Destiny Takes Its Toll

Chapter 25

"It was just reported the earthquake that took place was felt in the entire West Coast. It was also recorded not as a 5.1 magnitude earthquake, but an incredible 9.1 magnitude. Damage reports are available to view on KLSF and the Scientists..." The TV was shut off. The Charmed Ones, Jason, Patience, and Prue were all in the living room. "We're just lucky we didn't get a typhoon or a tidal wave." Prue looked at her sister adding the word "yet" in a small tone. Tyler sat down on the couch thinking about the whole situation. "There has to be a logical explanation about all of this." Truth to the matter was that he was scared. He sensed that this, everything, was starting to close. His heart beat fast, his head hurt like hell, but he needed to be strong. Not as a Charmed One, but as an older brother. He may feel nervous, scared, angry, whatever, but this had to be done. He also knew his brothers knew that too.

The group tried to think of anything that made sense, but they couldn't. What was the demon's endgame? Was there even an endgame? Could it possible that Medilyn was just a pawn in a really huge and messed up magic game? This was bad. Very bad! The apocalypse was approaching, the world going to absolute shit around them. Prue and Patti were right, there could be a huge tidal wave or a typhoon forming right now, getting ready to wipe out the West Coast. Or the whole country.

Jason had gotten a call from the Elders and orbbed up immediately. Tyler was still going over everything. What would Medilyn accomplish from this? Where was she now? What was she planning? Then something hit him. Looking quite inspired, he looked at the others, "What's stopping us from going after Medilyn now?" Everyone looked at Tyler, confused. Andrew asked his brother what he meant exactly. "I mean let's go after the bitch now. There's nothing stopping us."

Andrew and Chris shared a look and Chris shrugged. He was totally in with the plan on going after Medilyn. He was scared too, but the truth was he knew that once they took out Medilyn, that is if she's truly the big bad, that this would all be over. Of course, he secretly kind of wished and hoped the Charmed Gig wouldn't be ending because truth be told, it brought him and his brothers closer together. They had a strong bond throughout their lives, but this just made it stronger. Oddly calm, Chris looked at Tyler and nodded his agreement, “I'm in.”

Prue and Patience said they'd help too, but Tyler declined. As much as he appreciated the offers, this was the boys fight, not theirs. "No way. I don't want to be the reason in case you got hurt... if you do." Patience sat back on the couch with her arms crossed and a pissed off look on her face. She was so jealous of the boys, but deep down she knew they were the ones suppose to do this, not her.

The boys started scrying for Medilyn while Patience kept on pouting. "I never get the good demons..." Prue smirked at her sister and walked off to the foyer. "It'd be better if you fought her on your turf, not hers." The boys agreed with Prue. They started plotting, thinking the best way to lure Medilyn to the manor. "You can piss her off well enough to make her think it isn't part of the plan." Tyler looked impressed at Prue For all these years, he thought she was just a stuck up know it all snob ditz. Unknowingly to him, Prue felt what he was feeling and she immediately looked angry and was about to jump and choke him to death.

"Okay we need to find Medilyn now!" Prue rolled her eyes and started muttering under her breath. After some time, Medilyn's location was found which wasn't that far away from Piper's restaurant. Odd, what was she doing near there? "Ohh you better hope you lure her here and not the restaurant, or Aunt Piper will have your heads." Tyler said he'll take the risk and went to get some more defensive potions.

After the boys stocked up on all their best potions,they were finally ready to confront their Big Bad and vanquish her once and for all. She would never know what's gonna hit her. 'Actually,' Andrew had thought with a grin, 'she probably does, but I'll remain positive for my brothers.' Tyler, Andrew, and Chris took each other's hands, and orbbed out to Medilyn's location.

Patience gave an annoying sigh, while Prue laughed at her. "Don't worry, Pay. We'll get to kick some demon ass...maybe." Prue cleared her throat and excused herself to get something to eat after looking at the face her sister was giving her. Oh well, she'd be over it in maybe thirty-forty minutes tops.

The boys orbbed into an alleyway which was about ten minutes from their grandmothers restaurant. They looked around at their surroundings which was making Chris feel uncomfortable. "You know the feeling people gets when they know this a bad idea?" His brothers nodded while looking around, and Chris gulped. "Well this is one of them." The boys walked a little further, watching all around for the demon. When they were about to go to a different alley, they froze when a voice was heard behind them.

They turned to see Medilyn with that same annoying smirk of hers. The Demon crossed her arms and slowly began walking towards the boys. "Now what do I owe this pleasant visit from the Charmed Ones, hmm?" Tyler stood confident, looking directly in Medilyn's eyes. He wanted to try to make her feel at least a twinge of intimidation. "So? Come to discuss our next battle?" Tyler chuckled at this, kinda enjoying her dry humor. He took out his potion and held it up to show Medilyn. The woman started cackling saying how a little potion like that wasn't going to kill her. "You're right. But it will destroy him." Immediately Tyler turned, threw the potion at Breos who flew to the ground with a loud thump. "Uhh, maybe I underestimated that a little." Andrew rolled his eyes, still facing Medilyn. The demon laughed again mocking the boys faces. She looked at Chris with a grin, "It must be nice being the youngest. Vulnerable, weak. Least loved."

Chris was now glaring at Medilyn. A fireball had formed in her hand as she looked at the boys. "You know, I don't even understand why you guys became The Charmed Ones. You're not up to par. Plus you're men... er boys. Wasn't Charmed suppose to be a female thing?" As she was talking, Breos started to slowly wake up from the knock out. Tyler looked right at Medilyn, then all of a sudden out of randomness, he started to laugh. Medilyn was now sporting a mean glare, "Now what do you think you're laughing at?" Tyler continued to laugh and just sighed. "Every demon before you always wanted to destroy The Charmed Ones. Why? To gain power? Respect?" Chris and Andrew just looked at Tyler, now really sure what he was trying to do or if they should stop him.

"But in the end Medilyn, Evil will always lose. Because Good will always have more." Medilyn was looking really confused by this point. Everything Tyler was saying was going right over her head. "Oh and we're one step ahead of you."

Medilyn and Breos met each others glances before both of them threw fireballs. Tyler raised both of his hands releasing his telekinetic jet taking both fireballs back to their owners. The telekinetic jet was so powerful that it forced the fireballs in both the demons bodies. Both Medilyn and Breo's started glowing a bright orange, they could feel the fire spread throughout their bodies. It burned so bad, but neither could stop the pain. "The spell now!" Andrew hurried and got the spell out of his back pocket and the Brothers began to chant.

"With this demon standing in our midst,

We banish you and cast you adrift.

Evil being in our sight,

we chant these words with all our might.

The Power of Three we stand alone, and force you into

the Wastelands Threshold!"

Both Medilyn and Breos started screaming in agony. Flames erupted them and soon they blew up leaving The Charmed Ones alone. Chris looked at the spots where Breos and Medilyn were, with a confused look on his face. "Okay okay, wait a fuckin' minute!" Tyler and Andrew looked at their brother with smirks on their faces. "This was way too easy...I mean she didn't even try. All she did was taunt us. Where's the bigger challenge?" Tyler and Andrew continued to smile at their brother and they took his arms and orbbed home.

Later that night Tyler was in the attic looking at Medilyn's page in the Book of Shadows. She had all these powers, but she didn't use them. She had a lot of good opportunities, but she didn't fully strike. "Why the hell was this too easy?" he asked the same question his brother had asked earlier that day. He walked to the window looking out to the city. The night was clear, but he felt like something was coming...something big. And something bad.

(Tyler narrating in italics)

You know the feeling where you know you have a specific calling in life?

Andrew walked up to the attic and stopped at the door frame. "Chris and I are going to P3. You in?" Tyler looked over at his brother and nodded. "Yeah, I'll be down soon." Andrew left the attic, leaving Tyler to look out the attics window again.

What is it that makes Destiny? Like when the Angel said it was my brothers and my destiny to be Charmed? Who or what decides that?

Up in the Heavens, the Angels are gathered together knowing very well Medilyn's vanquish was not the end. "The Charmed Ones are on their own now. None of us can or will interfere." All of the Angels agreed closing their eyes peacefully.

What about the demons? What if deep down, they're the ones who are suppose to win?

Down in the Underworld, two demons are at the Door. Three amulets are in their possession. "How did you gain possession of the final amulet?" The demon crossed her arms and chuckled. "Trust is a big thing with the Halliwell's." Jayde looked at Athulak with a grin.

What about love? Isn't Love suppose to prevail all? Or are some peoples destinies are just meant to be alone?

An ambulance and police cars were parked in front of a house. Doctors took out a stretcher with a person laying on it. A woman was frantically crying, while holding onto the porches rail. Police officers were huddled together taking notes, "Male, nineteen, died of multiple stab wounds. Name of victim: Jacob Moretti."

P3 was alive that night. Successful band, tons of customers, and a lot of dancing. Tyler was handing out drinks along with Andrew who decided to help since it was busy tonight. They were talking to each other about Breos and Medilyn, wondering if it really was the end. Chris entered the club and approached his brothers. "Hey Chris..." Andrew caught Chris' facial expression and looked worried. "Chris, what's wrong?" Chris had tears rolling down his face like mad. Tyler put down the rag he was using to clean up the bar and looked at Chris. "It's Jacob...he's dead." Andrew and Tyler both looked shocked at what Chris just told them.

Destiny really is a fucking bitch. Destiny is a hassle. And the worst part is...Destiny is just beginning.

Jayde and Athulak were in front of the Door and the three amulets were in its places. Athulak opened the door and as soon as he did, the Trifecta rushed out of its crypt and entered the World.

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