Destiny Takes Its Toll

Chapter 9

A week had passed since Richard's outbursts, and everyone seemed to be getting back into their usual routines. Melinda started to work at P3 with her brother, and whenever she had the chance, she and Prue would focus on their future career. Tyler managed to get a job at his grandmothers restaurant and Andrew started to write his first book. While the Halliwell's were enjoying their lives, both Medilyn and the Mystery Demon had their own plans. In the Underworld, Medilyn had a line of demons in front of her. She stared down all the demons eying them angrily.

"I need the best demons down here! Demons who aren't afraid of the Halliwell's. Demons who will do anything they're willing to do to advance in the hierarchy!" the demons all glanced at one another without saying a word. Medilyn put her hands on her hips and looked at all of them angrily. She looked like she was going to blow a gasket, but before she could do anything, a demon from the shadows stepped up and looked at Medilyn. "I'll be happy to go after the witches."

Medilyn looked at the demon who had stepped up, and she looked beyond happy. "Well well, Breos. How good to see you." The demon Breos walked up to Medilyn, took her hand, and kissed it gently. Breos said he would do anything for Medilyn which made her the happiest demon in the Underworld. "Breos you never fail to impress me." Breos stood up and asked what she wanted him to do first. Medilyn thought about what her first order of attack would be. "Hm...well of course I'm the one who wants to actually kill the witches..." She smirked again and looked right at Breos. "I want you to attack them the best you can. Get them nervous, edgy, but don't kill them! I want to kill them myself!" She started laughing evilly and Breos looked as of he had won the lottery.


Medilyn wasn't the only one who was ready to attack. The Mystery Demon had a few of his own followers ready to attack the Halliwell's. Situated in a chair, he looked up at five of his best demons. They all looked like they were ready for a magic war to erupt. "Now here's the deal," the black haired demon stood up from the chair and crossed his arm. "I want you to attack the Halliwell's. Don't kill them though, I don't want them dead yet." He glanced over at Richard who was looking at the manor. The demon wanted to ditch the love sick dude, but he knew he still needed the witch.

The demon looked back to his minions and cleared his throat. "Unfortunately, I won't be accompanying you on this little fight, but by all means have fun!" He chuckled to himself quietly and found it amusing that the demons didn't even make any expressions. 'Oh how I love loyal demons...' Mystery Demon put his arms behind his back and made his way to Richard. The witch was still looking at the manor which made the demon want to throw Richard right out the window. "So, are you looking forward to your next assignment?" Richard looked at the demon with a depressed looking expression on his face. "I don't want to do this anymore."

At first, the Mystery Demon didn't know what to think. Did he really align himself with a love sick sore loser? After two minutes, he sent his demons out to do their job and looked at Richard. His eyes looked dark, and twisted, "You came to me asking me to help you. You asked for the love of your life back and in return I asked you to help me with one little thing." Richard looked down at the ground, starting to feel nervous. He was for sure the demon was going to kill him. Or worse. Hell, what was worse than getting killed? Getting sent to the Astral Plane? Get magically recycled?

The Mystery Demon rolled his eyes and fought the urge to create an energy ball and blast it into Richards face. "Now here's what you're going to do. You're going to keep trying to get the Halliwell's to trust you, and after you do that, we'll take it to the next step." the demon patted Richards shoulder and walked away with grin on his face. Richard didn't say anything else. All he wanted to do was get away from the demon. But how was he suppose to get away from this creep? He was about to walk away from the window, but flashes from the Halliwell Manor caught his attention. Demons obviously. Richard sighed to himself. He was so screwed, wasn't he?


Energy balls were being thrown everywhere. Not only had the Mystery Demon's minions attacked, but Breos and a couple of Medilyn's demons attacked too. The Halliwell's worked hard together to get rid of as many demons as they possibly could. Tyler and Andrew were in the living room fighting off two of Medilyn's demons while Prudence, Patience, Melinda and Chris M were fighting the Mystery Dude's demons. "Chris, go help your brothers so we're evenly matched!" Patience helped Chris get to the living room in one piece by throwing potions at demons who had aimed at him. Prue commented quickly on Patience's reflexes, which she thanked her sister for.

Even after demons were vanquished, more would appear mostly by Medylin's end. "Why the hell do these guys keep showing up?" Andrew had asked loud enough so everyone could hear him. Melinda said she had no idea, and quickly dodged an incoming energy ball. "I swear to God if you make me break my nail..." Melinda quickly threw a potion at the demon who had attacked her, and she was immediately engulfed in flames. "Sucker!" Melinda triumphed and helped her cousins with their demons.

In the living room, the demons and the boys kept colliding their energy balls with one another. "These guys cannot give us a damn break...and I still need to talk to the chump Elders!" Andrew asked his little brother what he'd like to do more: battle demons or go see the Elders? Chris said neither and Tyler answered with a "Good choice". As the battle continued, and the demons kept showing up, the six witches were soon in the same room with demons all around them. "This is insane, we're trapped!" Prudence told her sister to stay confident and said she knew exactly who could help them out. "Wyatt!"

Soon Wyatt orbed in the room and saw his cousins, sister, and sons blasting demons. He looked angry at the demons and raised his hands, "Get out of here, NOW!" Prudence and Patience grabbed onto their cousins and beamed out in a hurry. Wyatt, looking pissed as ever, shot out red jets which vanquished all the demons in the room. Since he didn't see anymore demons appear, he thought they had gotten a magic message from him and called everyone back. Hearts and orbs were seen and everyone formed back in the manor. Wyatt walked towards them asking what happened.

Melinda explained that the group was having a "chill out" type a day when all the demons attacked. No one knew who sent them though since the attack and battle was really quick. Wyatt crossed his arms and heaved a heavy sigh. This was getting so old. Everyone looked around the manor seeing it was now looking like a huge pig sty. "We'd better get out the brooms..." Prudence said in a gloom and everyone rolled their he went to the get the supplies, jingles had been heard and Chris' face scrunched up. "I was afraid of that..." Wyatt looked at his youngest son and said he'd better go up to the Elders now. Chris grumbled angrily and looked at the others. "I think I'd better stay here and help clean up..."

Appreciating the offer, everyone told the youngest Halliwell to just go see the Elders so they could shut their traps. Chris again rolled his eyes and orbed out in a hurry. When Prue came back with the cleaning supplies, she asked where Chris went. She rolled her eyes when she heard the Elders called. The group began cleaning up and Tyler asked why they couldn't use the Vanishing Spell in the Book. Wyatt gave his son a glare, which in return Tyler smiled innocently. "Just thought I'd try." Without saying anything, Wyatt took a broom and forced it in Tyler's hand.


Deep in the depths of the Underworld, there laid a Chamber. The whole place was empty, and all it had was fire waving itself on the walls. On the far wall of the chamber, there was a big black double door with a weird symbol on it. Below the door, green light could be seen glowing and the doors started rattling and shaking horribly. The shaking was so bad, that the door started to crack. The symbol which looked like it had three green circles on it, started to glow green. No demon would ever come in here. They all knew this door was here, but long ago the Source had kept everyone out of here. It came to a shock to the demons that the door, whatever it was, was with them and not the witches or Elders. They felt like they had something on there side, but they didn't know what it was exactly. Would it be able to help them succeed and kill the Halliwell's? Would it betray the demons and kill them all instantly?

Medilyn was one of the few who managed to get herself into the room. She didn't really know if the door would open, but knew if it didn't open now, it wasn't going to anytime soon. At least that's what she thought. Pacing herself, the demon slowly approached the door with caution. There wasn't any need to worry too much, right? Whatever was behind the door, and yes even she did not know, it was surely going to be helping her in her favor, no? Medilyn raised her hands up to the door and took in a deep breathe,

“Please, show me the way. Show me what I must do. Give me the power to do what I need!” She could feel the force behind the door answer her, but not enough to understand what it was saying to her. No worries, because she knew in time she'd know everything there was to know.

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