Destiny Takes Its Toll

Chapter 8

Later that night, Piper came home from the restaurant and immediately began to cook dinner. The kitchen was her place to feel like she was in her own dream world, and cooking was her all time love... just after Leo and the kids, of course. By now everyone knew of Richard Montana's return to San Francisco and now Melinda, Prue, and her grandsons were telling Paige of their first encounter with Richard. The half witch half whitelighter could not believe how much a pansy ass her ex boyfriend turned into. She was pretty pissed he just waltzed his ass into the Manor without even being invited in. Creep.

Paige had her hand on her forehead as she listened to their story. Her eyes looked like they could pop out and any moment. She was feeling absolutely livid with Richard's attitude towards her family, and that was not okay! Not one bit! After they finished their story, Paige didn't know what to say. This was not the Richard she knew. He was always understanding, he was always level headed... at least after he gave up magic. She didn't want to remember what he was like with magic. That was a living Hell.

Melinda and Tyler were the only ones who didn't look sorry for Paige. They both offered their opinion on Richard and they weren't really good either. Melinda said she wanted to strangle the man while Tyler wanted to rip his head off. Paige rose her hand and told the group she would deal with Richard and talk to him in full length about how he behaved towards her family today. As the group started to go their separate ways throughout the manor, Paige held Chris back. "Hey Chris, please don't hate me, but when I was talking to Sandra earlier today she told me to tell you you needed to meet with her soon. Preferably after dinner since you know how They hate waiting too long."

Chris sighed and mumbled about how he knew he'd have to face them sooner or later. "I suppose I should've went when Dad told me about it huh?" Paige placed her arm around Chris' shoulders and chuckled softly. She told him that decision probably would have been best, but it would all be alright. The Elder's wouldn't kill him or erase him or anything like that. Not after the bull shit they put Piper and Leo through. 'That probably wouldn't stop them from trying...' Paige shooed Chris off into the living room, just as his mother Kira found him. “Sweets, let me tell you one piece of advice and it's the only advice I'm going to give you.” Chris looked at his mother with a curious stare. Advice from his mom always came rarely and whenever it did, it was worth it

"If the Elders gives you any problems, I give you permission to kill them." Everyone who heard Kira laughed. It was no secret everyone in the Halliwell family hated The Elders. Wyatt told his son it probably wouldn't be the best idea, which Kira pouted to.

Their son promised that he'd behave the best he could, but no promises would be made. He may have been blood of a witch and a white lighter in him, but it didn't mean he didn't have a bad side, too.

Soon everyone in the family had started gathering in the manor. Most of them were surprised to see Tyler, Andrew, and Melinda but was happy to see them all the same. Piper wanted to make their welcoming home special so she somehow managed to make Melinda, Tyler, and Andrews favorite desserts: Pecan pie for Tyler, a fruit shortcake for Melinda, and a pumpkin pie for Andrew. Some people secretly told each other Piper used magic to help her make the deserts, but when some people asked she didn't give them a straight answer.

Paige and Phoebe were surprised Piper used magic, but they assumed it was safe to say it wasn't exactly Personal Gain. Paige and Henry Sr's twins Priscilla and Pandora did the honors of extending the dining room table with magic to help all the people to comfortably sit at the table. Along with the Halliwell family, Jacob had come over to join in the dinner, who was invited by Piper. Once everyone joined around the table, dinner was soon served. At the long table, Piper sat at the front of the table and to her left was Leo, Coop, Phoebe, Paige, Henry Sr., and the twins.

At the other end of the table was Tyler and next to him were Chris M, Jacob, Patience, Sarah, Melinda, Prudence and Henry Jr. Next to Jr. there was Wyatt, Kira, Chris P and Bianca Reynolds, Chris P's wife who sat to Piper's right. It was unfortunate that Chris and Bianca's children couldn't make it, and they did not share where they were at the current time.

The big family dug into Piper's amazing feast and began talking about various topics amongst themselves. Melinda was telling half the table stories about New York, which Tyler thought was boring as Hell, but he did find it funny how Mel ditched Carol at Times Square. Everyone was having a great time, and Piper wondered when the last time everyone was here at the manor all together. It felt nice to feel like a normal family, and when it came to being normal, Piper held onto that opportunity every chance she got. It was upsetting she was missing three grandchildren, but she would secretly chew their asses out later.

Unfortunately for Piper, everything couldn't be as normal as she wished. Across the street, Richard was at the white house with the Mystery Man. They were discussing Richards next move, which was to be reacquainted with the Halliwell Family. Yeah, easier said than done, Fool. Richard was sitting on a couch while his boss looked out the window at the manor. "You can get yourself in their lives. I know there has to be a way!" The black haired demon continued plotting and ranting while Richard just stared at the demon. He was beginning to wish that he never went to this demon. The reason he did go to the black haired demon was because he promised to help Richard get Paige back. Richard felt a small smile form over his mouth. When he saw Paige, he felt like he was somewhere he belonged. It was nice to actually see her again after how many years.

Even though Richard knew Paige was married, he couldn't help but think about her. The way he left things were terrible, he had to admit. 'It was worse than terrible...but who's asking?' The Mystery Man caught a glimpse of Richard and rolled his eyes. Humans were so damn annoying...they didn't know absolutely anything. The black haired demon looked across the street at the Halliwell Manor and caught something moving out in front of the house. Since the sun had started to set it was getting dark so he couldn't tell who the person was. All he saw was their silhouette moving towards the front of the house. 'Probably a demon trying to infiltrate them...he or she'll be dead within the hour.'

As he watched the figure, he still couldn't tell who it was which was infuriating. It looked like the figure was approaching their front door which meant the person couldn't possibly be a demon...could it? Back at the house, the Halliwell's and Jacob were all enjoying the dinner Piper had made. They had just gotten to desert which Tyler was most excited for. Piper brought out the first desert, the blueberry pie, and Tyler looked like he was in Heaven. He smacked his lips hungrily, and all Andrew did was roll his eyes. He was just about mumble something when he saw his favorite dessert next! It was really awesome for Piper to do this for them, and mentally noted he'd thank her later. Grandma Piper was so fucking awesome!

“Thank you, Grandma!” Tyler exclaimed, clapping his hands together.

Just as Piper started cutting up slices, the doorbell rang and Phoebe offered to get it. She got up from her seat and hurried to the front door. When she opened it there stood before her was Jayde. Phoebe offered the kind looking girl a smile and asked if she could help. "Uh yeah I'm an old friend of Chris and Jake's from high school, and I was wondering if they were here?" Jayde realized she really shouldn't have said Jake's name, but she didn't think Phoebe picked up her mistake. Phoebe told the girl that both boys were in and they were just starting desert.

Phoebe invited the girl in, but she quickly protested. Phoebe said it was no problem, so Jayde didn't know how to decline the offer...which was a mystery since she was a demon. Awkward. Jayde walked in the manor and followed Phoebe to the dining room. She saw Chris and a Jake and nicely, but tortuously said hello in a nice way possible. The boys gave a hello back, and Chris was confused by what she was doing here tonight of all places. It wasn't like they were the best of friends anyway. After the pecan pie was cut up, Tyler, Leo, Priscilla, Henry Jr, Chris M, and Bianca took pieces of that pie.

As for the pumpkin pie, Andrew, Henry Sr., Phoebe, and Coop took a piece of that. The rest had Melinda's fruit cake, which everyone deliciously consumed. After Jayde asked Melinda for a piece of her fruitcake, she immediately regretted it. This damn cake was going to make her fat! She bet the first bite she took, she'd gain fifty pounds! Disgusting!

'God I feel like I'm gonna throw up a fuckin' cow on these witches...what is happening to me?' Jayde sat down on an extra chair and everyone was enjoying their dessert.

Soon everyone was back in their conversations so Chris M decided to find out why Jayde had come over. ' do I explain this?' Jayde purposely took another bite of the cake to give her more time to think.

She swallowed the cake and smiled at the young witch. "Well, I'm here because I haven't seen you in forever! And Jake too. I thought you wouldn't mind me coming for a quick visit." Chris M gave her a smile and said he appreciated the visit.

'Phew! Close call...'

Everyone had soon finished the desert and Tyler made sure to take a mental note on the not touched blueberry pie. He knew what he was gonna have tonight for a midnight snack! After dessert everyone went their separate ways throughout the manor. All the guys except Chris M and Jake went to watch sports, the twins and Mel went to her room to talk about boys and shopping, Piper, Phoebe, Paige, Bianca and Kira were in the kitchen with dishes duty(Kira, Bianca and Phoebe mostly stood around doing the talking).

Chris M made sure he talked with Jayde. For some reason he had a weird vibe from her. He didn't know if it was good or bad, he just didn't know what to think. Jayde, Chris M, and Jake were at the dining room table talking about school and life. "So my family actually..." she smirked and looked towards the door, "We actually moved in right across the street! I'm helping my mom and dad with some work." She shrugged and smiled happily. 'Kill me now this, smiles starting to disfigure my poor face...' Chris M and Jake said it was really nice of her to that and she thanked them.

"What about you guys? Relationship going strong?" Jake nodded and said they were almost approaching their three year anniversary. Jayde commented on how sweet that was and promised to give the boys a present. "You don't have to you know..." Jayde looked at Chris M and said she didn't mind one bit. After a little bit of smalltalk, Jayde said she needed to go to the bathroom and asked for directions. She walked up the stairs and made her way to the bathroom. When she got to it, she walked in, closed the door, and shimmered out into the attic.

"God, this is too easy!" Jayde walked over to the window and saw the house which she said was hers. She overheard Medilyn talk about the demon who moved in there, so it was pretty exciting knowing inside information. Especially when it came to the Halliwell's demise which made everything so much more awesome! She looked around the neat and tidy room and soon saw the Book of Shadows. "Ohh pretty!" She excitedly ran over to the Book, but to her dismay the whole thing lit up and flung itself from the podium. She rolled her eyes and pouted, cursing the Book. She heard the noise of someone approaching the attic and she quickly shimmered out in time for Melinda and the Twins to miss her.

The three Halliwell's looked around the room and saw the Book on the floor. Melinda walked over and picked it up, placing it back on its podium. "Mom's not gonna like this..." the twins agreed and all three of them walked down the stairs. When they reached the bottom, Jayde flushed the toilet and came out of the bathroom. "Hey girls!" she waved at Melinda and the twins and made her way down the stairs. The three witches looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders walking back to Mel's room. Piper could hear about the Book later tonight.

Jayde reached downstairs and looked around. The guys were still watching Sports, while Chris and Jake were in the kitchen helping with the dishes. She wondered if it was possible to exit the Manor now and see if anyone noticed her disappearance. It would have been kinda funny, but it could reveal her true identity as a demon. The young demonic girl walked to the kitchen and announced she “Shall be leaving.” The boys thanked her for coming over to see them and she smiled and waved goodbye. Jayde exited the manor and walked down the hard stoned steps. She took one look back at the big pink mansion and also looked across the street at the demons house. "Life is totally gonna get better soon!" Jayde laughed to herself and shimmered out, her laughter still being able to be heard.

The black haired demon was still at the window and saw the person exit the manor and shimmer out. "A demon huh? Wonder how they're acquainted to the Halliwell's..." The demon smirked to himself and walked away from the window.
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