Destiny Takes Its Toll

Chapter 24

Nobody knew what to do next. Medilyn and her “boyfriend” Athulak had to find a way to open the door in the Underworld. They tried pretty much everything, even trying to use demonic seers to see if they could see how to open the door, which all resulted the same by them saying they couldn't see anything which probably wasn't a good thing. It was like whatever was behind that door was making sure it'd never get out until it was ready. "Maybe the door will open by itself. Or the power inside it will just burst open."

Both Athulak and Medilyn paced the Underworld floors, feeling beyond impatient. They needed to find a way to get the damn thing open, and fast! "We can't fully attack the Halliwell's without the power..." Medilyn looked awkwardly at Athulak. She seriously thought he was the most annoying, paranoid, irritating demon she's ever met! "You know, we're probably as powerful as Zankou, so they can't kill us with a wrist flick." Athulak looked at Medilyn with a small smirk.

"Didn't they already get a piece of your flesh?" Medilyn glared at the demon, then walked away from him. "You know, I can just go to the Halliwell's right now and tell them your whole plan." Suddenly Medilyn came to an abrupt stop. She turned to Athulak with a small smile. "You know, I don't think you've been telling me the whole truth." Athulak's expression didn't change a bit, and Medilyn now had her arms crossed with a devilish grin on her face. "There's more to the whole plan, isn't there?" Mark still didn't do anything. Medilyn was getting too smart for her own good. She still had her arms crossed, her eyes dead set on Marks. "Fine Medilyn, you win." Medilyn was now ecstatic. She was so happy, she wanted to laugh in his face, which for some reason she didn't. "So! Tell me everything that's going on." Athulak now crossed his arms knowing he had to tell her, so he could get screwed over.

Up on Earth, everyone was at a loss on what they needed to do, so they ended up hanging out at P3. Since their Uncle was away for now, Tyler had been asked to look after the place in Chris' absence. He went old school and booked a band that was popular in like two thousand and six. To his surprise, the crowed actually liked the band. Andrew walked up to the bar and ordered a Martian Cherry. Tyler prepared the drink and handed it to his brother. "Are you okay?" Andrew nodded saying he was fine, but Tyler didn't buy it. "Another please?" Tyler have him a stiff laugh telling Andrew he wasn't going to have another drink. "Fine. I'll just go get something from the back."

Before Tyler could stop him, Andrew was already too close to the back rooms. "Dumb Brute!" Tyler started swearing to himself, until a young Hispanic woman came up and asked for a drink. "By the way, you're Tyler right? Tyler Halliwell?" Tyler looked at the girl and instantly smiled. He immediately thought she was one of the most gorgeous women he'd ever met. Since High School anyway. "Why yes I am. Can I get you anything?" The woman noticed his smile and shrugged. "Gimme the best drink you have in the place." Tyler nodded and started to mix liquids together. After he was done, he handed the drink over the woman who took it and drank the whole thing in mere seconds. Tyler looked amazed while the woman gave him a smile. "Nice and strong. Just how I like my men." Tyler raised his eyebrow with a little sly smile. He asked the girl for her name, but she didn't answer. She placed the glass down and nodded, "See you around Ty." The girl quickly left the bar area before he could say anything else. Tyler went back to work, but caught a quick glance from Andrew who had come out of the back. "Hey you." Tyler smiled thinking it was the girl from before, but saw it was in fact Jayde. Tyler stopped his work and all he could do was smile. Kayla Morrison was standing in the corner of the club. She saw the Hispanic girl coming up to her. "Well?" Kayla glanced at the girl who gave her a grim look. "He's vulnerable. But still in love." She looked over at Kayla who now had her arms crossed. "Not for long."


Since Jacob was at work for the night, and he didn't want to go to P3 at the moment, Chris was walking through the streets of San Francisco. He had a lot to think about. His upcoming wedding, demon attacks which could interfere with the wedding, and something else he really wanted to do and experience. College. Chris always had it in his mind that he wanted to go to college. There wasn't a doubt in his mind he couldn't do it. Phoebe and even Patience had attended it, so he knew with their support plus his brothers support he could. He thought Prue and Sarah could've went to college, but he wasn't entirely sure. He found a bench and decided to sit down for awhile. Leaning back, he closed his eyes to help him think more clearly. A few blocks away two figures had flamed in together. Athulak and Medilyn. The two demons closely watched the Halliwell. "So when are you going to make your move?" Medilyn looked at her partner in demonic crime with keen interest. He didn't look back at her. Instead he kept his stare directly on Chris. "Soon." was all the demon said. Medilyn's eyebrow raised as she felt determined to find out exactly what Athulak's intentions were. Even though he told her his story, things still wasn't adding up for her. It was too planned out, she thought. She felt Athulak was too distracted that he'll purposely end up getting killed. That's when she decided upon something. She herself would be the one to attack and kill all three Charmed Ones and leave Athulak to his demise. 'It's for your own good.' Strangely, she felt the wind blow and strengthen. Something was about to happen, she could just feel it. Crossing her arms to keep warm, she just looked at Athulak.

Back down in the Underworld, demons were surrounding the Door that had the mystery power in it. It still wasn't open, but it did try to keep releasing itself. Demons tried their best to keep it closed as to Medilyn's request. So far they were doing a pretty good job. "I think that woman's insane. If the power wants to get out, then just let the damn thing out!" Demons shot angry glares towards the demon was was trying to get them to open it. They all pretty much said the same thing which was they didn't know what was behind the door to begin with. The demons who had their hands on the door in order to keep it shut felt the floor begin to shake making them look at each other. "Oh shit." The demons looked at the three when they were suddenly thrown back into the rocky walls. Glows were coming through the door when it started shooting jets out from underneath the door. Demons were quick to escape, but others weren't so lucky. Demon after demon kept getting hit with the green jet. They all screamed in agony. Soon they were completely vanquished leaving only a black pentagram on the floor.

The power had such an affect, that it actually caused an earthquake above the surface. Everyone at P3 were screaming in terror and was running around everywhere. People tried running outside, others were under tables, and the others were forcing themselves in doorways. Tyler held onto the bar, trying not to fall over, and Andrew who was back in the backroom was holding onto the door. At the pier, Chris was jolted up when the quake hit. He tried keeping his balance on the bench, but he'd been thrown off. Medilyn and Athulak were holding onto each other while Medilyn was urging the demon to attack the boy. "Do it!" She screamed in a high pitched voice, almost like a screech. "Before the quake stops!" Athulak was about to refuse, but he quickly came to realize it was way too good to pass up. He let go of Medilyn and started running towards Chris, trying desperately not to fall on his ass. He came so close to Chris, but was hit with Electrokinesis. The man flew a couple feet away from Chris who was too busy trying to keep himself safe he didn't even notice anything. "Come on! Get up!" He didn’t recognize the voice since the earthquake was causing too much noise. The person dragged Chris up and before he knew it, the Earthquake stopped. Slowly he opened his eyes and saw he was now in the Heavens. "What? How'd I get here?"

A voice spoke up behind him. Standing there was an Elder and Jason. "Your whitelighter sensed you were in trouble and he wanted to bring you up here which was a good idea, because there was a demon running after you." A demon? Great, first they were attacking at normal hours of the day, and now they're getting the guts to attack during natural disasters. "Do you guys know who the demon was that attacked me?" Jason shook his head, but the Elder did say she recognized him from somewhere.

Chris sighed, but he didn't say anything. The Elder confirmed the quake had now ended, and it was safe to go back down. "This probably wont be the last quake, so use caution. Your whitelighter will escort you home." Jason offered his hand to Chris, who took it and soon both were surrounded by orbs and they finally disappeared. The Elder sighed to herself before going back to the Counsel Chamber.


Everyone gathered at the manor after the quake. Wyatt and Kira rushed home right away after hearing about the quake, which was they were saying was a 5.0 magnitude. "Where the hell is your brother?" Kira kept dialing her sons cell number while Tyler and Andrew kept saying they didn't know. Wyatt tried to get Kira to relax, but she refused saying if Chris was dead she'd have both Andrew and Tyler’s head on a silver platter. "Why won't he pick up!" As if on cue, orbs flew down and formed into none other than Jason and Chris. Kira immediately rushed to her youngest and gave him a squeezing hug. "Mom...I can't...fucking breath." Kira refused to let go, saying he didn't need to breath since he was half demon. Tyler gave Andrew a questioning look and began to hold his breath out of curiosity. Andrew rolled his eyes and shook his head. His brother was so fucking stupid. "Idiot..."

Kira heard Andrews insult towards Tyler and turned around to confront her two oldest sons. "Idiot is right! Your brother could have been killed! Why weren't you watching him?" Tyler and Andrew shared the same guilty expression. Seeing this, Chris told his mom he was completely fine and totally unharmed. Kira looked at her husband for some support, who looked between his wife and son. "Are you sure you're fine? The quake didn't hurt you in any way?" Chris shook his head with a small smile than Wyatt looked over to his wife. It was obvious she was still angry, but she'd get over it...sometime. He thought it was best to take Kira away from the boys for awhile so he dragged her to the car and soon they were off riding. Tyler immediately started for upstairs and his brothers quickly followed. "Ty, what's going on?"

Tyler ignored Andrew and barged into the attic. "Ya know, I've seriously had it with this stupid shit." He opened the book and began searching for the entry he was looking for. "Nothing like this has ever happened until Medilyn came around." His brothers asked what Medilyn had to do with this whole situation. Once he found the page, Tyler started writing down the vanquishing spell. "And here's another thing. This bitch has all these fucking powers, yet she never uses them." Andrew asked Tyler to get to the point of what he was trying to tell them. "I'm saying there has to be someone controlling her. You know, someone more powerful than her." Andrew and Chris gave each other weird looks than followed Tyler back downstairs. They got to his room where he walked over to the bed and look a box out from underneath it. Opening it, he took out three vials of vanquishing potions. "This is the potion that will help us vanquish that bitch once and for all."

He handed a vial, one for both Chris and Andrew. "Okay here's the plan. We find Medilyn, take the bitch out and find out whoever is controlling her. Then we take them out. After that our Destiny will be fulfilled." Chris gave Tyler a quizzical look. He asked if Tyler was sure this was the battle that would fulfill their destiny once and for all. "If it is, that'd be great. If not, than we'll keep on fighting. Till the End." The three brothers stood in the room, unaware they were standing in a triangular shape. Up in the attic, the Triquetra was giving off a big brilliant red glow and it slowly turned blue. Unknown to the brothers, the door in which the Trifecta tried to escape, was severely cracking and soon all its power would be spreading over the entire world.

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