Destiny Takes Its Toll

Chapter 6

On top of Golden Gate Bridge, Paige slowly paced up and down looking like she was getting ready for the biggest news of her life. She stopped to look down at all the passing cars on the bridge. It was funny, she thought, that from all the way up here they just looked like tiny ants or something, if that made sense. What was funny was that nobody ever seemed to even notice any of the Halliwell's up here. It was the official meeting place for Elder's as well as a place for them to sit back and think about everything that was going on in their lives. Behind her, bright orbs floated down and formed into the Elder, Sandra.

"Hello Paige. How are you?" Paige jumped out of her skin at the sound of the woman's voice. She noted the Elder looked tired. Not weak though, just like she was exhausted or something. "I'm doing pretty good, considering some things going on in my life right now."

Sandra looked confused and asked what Paige meant. The witch began her story telling the Elder about the teachers and students attitudes at Magic School, "I know it might not be supernatural or anything, but ya know it can't be bad to check out a little bit."

Sandra nodded slowly while looking down at the floor of the crimson bridge. Paige asked what she was thinking, and Sandra told Paige that the situation reminded her of something long before the Charmed Ones came around. "Maybe this is what the Angel of Destiny meant by saying destinies are going to change." Paige just looked at her like she was saying “Come on Lady, spill it! Don't keep me in suspense!”, but she remained quiet. Knowing Sandra, it was going to be coming out sooner or later. 'I'm just hoping very soon, like right now.' The Elder cleared her throat before beginning her tale, “The other Elders and myself were having one of our meetings. We seem to have been detecting a great power shift lately, and it's making us very nervous. After the meeting, one of the many Angel's of Destiny, the one you actually met at the time the Ultimate Battle was happening, told us that everyone's destinies were about to change. Including yours.”

Was this woman serious? The Angel of Destiny was back, and ironically it was one she'd met before, and now her destiny was about to change? Was that even highly possible? Placing her hand on her head, Paige tried her best to dodge an incoming headache. This was beginning to be a bit too much for her. First there was the Source, then there was Billie and Christy, and now someone or something was going on fucking up other people's destinies? Wouldn't they ever have a break from these things? Sighing, Paige looked directly into Sandra's eyes. “Didn't we do what we were suppose to do, Sandra? Do you really think we can just pick up where we left off, and do this all over again? I get that we're the Charmed Ones, I really, really do, but we're tired. We have families to take care of.”

“I understand you, Paige, I really do, but you know as well as I that I cannot control the Greater Good.” Sandra really did feel bad for Paige and her family, but the woman was at a standstill. She informed Paige that both the Elders and witches needed to be on the same side and work together in order to fix whatever mess they were going to walk into.

Paige rolled her eyes, but said her thanks to Sandra. "Better late than never I suppose." Before orbing out, Sandra asked if Paige could ask Chris to meet the Elders up on the bridge as soon as be could. After asking which Chris she wanted to talk to, and after receiving an answer she knew that Chris M wouldn't be happy about the Elders summoning him. "I'll tell him Sandra, thanks again for the information." She watched Sandra orb out, the headache getting much worse. Things were not going to be going too well, she could already feel it.


Airports. What good were they? Except for planes bringing everyone in and out and stuff like that, but the traffic was ridiculous! Melinda got off her plane and followed everyone from it to the big area where people waited for their loved ones. People were running and sprinting around which made it harder for Melinda to walk to her destination.

“Seriously people, can't you calm down for a damn second?! The airports not going anywhere!”

Once she made it to the big crowded area, she began looking around. There were people running, hugging, etc etc and that was the part that made Melinda smile. Even through all the chaos and shit, it was nice watching families reunite with one another. As she walked and passed people up, her eyes wandered all over. The person she was meeting was one of the most special people in her life. They may have only been cousins, but the girls felt more than that. They were sisters.

Her eyes latched onto her pick up, she grinned widely. Running over to the girl, she wrapped her arms around. “Oh my God, I've missed you so much!” Her pick up laughed and broke off the hug to look at her, “I missed you too, Melly! It's so, so good to see you!” Melinda placed her arm around her cousins shoulder, and the two girls began to walk off towards the baggage pick up check. “Thanks for coming to get me, Prue, I really appreciate it.”

Prudence Johanna Halliwell smiled at Melinda and shrugged. "Of course I came to pick your ass up. It's what cousins slash best friends slash sisters are for."

Prudence and Mel continued talking mostly about how the family was doing. Melinda couldn't wait to see her friends and family again after all the time she's been gone. Wyatt's marriage to Kira was going as strong as ever, they were totally in love. The same went for Melinda's brother Chris and his marriage to Bianca, the ex demonic assassin. “Oh and for the other Chris, your nephew, he is ridiculously in love with Jacob Moretti. You remember him, yeah? They're so fucking adorable.” She informed Melinda that there had been a couple demon attacks, but they remained very light. Melinda had her own share of demonic attacks, too. The girls found Melinda's luggage and were ready to go to the parking lot where Prudence had her car. “So how was New York? Did you go to any fashion shows or something amazing like that?”

Melinda told Prue everything that went on in New York City, and how she's been shopping a lot and other girly things. She also informed her cousin about the biggest bitch of New York City and how she ditched her to come to San Francisco instead.

Prudence cracked up when she was told about Carol, "Sounds like you've been having a fun time! I wish we could see the look on her face when she realized you ditched her."

They reached the car and Melinda offered to drive. "So where we going?" Prudence suggested Halliwell Manor first since it was a good idea for Melinda to get settled in before seeing the whole family again. Melinda actually agreed that that was a wonderful idea.

Offering to drive, Melinda took the car keys from Prudence and they both got in after placing Mel's suitcase in the trunk of the car. Soon, the girls were both driving off to Halliwell Manor, and Melinda couldn't help but feel so good to be back in her favorite city. Memories of the past soon collided into her head. Her massive parties she'd thrown for her nephews school down at the beach(with police permission, of course), her mother's restaurant, P3, it was just really good to be home. “Welcome home, Melinda.” Prudence looked over at Mel with a grin on her face. It was pretty impressive how she remembered the way back to the Manor. She thought that she'd forget after being in New York for such a long ass time.

It was almost four thirty in the afternoon when the girls reached the manor. Prue noticed more cars than there originally were at the manor, which was definitely strange. Melinda shut off the engine, and looked at Prue with a shrug. “Maybe I'm being thrown a welcome home party!” Melinda clapped her hands and ran out of the car, missing Prue roll her eyes.

“Maybe Wyatt got new company cars or something, I mean it's not the first time.” Prue shrugged while Melinda handed her her keys.

They got up to the door and entered the manor with no trouble. The two girls looked around to see if anyone was throwing a party or having an early dinner, but they didn't see anyone. While Melinda went into the living room, Prudence decided to check out the kitchen. “Maybe someone's starting to cook dinner or something, I don't know.” Shrugging, Melinda walked around and eventually sat down on the sofa. Ah, it was great to be home. She was in her family manor, which had been in her family for generations. Laying back, she closed her eyes and could feel sleep claiming her quickly. She thought she was about to enter the dream land quickly, but a shrilling scream in the kitchen made her fall off the couch with a thud. Getting up quickly, she ran into the kitchen with all her might.

“Prue?! What's wrong, is there a d...” Melinda couldn't finish what she was going to see because she saw her two older nephews. Tyler was standing completely still, not taking his eyes off of Prudence. They looked like they just saw the most horrifying demon in the world. After a long silence, Prue asked what the hell Tyler was doing back in the manor.

Tyler rolled his eyes and repeated everything he told Andrew only hours earlier. He was quite annoyed that everyone was hounding his ass about being home, but nobody else's, “Andrew's back too, you know! I don't see you down his throat asking why he's back!” Andrew quickly informed the two ladies that he was here to take Chris out for a little bit for some brotherly bonding time. Prue and Mel nodded their heads, then looked back at Tyler.

"You weren't planning on cooking were you?" Tyler made a mental note that Prue had asked that like he was the worst cook the world. Please. He scoffed and simply told her he was looking for a beer. Tyler scoffed and said he was in the kitchen to look for a beer.

"Of course." Both girls said at the same time.

The girls giggled to themselves and Melinda exited the kitchen. Prue went over to the fridge and took out a bottled water, then gave Tyler a smile before exiting the kitchen herself. Tyler rolled his eyes again and mumbled on how the girls in this family were annoying as hell. "Thank God Mom and Dad didn't have any girls." Andrew just laughed as he watched his brother take a beer out of the fridge and headed out. He wouldn't admit it to his face, but Andrew really was happy to have Tyler back at home. He knew his parents would too, at least he hoped.


Across the street with the two mystery men, Mystery Man A was looking at the manor through binoculars. "Well well what do you know..." He was very interested in what he was seeing. Not only was the brothers back together, but Melinda was home as well. Now all the Halliwell's were back in the same city.

This was just too good to be true!

Mystery Man A turned and told his companion, B, that not only are Andrew and Tyler back home, but Melinda was back from New York City as well. "This is fantastic. All the Halliwell's are back in San Francisco." Mystery Man B looked confused as hell. Why was is a good thing all the Halliwell's were back home?

Seeing the confusion on the mans face, Mystery Man A just chuckled. "Why are you looking like that for? It should be easy for you to get in the Halliwell's lives!" Mystery Man B looked a little nervous. Yeah he use to be part of the Halliwell's lives, but he never even stayed in contact with any of them. It would just be the most suicidal situation he'd ever been in.

Mystery Man A approached his companion and put his hand on the guys shoulder. "Look, I have trust in you! It can't be that hard. Get back in their lives, get them to trust you. Everything will work out fine, I swear.” His smile was cocky, his attitude was arrogant, and this was not what Mystery Man B signed up for. He didn't know this crazy fool would want him to get in contact with the witches! Of course, if he didn't follow the instructions, he was a dead man anyway. Looking from his partner to the Halliwell Manor, he ended up sighing. This was the worst mistake he would ever be making. As the two men continued discussing the biggest plot ever, the two demons who were sent by Medilyn shimmered into the house. They hide well in the shadows, making sure the other two wouldn't notice them. It'd be bad if they were caught right off the bat.

The two intruders listened as the Mystery Men were discussing the Halliwell's, especially Wyatt and Kira's sons. There were rumors going around the Underworld how the boys were a very powerful force of magic. Just how powerful? Nobody was really too sure. All they knew was that they wanted to find out, and take the boys out as quickly as possible. The pathway between the Underworld and the Earth were closed off, but only a few demons were allowed to go up there. Not only was that the reason why the demon activity has been so light, but it gave the Upper Level demons a chance to carefully plot the Witch's demises. “You know what would be interesting? The youngest generation, those boys... they're the most vulnerable, are they not?” Mystery Man B tilted his head, suggesting it was quite true since they were Wyatt Halliwell's sons, and Wyatt was one of the most powerful witches in the planet.

“I assume if Wyatt is powerful, his sons are just as, no?” Mystery Man A tilted his head, slowly agreeing with his partner. It was true, right? If Wyatt was so powerful, then his sons would be too, right?

Back in the dark corner, after listening for a few more minutes, Medilyn's demons shimmered out. The companion looked behind him, but didn't see the demons. He turned back and looked at his demon partner. “What would you like me to do now?” Mystery Man A just grinned quite evilly, “I want you to go over and get into their lives. Now!”
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