Destiny Takes Its Toll

Chapter 5

"Well well well what do I owe this amazing visit from my great cousin and his boyfriend?" Patience Halliwell was sitting on the couch looking across at Chris and Jacob. Chris wanted to make a surprise visit to Patience since she was his favorite cousin. Patience had on her black hunting boots, black jeans and a dark red tank top. She had her brunette wavy hair down to her shoulders. Three bottles of beer were open on the table between the three. Patience grabbed her bottle and took a swig. "Just so you know if you get busted with the alcohol breath, I am not taking the fall and getting yelled at by your father." She winked while giving them both a huge hint.

Chris chuckled and promised she wouldn't get in trouble if he got caught by Wyatt, which he knew he wouldn't. He was pretty good at hiding things like this. "Good." Patience gave a deep sigh of what sounded to Chris was exhaustion. Which meant that Patience has probably been out hunting demons again. That wasn't really surprising since she was one of the only Halliwell's who actually enjoyed hunting and killing the cretins. Everyone else was starting to get really exhausted with the hunting, both mentally and physically. Chris and Patience were the two who mainly killed demons, and Chris always made sure he hunted demons without the presence of Jacob. The last thing he wanted to do was get Jacob hurt by any demon.

"So I have a feeling you went to my moms workplace." Patience sat up straight looking right into her great-cousins eyes. "She didn't say anything about me did she?"

Chris shook his head and Patience praised the God and Goddess for that. "Having troubles with your mom?" Patience looked over and Jacob and shrugged. Patience really never got in trouble with Phoebe or Coop since her sister Sarah was always the one getting into trouble. In fact she got in trouble so much it made it possible for Patience to slip out of trouble whenever she needed or wanted to.

Prudence on the other hand was always a goody two shoes, which probably explained why she worked for their mom at the Bay Mirror. Patience wasn't jealous of her older sister, but it was quite annoying. Patience looked at her beer and swirled it around the bottle before giving the boys a small smirk. She placed the bottle on the table and looked sweetly at her great cousin. "Hey Chrissy, I have an idea. How about we go demon hunting!" Patience smiled excitedly, but Chris curled his lip. "Uh as much as I’d love to, I'm spending the day with my boyfriend."

He patted Jacobs leg who gave Chris a smile. Patience rolled her eyes and mumbled how the two boys had the most gushiest relationship she's ever seen in her life. Chris promised he'd accompany Patience on a hunt as soon as he could. Patience gave him a small smile and crossed her arms. "Fine, you're on. And it's not gonna be just one demon, it's gonna be at least ten!" Chris laughed and agreed on Patience's terms.

Without anyone noticing, a demon shimmered in the apartment forming an energy ball. She smirked and looked directly at Jacob. The demons knew well that there were mortals around the Halliwell witches, and always targeted them first. The demon aimed right for Jacob's head and threw it with all the strength she had in her.

Luckily, Chris spotted the energy ball. and pushed Jacob to the ground, "Watch out!" The energy ball slammed into the wall, causing a huge scorch mark to appear. The two Halliwell's turned towards the demon and got in their fighting stances.

"Well little cousin, looks like we're fighting our first demon." Patience chuckled softly with a wicked grin on her face.

The demon formed two energy balls in her hands and raised them towards the witches. "It's gonna be so much fun seeing you shrivel like the pathetic vermin you are." Patience and Chris looked at each other before rolling their eyes. The demons always says the same things all the time. It got old hearing it all.

"Well I'm sure we'd like to see you try." Patience challenged with a wicked smirk.

The demon glared, and released her energy balls from her grasp. Patience bent backwards making her energy ball hit the wall behind them. Chris on the other hand called out for the energy ball, causing it to orb right into his hand. Smirking, he threw the energy ball back at the demon. Before she could react, she was being surrounded by a lot of electricity. Flames erupted around her and she was successfully vanquished.

The two were beaming when Patience asked how many demons threatened them by saying they'd pay for their vanquishes, but nothing ever happened. Chris turned and looked down behind him seeing Jacob on the floor. "Are you okay?" He went over to help Jacob off the floor. Jacob said he was fine and put on his happy smile. Chris apologized to Jacob about the demon attacking while he was there. "It's fine, really it is. I know you guys can't help it." Patience smirked at Jacobs understanding of the Halliwell Troubles. Actually when she thought of it, he was the only mortal besides her Uncle Henry who didn't have a problem about the Halliwell's secret, which made her respect the guy even more.

Chris put his arm around Jacob and rested his head on Jacobs shoulder. "I'm so sorry for putting you in danger." Jacob chuckled, promising him it was alright. It didn't make Chris feel any better about the demon attack, but he didn't press the issue. Patience said it was probably best for the two lovebirds to get on going before another demon attacked. "I'd suggest going in an open area with a lot of people." Jacob gave her a weird look and she caught him, "Hey you're an innocent. I protect the innocent. Now go!" She opened the door and pushed Jacob out in the hallway with force.

She smirked and winked at her cousin. "Have a good day, little DH." Chris smirked and walked out of the apartment letting Patience close the door. Chris put his back against the wall and rubbed his forehead. Jacob sighed and placed two hands on his boyfriends shoulders. "Chris, I'm fine really. I knew from the moment you told me about witches, demons, and magic that I'd be around when demons attacked." Chris opened his eyes and looked directly at Jacob. "Now no more feeling guilty. Who's next on the list to visit?" Chris said that the only place they haven't gone was Magic School where Paige and his grandfather worked.

"And let's hurry, I'm surprised the Elders haven't called yet and I'm secretly hoping They forgot about our meeting." He took Jacobs arm and dragged him out of the building. Patience took her ear from the door and smiled to herself. "Such a cute couple." She said while walking to her room.


Back at Halliwell Manor, Tyler had a spread out on the dining room table. The blueberry pie Piper had made for dessert that night was half eaten, there was a sandwich platter with about a dozen sandwiches, a fruit basket, and bowls of potato chips. As Tyler kept smashing his face with the food, Andrew looked disgusted. Very disgusted. He didn't want to be around when their grandmother found out the blueberry pie was half eaten. God she would be yelling at Tyler for the rest of eternity. "Mmm, that pie was the most amazing thing I've had since Christmas!"

Tyler grabbed an apple and took a big bite out of it. Andrew thought he was going to throw up seeing how much food Tyler had eaten already. Tyler took another apple and offered it to his brother. "An apple a day keeps the Doc away you know." Andrew scoffed with a roll of his eyes. He asked Tyler what their grandmother would do when she saw the blueberry pie was half eaten. "You worry too much you know that? She won't get mad...I don't think." He got up from the dining room chair and looked over the mess of food he made.

He stared at it while biting his lip. 'How am I suppose to fix this mess up?' He scratched his neck for a bit before a wide smile came on his face. Andrew caught it and looked horrified. "Oh my God, what the hell are you going to do?" Tyler rubbed his hands together before straightening his posture. "Let the object of objection before us unmix, so that its existence may be perfectly fixed." Andrew commented on how lame that spell was, but after seeing everything get cleaned up and Piper’s blueberry pie returned, all Andrew could do was scoff. He couldn't believe the spell worked, and most importantly he couldn't wait til Tyler paid the consequences for that one!

"Hey no need to be jealous just because my spells works and yours doesn't." Andrew defended himself saying all his spells works, but Tyler wasn't listening to him. He took Piper's pie and went to put it back in the fridge. "Don't worry baby, I'll be back later tonight to eat you up again." Tyler placed the pie back in the fridge, came back out to the dining room and waved his hand making everything orb back in its place in the kitchen. Andrew looked at his brother in shock. Since when the hell did Tyler still use his powers? He looked at his older brother with his arms crossed. "Since when the hell do you use your powers? And magic in general?"

Tyler gave Andrew a simple shrug and wondered aloud if his room was still available. Andrew gave a haughty laugh at his brother. "I knew you were having money problems!" Tyler glared at Andrew and punched him hard in the arm. "Would you lay off my problems? Don't you have a book to write or something?" The two brothers kept arguing away and didn't hear the noise which came from upstairs. Upstairs in the attic Medilyn was looking around the place. She didn't really know what, but she intended to find something to help her with her plan.

"There's gotta be something around here..." Suddenly she stood up straight and looked towards the ceiling. "I feel something..." She continued to look around and hurried to the window. She squinted her eyes and looked across the street. Her jaw dropped and her facial expression was filled with anger. "What the hell does he think he's doing?" She asked with her teeth gritted. She looked around the attic and her eyes rested on a large leather bound book. The ancient Halliwell Book of Shadows. "It's a shame I can't touch you..."

She knew all about the Book of Shadows, but she could never forget about the succession of Zankou getting the Book. But then in the end The Charmed Ones vanquished the very powerful demon. "What a waste..." With a sneer of her mouth, and another look of the house across the street, she flamed out of the room. Just outside the manor Chris and Jacob pulled up to the manor and parked in the now extended driveway which Wyatt had put in since there were a lot of cars that were owned by the Halliwell Family. Chris turned off the car and got out instantly setting his eyes on the Impala and red Volvo.

"No fuckin' way..."

Without waiting for Jacob, he made his way to the front door. Jacob locked the car and hurried up to the front doors of Halliwell Manor. Chris took out his house key and put it in the lock. He could hear yelling in the manor and made a frustrated groan. "Well maybe if you got a job, you wouldn't need any money!" Andrew made a gesture with his hands which made Tyler swat at his brothers hand. "First of all, get the hand away from the face! Do not touch the face! Second of all, I can't help it if I can't find a job!" Chris entered the manor with Jacob in tow.

He approached his brothers with a straight face. "Uh guys..." he tried getting Tyler and Andrews attention but they kept their argument going. "Maybe you should try to apply for one! You know taking the paper, filling it out and giving it to the employer?" Tyler retorted saying he had applied, but never seems to get a job anywhere which he blamed on the economy. Andrew rolled his eyes and placed his hands on his head. "Guys! Can you please stop the fighting for at least five minutes!" Tyler and Andrew looked down at their little brother. Tyler smiled and hugged his brother, lifting him up from the floor, saying it was great to see him again.

Andrew still wasn't looking too happy, but he was a little since he got to see his brother Chris. After Andrew hugged Chris, Chris asked why they were back in San Francisco. Before Tyler could talk, Andrew began. "Well I'm here because I wanted to visit my family, but Tyler here is here for money." Chris glanced over at Jacob with a helpless glance. Tyler denied what Andrew said, claiming he didn't need money. "Oh no, you're right. You just need a place to live is that it?" Tyler opened his mouth to say something, but shut it since he didn't have anything more to say. "My point exactly."

Andrew looked pleased with himself and turned to Jacob. "Hey Jake. Good to see you again." Jake made a little wave towards Andrew, who was now going up the stairs. Tyler looked at Chris and smiled sheepishly. "Want some pie?" Chris smirked at his brothers question and hugged him again. "Good to see you too, Ty."


Medilyn flamed in her lair in the Underworld and began pacing furiously. Demons around her was giving her awkward glances. "Is everything alright?" Medilyn glared at the demon who had asked the question and formed a fireball. "No! Everything isn't alright! That damn demon is ruining my plans!" Medilyn screamed in frustration which made the lair shake, and demons stumbled about. The Demon started going over her options. "I can't believe he bought a house across from the Halliwell's... Maybe I should take him out... But only The Power of Three has to... Or maybe I could go to the Halliwell's and force them to vanquish that no good for nothing demon!" Medilyn heard a laugh from behind her which made her roll her eyes. "What are you doing here?" She turned to face the girl who laughed.

The girl had on a black top with regular jeans and sandals. "Do you honestly think you can get the Halliwell's to help you? They'll see the evil right through you!" Medilyn sneered at the girl in front of her, who just laughed at her face. The girl told Medilyn she didn't have the guts to vanquish her, and even if she was going to, Medilyn needed her to get to the Halliwell's. Medilyn laughed at the girl and proudly said she didn't need anyone's help with the Halliwell's. "So Jayde, how about you go skip to your pathetic loo while I continue with my plan. Okay?"

She rolled her eyes and turned to march towards some demons. "I need you guys to take out the demons who are across the street from and the Halliwell's and don't disappoint me!" she looked back over at Jayde who was busy filing her nails with a sly smile upon her lips. The demons looked at one another before shimmering out. Medilyn glared at the girl, “Do you have anything better to do you good for nothing brat?” Snorting, Jayde rolled her eyes and walked away. Oh, it was so good being a demon!

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