Destiny Takes Its Toll

Chapter 3

New York was such a busy place this time of the year. Everyone was getting ready for fashion shows, movie deals, etc. That meant that Melinda Halliwell had less time to do some shopping, but it never stopped her from trying. As she was looking through windows with clothes and accessories, she saw a beautiful pink and purple halter top and she knew she needed it! Melinda charged in the store and immediately found the top she saw in the window. Seeing it was the last one on the rack, she ran to it but before she could get her hands on it some chick took it before she could.

"This would look so amazing on me when I go to the twenty thirty-one New York Fashion Show!" Melinda looked livid at the woman because she knew exactly who she was. Melinda crossed her arms and glared at the chick, "Uh Carol the twenty thirty-one Fashion Show isn't for another six to eight months! There will be more out by then!" Carol smirked at Melinda and started admiring the fabric of the top. "Melinda you don't understand! There will not be another top like this! The style is amazing, the stitching is perfect! I love it!"

When Carol started off towards the counter, Melinda was about to go after her until something caught her attention on TV. "Good afternoon and welcome to the special edition of Ask Phoebe: Here and Now live in San Francisco!" When the reporter introduced Melinda's aunt, she smiled softly to herself. She had great memories about her life in San Francisco and she couldn't help but want to go back. Melinda looked over at Carol who had finished paying for the top. "You know what Carol? You will look absolutely great in the top. There's actually something I need to do so I'll see you later okay?"

Carol nodded and asked Melinda to go with her to hang out tomorrow and shop some more, not that she needed to. Melinda was about to decline, but a small smirk spread over her face. "Yeah you know what, tomorrow would be great." After some small talk, Carol and Melinda took off in different directions. They agreed to meet each other in Time Square, but what Carol didn't know was that Melinda wouldn't meet up with her. In fact, Melinda had better things to do than to go shopping with one of the biggest bitches in New York. Walking outside, she was about to call for a taxi when a magazine with her Aunt Phoebe caught her eye.

She picked up the magazine and read the cover. "Ask Phoebe talks about her new talk show "Here and Now"! More on page ten!" Melinda caught another news title which was on the cover, "Featuring Prudence Marie Halliwell on page 30!" Melinda knew very well that her favorite cousin helped her mom with work and it was nice to see that Prue was engaging in a great career. She paid the man working for the magazine and then called for a taxi. After giving her address and the driver drove, Melinda opened the magazine to page thirty. On the article it talked about Prue helping her mother give out some advice. The advice would range from everything really. Sex, romance, men, how to date, where the perfect settings to the dates were, etc.

"Phoebe Halliwell's daughter talks about her life in San Francisco and how she helps her mother advice columnist and author of best seller Finding Love's Phoebe Halliwell!" The article went into detail on Prue and how exactly she helped Phoebe. "Prudence how do you feel on helping your mother with her column?" The interviewer had asked. "I enjoy every minute of helping my mother and I'll always love the feeling of doing so! But of course this is only temporary because soon I'll be helping my best friend with a project we've been talking about for years now. Melinda and I have been talking about opening our own business with each other and..."

Melinda read the article over and over again which made her smile even more. After finishing reading, she put the magazine in her purse and looked out the left window. "Miss we're almost at your appointed destination." Melinda looked over at the kind looking taxi man and leaned up to him.

"Um...I know this might be a lot to ask, but can you wait for me and take me to the airport?" The man nodded with a smile, and Melinda gave him a smile back. It was nice to see there were nice people like the taxi driver. After the man dropped Melinda off at her place, Melinda rushed out and ran into her apartment. It was a pretty sizable home, but she didn't care anymore. None of it mattered when she had a full family waiting for her back in San Francisco. Melinda hurried and packed all the clothes she could fit into one suitcase before hurrying back down to her taxi. It felt like she was about to begin a new journey, and she didn't need everything she owned here.

The young girl hurried back to the taxi, apologizing to the driver for taking too long. The driver didn't look bothered and was happy to escort Mel to where she needed to go. As the taxi drive started off to the airport, Melinda got out her iPhone and dialed a number. "Hey Kim how are you? Yeah I m doing good. Listen I'm going home and I'd like you to have my Pontiac." After a short giggle Melinda continued, "The keys in the ignition so have fun! And good luck Kimmy." She hung up and looked back out of the window watching all the buildings pass by. "I'm finally going home." Melinda looked down at her phone which she was still holding and went into her contacts and deleted Carols number, then she looked up another number and hit Dial. She put her phone to her ear and smiled when she heard the voice on the other end. "Hey how are you? Guess what, I'm coming home, but I need someone to pick me up from the airport so are you game?" Another smile came on Melinda's face. "Great, I'll see you soon."

Melinda hung up and rested her head on the seat's head. The taxi driver looked at Melinda through the taxis mirror, "You must have really great friends miss." Melinda looked at the taxi man and nodded her head. "Yeah, my sisters the best person I have in my life...aside from my brothers of course." The taxi man chuckled and stated it must have been rough for her parents to raise two boys and two girls, but all Melinda do was give a small smile before closing her eyes to take a nap.

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