Destiny Takes Its Toll

Chapter 7

This was a long stretch. No, it was beyond a long stretch. Who did that guy think he was? Wanting to wipe out a Halliwell... History showed that every time a Halliwell got targeted, they'd always win out in the end. Like when Piper got kidnapped by Corr when they were helping the Leprechauns, or the time Gideon kidnapped Wyatt. And what happened in the end? The Halliwell's always won! "This dude must be whacked." The man walked towards Halliwell Manor, feeling really nervous about this whole thing. He could feel his boss' eyes stabbing his back.

The man took in a deep breath and walked up the stairs to the front door. "This is insane." He raised his hand and pushed the doorbell. He felt like his heart was going to rip out of his chest. 'Maybe no ones home. Yeah, there are just cars because...' Before he could finish the thought the door opened and before him stood Christopher Michael Halliwell. 'Shit.' Chris looked blankly up at the man and rose his eyebrow. "Can I help you?" Before the man could respond Tyler, Andrew, Prudence and Melinda were seen from the porch. The man didn't know what to say. He swore he could just drop dead on the ground right now.

Tyler came up to the door and looked at the man who looked like he was mental. "Hey dude, are you gonna say something, or do we need to call the Psychiatric Hospital?" the man broke from his trance and looked at Tyler. If he did the wrong thing, said the wrong thing, made a bad move, he was dead. Feeling sweat form on his forehead, he cleared his throat.

"Uh Paige home?" He managed to get out, a small yet awkward smile forming over his face.

Both Tyler and Chris looked at the man like he was insane. They immediately felt bad vibes off of him. "I'll call the doctor." Chris started to make his way towards the phone, but the man pushed Tyler aside saying he didn't need a doctor.

Melinda and Prudence stepped up looking very angry at the man. "Whoa dude, do not push my nephew around! Who the hell do you think you are pushing people aside to get in a house that doesn't even belong to you?" Melinda's eyes were fixed on the man, looking angry and mean. The man stayed at calm as he could. He took in a deep breath and looked at Melinda, "I need to talk to Paige or Piper or even Phoebe...I need their help." Melinda and Prue gave the man a look of distrust, Andrew was ready to bash the guys skull if he needed to and all Tyler and Chris wanted to do was send the guy to the Psych Ward.

Melinda had had enough with the guy and walked towards the door. She turned to the man and demanded that he get his ass out of the house now. The man looked around and everyone who was in the Foyer. He knew he couldn't survive battling five Halliwell witches. Without another word, the man walked out of the house and Melinda slammed the door shut. She turned towards her family and scoffed in disgust. "Seriously? I return home and in just a couple hours we run into some psycho?" The five Halliwell's talked about the visitor for awhile, but concluded they wouldn't do anything more until the others got home later that night. They all shook their heads, shared some scoffs, and Tyler and Chris kept commenting on how psychotic the man looked. Tyler announced he was going to make another sandwich, which caused the others to roll their eyes.

“You do know that Aunt Piper had dinner plans tonight, right? You're going to spoil your appetite!” Tyler turned to Prue and frowned. She was right, he would spoil his appetite, but he was really hungry.

“Fine. I'll just starve.” He moped and walked into the living room, hoping there'd be something to watch on TV.

The others just shared a look and began to laugh. After all the time Tyler's been gone for, he had never changed, and that was a good thing.


The man walked down the steps of Halliwell Manor looking down at the ground. He knew what he did was outrageous, he didn't deny it. 'He's gonna be pissed off at me...' The man made his way across the street and into the house where he saw his boss waiting for him. The black haired man looked directly in the nervous man's eyes. "So I assume you weren't successful in getting in the Halliwell's lives." the nervous man shook his head apologizing. He explained that the Charmed Ones weren't at the manor as of yet. The black haired man nodded and folded his hands pacing.

"It's okay you can relax...this can still work. All we need to do is wait for the older Halliwell's to return, you try again, and they'll have to explain how you're acquainted to them." the nervous man sighed in relief knowing that he possibly escaped his death. The black haired man said he didn't need the mans services right now and excused him from his home. The man made sure none of the Halliwell's were watching him as he made his way to the black convertible. He got in, started the engine and sped off into town. He drove and drove until he felt the need to get some fresh air.

He found a coffee shop which was across from the SFPD and parked his car. Once he got out the man entered the coffee shop, and ordered a large coffee. He sure had a lot of think about. It's not like Richard wanted to betray the Halliwell's, it was just that he still loved Paige and wanted her back. So when he met the demon, he promised Richard he would help him get the love of his life back. Even if it was the last thing he did.


Across from the coffee shop at SFPD, Paige Matthews parked in the parking lot and walked towards the entrance. After her meeting with the Elder Sandra, and checking in with Leo to see if he needed help at Magic School, she decided to surprise her husband with a visit. She made her way into the main room and soon saw her husband at his desk. Paige smiled and made her way over to her husband and sat down on the hair by his desk. Henry Sr. was finishing up a phone call, and after hanging up he looked up surprised to see Paige.

"Paige, baby, what are you doing here?" Paige smiled happily at her husband and said she had nothing to do for the rest of the day so she decided to surprise Henry. "I also have to tell Chris that the..." she lowered her voice so no one could hear what she wanted to say next, "Elders need to see him about something." Henry asked if Chris was in trouble, but Paige waved it off and said she doubted it. After talking for a few, Paige asked if she could help her husband with some office work or telephone calls, which made Henry laugh at her. "What? What did I say?"

Henry cleared his throat and kissed his wife on her forehead. "I appreciate the offer, but I have it all down." Paige rolled her eyes and made a 'I Surrender' gesture. "Well will you be off of work in time for dinner? Pipers making dinner and she really wants everyone to be there." Henry promised he would be on time for dinner tonight which made Paige very happy. She got up from the chair and pecked Henry's cheek. After telling each other they loved one another, and a few admirable glances from Henry's coworkers, Paige had left the PD and was out walking towards her car.

At the same moment, the nervous man was walking out of the coffee shop. He just happened to spot Paige walking towards her car in the parking lot. "Paige! Hey Paige!" Paige stopped dead in her tracks hearing a familiar voice calling her name. "That voice...I know that voice..." She turned in all directions until she finally saw the man who was calling her name. Her jaw instantly dropped when she recognized the person calling her name. The man who had recently visited the manor walked right up to Paige with a huge smile.

He forced her in a hug, and Paige had no idea what to do. In fact, he was making this whole reunion awkward and she wanted no part in it. Paige had absolutely no idea what Richard has been up to, and honestly she didn't want to know. 'Is it me, or does this hug seem a bit too intimate?' Richard had to have known that Paige was married now, right? With three children?

After Richard broke off the hug, Paige just stared up at the man. She could not believe he was back in San Francisco after god knows how many damn years. "So Paige how've you been?" the man asked and Paige gave him a look. Oh so he was going to act like nothing happened? They hadn't talked in so long and he was going to make it feel like it was just yesterday they saw each other last?"I've been great actually! I have a wonderful husband, and three amazing and beautiful children!" Richard's expression fell when he realized what Paige was saying. Husband and children? He could feel his insides start to go crazy.

Clearing his throat, Richard looked behind him and quickly excused himself from Paige. Without waiting for another word, he zoomed off, leaving Paige alone on the side of the road. “What. The hell?” The half witch, half white lighter decided that before she would go anywhere else, she would go back into the PD and tell Henry everything that just happened. “Seriously,” she began as she climbed back up the steps to the precinct, “that cannot have been just a coincidence.”

Richard continued walking until he bumped into a woman. Turning to her, he placed his hands on her arms and apologized repeatedly, “Shit! I-I didn't see you. I'm sorry...” The young demon Jayde just looked at Richard and rolled her eyes. This dude was so paranoid, it didn't really amuse her at all.

“Yeah okay, whatever. Just watch where you're going next time, okay?” Jayde marched past Richard and entered a lonely dark alley way so she could shimmer out.

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