Destiny Takes Its Toll

Chapter 22

Up in the Heavens, three Elders, the Angel of Destiny, Life, Death, Hope, and Choice were standing around each other in a form of a circle. They were discussing the possibility of the World going into its Apocalyptic State. "The Trifecta will destroy us all! Not only will Hope be unbalanced, but the others will too." The Angel of Hope looked towards the Angel of Death. "And I'm sure you don't want to go through that path again." The Angel of Death just looked at Hope emotionless. He never did like group meetings, but the Angel of Hope was right. He didn't want to go through a death time stop again. "Need I remind you, Death isn't the only one at risk here. I have a reputation to keep too, you know." Choice nodded in agreement to Life. "Angels please! You must all calm down!" All the Angels looked at the Elder who was speaking to them. "We know you're all in a bad position, but we all need to stay focused!" The first Elder raised her hands to signal the Angels not to say anything in response. She looked at Destiny and asked if she could be of anymore assistance to the Charmed Ones. Destiny gave the Elder an awkward look. "What exactly do you have in mind?" The Elder reminded Destiny that she served the old Charmed Ones back in two thousand six. Destiny gave a look towards Death, Life, Hope, and Choice before being engulfed by in a golden sphere. The Angels and Elders watched Destiny disappear before looking at each other with grim looks.

Back on Earth, the Trifecta's powers were starting to take its toll on the mortals. In Egypt, demons were starting to come more out in the open to attack. The Trifecta's powers were making the mortals think they were going either insane, or it was making them think they were invincible. Either way it wasn't pretty. Witches desperately tried to get the mortals back into reality, but it was no use. They, the mortals, felt like they were gods and even tried to overpower demons, only to get met by their demise. Other countries such as Paris, London, Japan, Russia, and South America were being affected. Some witches believed it all started in North America, which was true.

Right now, Tyler was starting to make the potion to vanquish Medilyn for good while Andrew and Jayde were going over the Vanquishing Spell. "I really don't think this spell will work." Jayde asked Andrew why he thought that, which he explained it sounded too easy for a Power of Three spell. Jayde made the sound of understanding and chuckled. "Need any help?" Tyler scoffed claiming he knew what he was doing, and didn't need anyone's help. Jayde started pointing out ingredients and what not to do with them. Tyler growled saying he knew what the ingredients were for and when not to use to them. "I swear to God I'm gonna blast this bitch to Kingdom Come." He walked over to the fridge and took out Medilyn's flesh he got a couple days ago.

By now Jayde had walked back over to Andrew, who was tweaking the Spell. Tyler had the flesh in his hand and was ready to toss it in the potion. "Tyler, I don't think..." Tyler glared at Jayde, but didn't bother saying anything in response to her. He threw the flesh in the potion and was immediately thrown onto the ground. "I tried to tell him." Jayde just shrugged while Andrew starting cracking up with laughter. Tyler had gotten himself off the ground while holding his head. "That hurt like fuck!" Jayde shook her head while laughing along with Andrew and Tyler kept telling them to shut up. Just as Tyler was going to yell some more, Jason orbbed down asking where Chris was. Andrew helped Tyler bottle up the potions while Jayde told the whitelighter Chris was still at Jake's. Jason looked at the boys and told them they needed to get their brother home ASAP. "Okay, okay I'll call him after the potions gets bottled up."

Tyler waved the vanquishing potions in his hand to show Jason. Getting sick of watching the whitelighter babble on and on, Jayde got fed up and told them she would call Chris for them. "But if I interrupt him while saying yes to Jake, I'll kill you with my Dark lighters crossbow." She walked out of the kitchen while Tyler and Andrew both shared the same look. Jason started giving Tyler and Andrew the "Don't Trust Demons" speech, but the boys ignored him. Andrew told him it was a good try, but Tyler was already crushing on her. Jason gave Tyler a freaked out look, but once again Tyler denied having any feelings towards Jayde. "I do not and will never EVER like or love Jayde!" He looked at Andrew telling him he was starting to overdo it with with the whole Jayde thing. Jason asked what the boys' plan of attack was when it came to vanquishing Medilyn.

"Well we were thinking of blasting and freezing. When we have her distracted, Chris is going throw the potion and we'll chant her ass to the wasteland." Jason nodded slowing thinking about the plan.

He thought it could work, but he was still kind of nervous. Jayde walked back in the kitchen to tell the guys Chris was on his way back to the manor. "Alright let's go hunt his bitch down." Tyler took some bottles handing them to Andrew. The boys headed to the foyer with Jayde following behind them. She gave a sweet and innocent smile at Jason before heading on out. Jason sighed and wondering how a demon could get in his charges lives already. Tyler and Andrew had a map and crystal out so they could scry. By the time Chris finally got home, they were still scrying for Medilyn. He met everyone in the foyer looking at the map and crystal. "Uh what're you guys doing?" his brothers explained everything including their plan to defeat Medilyn once and for all. Chris tilted his head, while looking down at the map. "How long does it take to successfully scry?" Tyler continued complaining about his failed scrying attempts so he didn't hear the front door open. "Have you guys seen the news? It's ridiculous!" Mel crossed her arms and explained what going on in different countries. Prue was behind Mel and immediately walked into the living room to turn on the TV.

"Guys get in here!" Everyone rushed into the living room where Prue just turned on the news. "Civilians are injured, buildings are crumbling down, the Ambassador is declaring a State of Emergency. Nobody has any idea what is going on, and people are being killed. There are evidence of scorch marks one the sides of homes, fires erupted..." Prue looked over at everyone with a grim look. "Think this is part of Egypt's mass destruction?" Nobody knew whether to take her question seriously or not. They all knew one thing though. Something was going on, and there was a good possibility it was magical. "Didn't Mom say the grocery store erupted in a fight that one day?" Everyone nodded and Prue turned off the TV. Jayde, who had reappeared beside Tyler, freaked out when she saw a golden sphere flying all over the place. "What the hell is THAT?" She pointed to the sphere while Tyler asked if she could leave the house. The Angel of Destiny appeared, looking at the group with her usual calm expression. Tyler groaned saying he was getting sick of seeing her as much as he was sick of seeing Jayde. "The feelings mutual." was the Angels reply. Tyler rolled his eyes, and sat on the living room couch not wanting to be there right now. And since Tyler wasn't going to say anything to the Angel, Andrew decided to speak up. "Uh..hello, can we help you?" Destiny looked over at Andrew and shook her head, "No, but I was sent here to help you." Everyone looked at Destiny, while Tyler was inching towards killing her. "A power we have never before seen will corrupt the Earth unless you stop it. You have to stop..." She paused before continuing on. "The Apocalypse."

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