I sorta orbbed Marshmallow into France's sewers." Jacob smirked and started laughing. Chris told him not to tell Jacobs mom since she thought he was in a French motel. "You're amazing." Chris shrugged saying it was all in a days work. Chris sighed and looked at his boyfriend. There was a question that needed to be answered. "Uh I gotta answer something for you."

Chris took a deep breath before continuing. "First of all I want to apologize for leaving so abruptly, and I thought about what you asked." He took Jacobs hands and looked at him. "Jacob, I would love to marry you." Jacob was suddenly in smiles, and asked Chris if he was serious. Chris nodded and Jake jumped off the bed, grabbed the black box, and went back to the bed. The opened the box, took out the ring, and placed it on Chris' left hands ring finger. The two laughed and shared a kiss, unknown that there were two demons standing in front of the house.

Medilyn and Breos were standing next to each other looking up at Jacobs bedroom window. Medilyn looked absolutely sick to her stomach, while Breos looked amused by her face. "Got a problem with love?" Medilyn gagged and shook her head as she felt nauseous. She leaned towards Breos' ear and sneered. "Go tell my partner we've got a problem!" Breos bowed and shimmered out. Medilyn took one last look at Jacob's window before flaming out herself.

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