Destiny Takes Its Toll

Chapter 4

Deep in the Underworld, screams were heard all around. A woman with black hair and a scar on her forehead was walking around the area. The screams were making her smile pleasurably and she let out a chuckle. Three Upper Level male demons shimmered in right in front of her, bowing their heads in respect. "Well? Have any good news for me?" The woman looked at the three men with a calm tone and expression. The demon standing in the middle looked up at the woman. "We've been watching the Halliwell's for some time, and your plan is ready to go in motion."

The demonic woman smirked with anticipation. "Really now? That's excellent news! About time." the woman turned around and clapped her hands together. "We must begin immediately with the next step..." She turned around and looked at the demon towards the left. "You! I want you to go and distract the Halliwell's. Get a few of your best demons to help you." The demon in which she was talking to gave her a weird look and didn't move from his spot. "Well go! And don't even think about backing down or you will pay!"

The demon shimmered out as fast as he could leaving the two other demons looking nervous. "As for you two, don't even think about leaving." The woman glared at the two demons and turned her back on them. "Medilyn!" A voice called from across the room. Medilyn's face twisted in annoyance. Why the hell was the little brat here? Forcing a smile on her face, Medilyn turned to the demon. "Yes? May I help you, Darling?" The demon who entered the area walked up to Medilyn with a smirk on her own face. "Medilyn, I just thought you should know is that there might be a little flaw to your plan." Medilyn stared down the demon with an evil glint in her eyes. A flaw? What the hell did this demon know anything about flaws? Who was this demon to begin with?

Crossing her arms, Medilyn tilted her head and looked up and down at the demon before her, “A flaw? What the hell are you talking about? Do I even know you?” The demon standing before Medilyn grinned as she began to tell Medilyn what she'd found out.


At the Bay Mirror, Phoebe was in her office typing away on her keyboard working on her next column while her daughter, Prudence, was seated on her mother’s office couch with a laptop on her lap. She was reading letters to Ask Phoebe trying to determine which ones her mom should answer to, or if she could answer any herself. Outside the office, the TVs were on Phoebe's interview with Prudence by her side, and employees watched it with fascination. Elise, the head editor and owner of the paper, came out of her office and looked at her employees. "Alright everyone, back to work! The papers not gonna write itself you know!"

All the employees hurried back to their stations and typing while Elise headed to Phoebe's office. "It was a success!" she exclaimed making both Phoebe and Prue grin widely. "Here and Now is not only making headlines here, but in other large cities as well! Los Angeles, New York City, Miami, everywhere!" Elise went on and on saying the new hit talk show could become global really soon. Phoebe looked at her boss with curious eyes. "Wait, when you say global...what exactly do you mean by that?" Elise went on to say that the talk show could be airing in high places like Japan, Australia, France, Germany, etc.

Prue was saying how great that was and Elise agreed cheerfully. "Your readers absolutely love the show and they can't wait for the next one! It could be the next Tyra Banks!" Elise left the office leaving the two Halliwell's in smiles. Phoebe sat back in her chair looking down at her desk. "" Just as Prue opened her mouth to say something, two voices appeared in her office and Prue looked up to see Jake and Chris.

"Hey! What are you two doing here?" The young witch closed her laptop and turned her body towards the boys while Phoebe continued to look down at her desk. "Oh we were just going around San Francisco visiting family and we happened to...hear Aunt...Phoebe's... Is she okay?" Chris asked his great cousin in a concerned voice. Prue looked over at her mom and told the boys she received news that her talk show could go global really soon. Chris and Jake immediately offered their congratulations, which made Phoebe perk her head up. "Chris! Jake! What are you two doing here?" Jake repeated what was said earlier as Phoebe got up to hug the two boys. "Well thank you very much for coming!"

The boys hung around for awhile looking at Phoebe's column and Prue's work before starting to depart. Jake went ahead out the doors while Chris stayed behind to say his goodbyes until later. "I will see you both soon, I promise!" he hugged both his great aunt and great cousin before leaving the office. As he was exiting the room, he accidentally bumped into a man with black hair and a black beard. "Oh God I am so sorry! Wasn't looking where I was going." The man held up a hand and said no apology was necessary. Chris smiled at the man before exiting the building area, and the man went to a secluded area and shimmered out.


At Halliwell manor, the black impala and red Volvo was driving up to the manor and both cars parked right by each other. The red Volvo right behind the Impala. The man who was driving the Impala got out and slammed his door shut leaving the engine running. "Look you psychotic freak, I don't know who you think you are..." The man kept ranting when he other man got out of the Volvo and locked the doors with the button. When the guy with the Impala saw the person he was yelling at, he stopped right then and there.

"Andrew? What the hell are you doing here?" Andrew Halliwell looked at the Impala owner and rolled his eyes. "Uh this happens to be my families house. And what the hell are you doing here? You never come unless it's for money or something like that, Tyler!" Tyler Halliwell faked looking hurt and put his hand on his heart. "Um ouch. I feel like I've been hit in the heart with an arrow." Andrew chuckled at his brother and shook his head. This was classic Tyler. Without another word Tyler gave his brother a smile and marched up to the front door.

Andrew followed with a raised eyebrow. "Uh exactly how are you going to get in the house? You don't have a key." Tyler turned around with a wide grin on his face. He began feeling the wall left to the front door and began knocking carefully. Once he found the hallowed spot, he pushed the wall open and it slowly slide sideways. "Ah ha!" He took his reward and put the wall back in its rightful place. Standing up he showed his little brother a key. "Hopefully this still works."

Andrew rolled his eyes when he watched his brother turn the key in the door. "Tyler Halliwell strikes again!" He opened the door and entered in the manor followed by his little brother. Tyler tossed the key in the air, caught it, and placed it on the table left of the door. Immediately he went towards the kitchen making Andrew scoff quietly. 'Of course he goes right to the refrigerator.' Andrew turned to close the front door when he spotted a black convertible parked in front of the house across from Halliwell Manor. His eyes were so focused on the car across the street, he jumped at the sound of

Tyler's voice from the kitchen, "Hey Andrew! Grandma made pie!"

Andrew once again rolled his eyes and shut the front door without another look at the convertible. He walked into the kitchen, finding Tyler cutting himself a big piece. He told Tyler their grandmother was going to kill him when she found out he ate a piece before dinner. Tyler didn't care of course, and slammed the piece of pie onto a clean plate. Grabbing a fork in hand, he started gobbling the pie up. “Mmm, pie.” He offered Andrew a piece, who declined. He wouldn't be ruining his dinner tonight, especially if Piper was the one who'd be making it.

Shrugging, Tyler sat down and propped his feet up. He started questioning Andrew on what he's been up to, if he got himself a girlfriend, and what he himself was doing back in San Francisco. Andrew crossed his arms, knowing damn well he didn't owe Tyler any explanation. He wasn't the one who was a lazy ass, schmoozing his way through everything. “Well, I'm here to visit the family, big bro. Plus, I want to make sure Chris is alright. We barely see each other anymore, and I miss him.” Tyler nodded, admitting he missed their brother too.

After graduating high school, Tyler pretty much ditched responsibilities and went off to live on his own. Soon he realized living alone fucking sucked and he tacked on even more responsibilities than before. At first he had a hard time paying for utilities and rent and all that jazz, but slowly he got better at it. Andrew was right though with one thing, Tyler really did come back home for money or something along the lines of that. It was something he really wanted to change about himself. “Look, I miss him too. I really do. And I know I haven't been the best brother ever to the both of you, but I want to change that, okay? I know I fucked up, and I don't want to lose you guys... well, I already did, but....” Tyler stopped himself from talking. He thought he sounded like an absolute idiot.

Andrew looked down at the table, taking in his brothers words. Now this was not like Tyler at all. He never admitted to his mistakes, not like this. Looking up at his brother, Andrew took his hand. “I'm sorry for being an asshole, Ty. It must have taken a lot of guts to admit what you did just now, huh?” He got up from the chair and pulled his brother up for a hug. “I missed you, Tyler.” Tyler had his arms wrapped around Andrew, “I missed you too, dude.”

Across the street at the house with the convertible, the same man Chris bumped into at the Bay Mirror was standing in front of the living room window watching the Halliwell Manor. He gave a small smile when he watched Andrew and Tyler enter the manor. Another man with short black hair and a scar on his right eye approached the first man from behind. "I came as soon as I could." The first man turned to face his visitor with a wide smile. "You couldn't have come at a better time. Are you ready for your first assignment?" The man with the scar nodded, saying he was ready for pretty much anything. The first man patted his friends shoulder with a proud smile. "Good, good! Your first assignment is to try to get me the youngest Halliwell member. I don't care how you do it, I just want him in my possession as quickly as possible." The demon and his companion smiled and chuckled evilly at one another. What they had planned would quite possibly tear the Halliwell family apart, which would be a good thing for them. They were going to do what no other demon before them could do, but they needed a little bit of Halliwell magic to do so.

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