Destiny Takes Its Toll

Chapter 23

All was quiet at the manor. Well it was at night at least, but still for the Halliwell's with all the demon attacks this was definitely quiet. Ding, ding, ding... Someone gasped with fright when the clock struck three o'clock. Tyler Halliwell looked around him. The Book of Shadows was laying in front of him, and notes in his handwriting was scattered all over the area he was in. He was told that since there was a huge threat and a possible huge battle in his future, he had better study up on the Book and be ready for when they attacked. For the past few weeks Tyler had been compared to his great aunt, Prue Halliwell, but in all honesty he didn't really care. He was going to find out anything and everything he could about the demon Medilyn. This bitch was going down whether she liked it or not. Letting out a loud yawn, Tyler pushed all his notes away from him and rubbed his eyes. He really needed sleep...a lot of sleep at that.

Looking up at the clock, he had seen it was three AM. 'Talk about staying up late...' The young witch stood up from the chair, and stretched widely and tiredly. He didn't know what his parents would do if they caught him up here sleeping away with all these things...actually they could have already caught him up here... Well, no. He did know what they'd do, and he was pretty sure they did not catch him up here. Kira would look worried as hell and look at Wyatt to talk to their son, and then Wyatt would've gone into his big old speech about balancing their Witch lives with their Normal lives. To Tyler, normal was very overrated in this family. True he didn't like the idea of being a Charmed One at first, basically because the Angel freak came down and practically forced it on the brothers, but after some time and thought, Tyler began to accept his new destiny and let it all play out like it's suppose to. It wasn't like he had a choice anyway so he had two options: A. He could complain, bitch, whine, and mope about it and still battle demons, or B. He could accept it, study his ass off with demons and work hard to destroy them for good.

Tyler walked out of the attic and slowly made his way down the stairs. He would have cleaned up his mess, but it probably would've been made a mess again so he didn't bother with it. Tyler walked over to his youngest brothers room. Putting his hand on the knob, he slowly turned it and peeked inside. Both boys, Chris and Jacob, were fast asleep in bed. Seeing they were fine, he quietly closed the door as softly as he could. Continuing his way throughout the manor, he started downstairs to the main floor. Once he reached the hallway, he stopped dead in his tracks. He heard noises that were coming in from the kitchen. 'Great we have a fuckin' intruder. This is just peachy.' He went to the closet and took out a long wooden bat. Holding it with both hands, he slowly advanced towards the kitchen. The first thing going through his mind was that there was a demon looking for something in the kitchen. Like their potion ingredients or something.

Tyler raised the bat, carefully opened the door, and he was about to take a swing until he realized who he was going to hit. Andrew was looking from Tyler to the bat. "Andrew what the hell are you doing?" Andrew said he was getting a glass of water before going to bed. Tyler rolled his eyes and sighed as he placed the bat down the side. Before exiting the kitchen, Tyler was mumbling about how close he was to getting a heart attack. Andrew took one more look at the bat before following Tyler out of the kitchen. They walked up the stairs to the second floor and eventually got to Tyler's bedroom door. "I'm going to bed now, but if you wanna stay up and give people heart diseases be my guest..." He opened his door and turned back to Andrew, "But I'm not gonna be bailing you out of jail." Tyler shut his door, leaving Andrew out in the hall alone. He walked towards Chris' room and his face immediately cringed. "Ugh...mortal." Andrew shape shifted into his true form. Breos.

The upper level demon had the urge to just barge into the room and kill both the witch and the mortal, but he knew that would greatly upset Medilyn. He was sent there by Medilyn to find out what the Halliwell's were exactly up to. Breos approached the door and had his hand on the knob. He was about to turn it, until he heard someone behind him. "What do you think you're doing?" The demon turned to see who he called Medilyn's demon boyfriend. Breos crossed his arms and sneered. "Why should I answer to you? Who are you anyway?" The demon chuckled at Breos, his nasty grin showing. "Who I am certainly doesn't concern you." Athulak enjoyed giving Breos Hell, and would never ever stop. Breos growled and raised his hand to form an energy ball but the demon chuckled at him again. Breos knew this demon wasn't worth his time. Extinguishing the energy ball, Breos sneered at the demon again before shimmering out. The demon just laughed and shook his head. A lot of demons just loved to get on his nerves. Before leaving, he looked into Chris' room and smirked. Closing the door, he shimmered out.


When the sun rose, Tyler was back in the attic taking as many notes as he possibly could. He was so busy with his research, he didn't hear Jayde enter the attic. "Uh there's breakfast in the kitchen." Tyler jumped when he heard the girl, and grumbled his thanks. Jayde rolled her eyes and turned to go back downstairs. She stopped though, turned around, and faced Tyler. "When was the last time you slept?" Tyler looked at the girl with a raised eyebrow. "Excuse me?" Jayde rolled her eyes and repeated the question. Tyler shrugged and got back to his work. Jayde shook her head, and walked down the stairs. "Stupid fucking no good git..." Tyler pretended not to hear Jayde. She may have passed the trust test for the Halliwell's, but not for him. He's always told he was too hard on the girl, especially when they all knew he had feelings for her. Downstairs on the dining room table there was a spread of food out. Eggs, pancakes, bacon, sausage, milk and orange juice.

Jayde took her seat across from Andrew, who already had a full plate of food in front of him. "Are you seriously going to eat all of that?" Andrew looked up from his plate to Jayde, but he didn't say anything. Jayde cringed at the sight of all the food and gave him a disgusted look. "So disgusting." Tyler finally came downstairs and looked at the two who were eating. "Wow, mom and dad aren't up?" Andrew shrugged telling his brother that Wyatt and Kira went on a vacation trip with their aunt and uncle. Tyler made an O shape with his mouth. "Does that mean we have the whole house to ourselves?" Andrew smirked, nodding his head. Tyler sat down at the head of the table, purposely ignoring Jayde. He asked Andrew to pass the orange juice over which was sitting right next to Jayde. The girl glared at Tyler while sliding the orange juice over to him. "Ya know I hope a demon attacks and fucks up your car."

Tyler glared at Jayde while Andrew tried his best to ignore them both. "If a demon gets close to my car, you're the one who's gonna end up vanquished!" Jayde laughed and told him he couldn't vanquish her even if he tried. Tyler in return told Jayde he could have a potion cooked up in about ten minutes. As the two continued to argue, Andrew slowly got up from the table. He knew he couldn't handle another one of these fights. He walked out of the manor and down the steps. The young witches eyes were on the house from across the street. For some reason, he got a really weird feeling when he looked at the place. Andrew looked around the block, but for whatever reason his eyes wondered back over to the house. Having a gut feeling, Andrew started making his way towards it. There was a For Sale sign in the yard so he knew he technically wasn't trespassing on anyone's property.

When he got to the door, Andrew placed his hand on the knob and to his surprise it was unlocked. "Wow. That's convenient." Andrew pushed the door open and entered the house. Inside was a complete mess. There were papers scattered everywhere, the furniture was ripped or completely broken beyond repair, and there were shards of shattered glass everywhere. "What the hell happened in here?" Andrew walked from room to room looking for something interesting. He was now wishing Chris was there with him so he could try to get a premonition or something. He made his way upstairs which looked just like downstairs had. A table in the hallway was overturned, a broken vase laid shattered to the floor as well as a painting. Andrew noted all the doors were closed except for one. He went into the room and he wasn't surprised that the room was also in shambles. 'Whatever happened in this house couldn't have been good.'

Andrew was also glad he didn't find any blood and dead bodies. Andrew was continuing his investigation looking at items, looking closely at them etc. He was about to pick up a picture but he heard someone move downstairs. 'Great, I'm gonna get caught...unless I orb out in time.' Andrew decided to try to figure out if anyone was downstairs or if the noise was just his imagination. Silently he made his way back downstairs towards the kitchen. He stood against the wall listening really hard. Nothing. 'My mind must be going crazy.' Andrew was about to exit the house when he spotted something. He knelt down to pick it up and saw it was either a note or a letter. "We need to take out the Halliwell's immediately...if you need me just call for me." Andrews eyes were glued to the note, and didn't hear anyone enter the house. "Now what do you think you're doing here?" Andrew looked up to see Medilyn standing before him with her usual grin. "Shit." Medilyn gave him her smirk and evil laugh...which Andrew thought was getting overrated. "You just crossed a very thin line young man." She quickly formed and threw a fireball but before Andrew could freeze it, it struck him in the shoulder. Andrew fell to the ground groaning in pain. Medilyn was about to throw another fireball, but when he threw it Andrew was orbbed out just in time. "I'm getting real sick and tired of this..."

Andrew appeared on top of Golden Gate Bridge. He looked around and saw his whitelighter Jason in front of him. "You could've been killed." Andrew apologized to the whitelighter who just shrugged. "It's my job. Just try not to get into any continuous trouble." Andrew promised he wouldn't, and Jason looked out at the Bay. "How are your brothers doing?" Andrew shrugged saying Tyler was becoming obsessed with demon hunting, and Chris was spending more of his time with Jacob. The two guys talked a little bit longer about their threat, what they needed to do, etc.

An Elder orbbed down on the Bridge looking frantic. "There's been an attack on a coven! Demons are attacking everyone in the area!" Jason immediately grabbed Andrews arm and orbbed him out. At the attack site Jason and Andrew appeared along with Tyler and Chris. "What are you guys doing here?" Chris told Andrew that Jayde started to annoy Tyler so much that he decided to go demon hunting.

Andrew looked at Jason with an expression with "I told you so" written over it. Tyler looked around trying to find the demons. "Where are they? I scried for them here!" Everyone looked around for any demons or witches, "Watch out!" The boys looked at the direction of the voice. A woman and a demon were standing a few feet away, the demon being engulfed with flames. The woman approached the four guys with a freaked out expression. "Are you guys okay? You didn't get hurt did you?" Everyone shook their heads at the woman who saved them. "Uh thanks for the help and all, but who the hell are you lady?" The woman looked at Tyler introducing herself as Kayla Morrison. "I just moved her from Sierra Sojourn. I'm a witch and I can tell you three boys are too." She looked over at Jason with keen eyes. "But you're not. You must be their whitelighter." Jason nodded simply, without uttering a word.

He was trying to figure out if this woman was legit or not. "Wait did you say Sierra Sojourn? Like the place with the mountain and the Spirit Wolf God my grandma and great aunts vanquished?" Jason, Andrew, and Tyler looked over at Chris confused. "Phoebe and Paige told me about their trip there for Phoebe's photography trip." Chris shrugged and Tyler offered to take Kayla home with them. "Thanks for the offer, but I'll be fine." She started to walk away but she stopped and faced them, "By the way the Coven here is safe. They were moved to a safe haven." Without waiting for another word, the woman quickly disappeared. Chris came up beside Tyler, "Friend or foe?" Tyler said he had no idea, but he didn't want to leave just yet. The boys searched the grounds looking to find anything suspicious. "Maybe that Kayla girl was telling the truth?" Tyler countered Chris' question by saying she could have been lying. "We could go to the Elders to see if they know who Kayla is or not."

Andrew gave Jason a look who said he'd meet them back at the manor. "Just when I start to think the demons were taking a break too..." Chris sighed, but Andrew reminded him that she could be a witch. The boys went home via orbing and started to talk about the newcomer some more. Tyler was not about to give the girl the benefit of the doubt.

"But honestly, I think we should be focusing on bigger issues than Kayla." Andrew and Chris looked at their brother confused. "Medilyn?" Both the boys nodded understandingly. Andrew told his brothers about his confrontation with Medilyn from earlier. Chris purposely looked at Tyler to see he'd pop his lid. Surprisingly he looked rather calm. 'Wow. That's a shock.' Tyler asked if Andrew got hurt, and when Andrew told them he got hit slightly with a fireball, Tyler still didn't yell. "Okay first we can find out who Kayla and than we can go after that bitch Medilyn. Seriously we need to take her out, cause God knows what she'll do to us if we don't."

Both his brothers did agree, but Chris asked if he could at least see Jacob before going to vanquish Medilyn. After Tyler consented, Chris hurried out of the manor while Andrew gave Tyler a look. "What? I can't keep him from having his own there's always a chance we won't make it." Andrew just smirked walking out of the living room. Sometimes Tyler really could be a pain in the ass, but other times it was nice to see him be the brother he is.


Back down in the Underworld, Medilyn had joined up with her demon partner. Was there a reason why she still didn't know his damn name? Oh, who cared? She needed to exterminate the Halliwell's...all of them! There wasn't going to be any prisoners, survivors, none of that stupid crap! Medilyn's thoughts were interrupted by Athulak. "Are you ready for the next attack?" Medilyn nodded with a very seductive smile. "Why yes I am, the quicker we do this, the quicker the witches will be dealt with and we can go on with our separated lives." Athulak chuckled, but agreed with the woman. Honestly, he was getting use to this woman's presence, and was going to miss her when this was all over. He couldn't wait to see her face when he killed her!

Medilyn, giving Athulak her charming smile, asked him what their next step was going to be. Athulak smirked, and he told her it was finally time to do what Zankou and the Source couldn't. Medilyn immediately rose her hands. This wasn't going to work. "They just got their powers so how do you even expect to break their bond?" Athulak said he had a different type of approach for this situation. "Don't worry Medilyn, we will win." This didn't make Medilyn smile. In fact, she looked a little uncertain.

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