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Stephen Kings It Groupchat


i’m not rlly sure. it’s just lots and lots of drama in the losers messages ;))

Drama / Romance
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o n e

Sorry for any spelling or grammar mistakes 😂





Mikeymouse- Mike




4:37 pm

*Trashyboi named the chat 'LoSeRs'*

Birdfanatic: Okay what is this??

Trashyboi: I thought Id be the one to make the group chat for us

Birdfanatic: And why is my name BIRDFANATIC

Trashyboi: I pick the names, HA

Mikeymouse: guys I can't talk right now

Trashyboi: alr

Trashyboi: where is everyone else?

Birdfanatic: Probably leaving, like me.

qUeEn: No Stanley don't leaveeee

qUeEn: Omfg I love my name

Trashyboi: 😉

5:12 pm

Spageddie: Sorry mommy

*Spageddie deleted a message*

Spageddie: wait I'm confused

5:52 pm

Trashyboi: sorry I was eating

Trashyboi: why are u confused tho

6:14 pm

Spageddie: Change my name.

Trashyboi: nah

qUeEn: Literally where is everyone? I want to talk to y'all

Loverbboy: sorry I just chose not to say anything lol

Haystack: I've been busy trying to help Mike. So we both can't talk right now.

Trashyboi: what a bunch of losers

Birdfanatic: Rich, you are a loser.

Trashyboi: STANEIL!!! You didn't leave, my good friend.

qUeEn: so we have Rich, Stan, Eddie, and Bill rn?

Loverbboy: Yep

Trashyboi: ^

qUeEn: ^^

Spegeddie: ^^^

Loverbboy: ^^^^

Birdfanatic: Stop spamming a holes

Loverbboy: sorry

qUeEn: We all need to hang out soon!

Trashyboi: YAS

Trashyboi: what's everyone doing rn?

Spageddie: Reading comics

Trashyboi: Without me Eds 😢

Spageddie: stfu

qUeEn: I'm just on my phone

Loverbboy: drawing

qUeEn: What are u drawing?

Loverbboy: oh nothing

Trashyboi: Does loverbboy have a secretttt

Birdfanatic: No. But you do Rich

*Stan and Rich private chat*

6:32 pm

RichieTozeir: Dude.

StanlyUris: huh

RichieTozeir: Can u not

StanlyUris: CHANGE

(New message from 'LoSeRs')

StanlyUris: MY

(New message from 'LoSeRs')

StanlyUris: NAME!

(New message from 'LoSeRs')

*LoSeRs chat*

qUeEn: wait what..

Spageddie: Does Stan know something we don't?

Loverbboy: ...

Trashyboi: Nothing omfg. Don't get ya tities in a bunch guys

qUeEn: lmao 😂

Trashyboi: Staneil is just f*cking around

Birdfanatic: well...

*Trashyboi changed Birdfanatic to Stan*

Stan: Yea I'm just messing around lol

Loverbboy: Okay good 😂

qUeEn: Anyhow, y'all wanna hang out?

Trashyboi: No sorry I can't.

Spageddie: Wasn't it sorta ur idea in the first place?

qUeEn: well can you guys?

qUeEn: like maybe the quarry?

Loverbboy: Yea I can

Spageddie: I'll be there

Stan: Sure

qUeEn: 🥳

*qUeEn named a chat to 'Richies (maybe) support group'*

(Ms.Marsh is Bev and Mr.Kaspbrak is Eddie)

8:46 pm

Ms.Marsh: U ok Rich?

Richie<3: who's in this group

Ms.Marsh: me and Eds

8:58 pm

Richie<3: im good

9:12 pm

Mr.Kaspbrak: Are u positive? You never act like this

Richie<3: like what

Mr.Kaspbrak: You never cancel out on the loser hangouts

Richie<3: sorry.

Richie<3: it turned out I was busy

Ms.Marsh: oh Alr. Maybe soon we could all get together again 🥰

*Mike and Ben private chat*

12:27 pm

Mike: Ok we did lots of progress yesterday

Ben: We did

Ben: but prom is coming up rlly soon

Mike: Your right. Maybe this was harder then we thought

Ben: Is it alright if I come over tonight again?

Mike: for sure

*LoSeRs chat*

1:49 pm

Haystack: Hey guys?

2:05 pm

Loverbboy: yea?

Trashyboi: Hm

Spageddie: ???

Haystack: Can someone get Stan here?

Loverbboy: I'll text him

qUeEn: what's going on lol

*Bill and Stan private chat*

2:03 pm

Bill: Hey.

Stan: Hi Billy

Bill: the Lover needs u

Bill: LOSERS***

Stan: and I thought you just wanted to talk 😭

Bill: oh sorry! We can talk later

Stan: promise?

Bill: promise.

*LoSeRs chat*

2:11 pm

Stan: k what

Haystack: What are your guys favorite color?

qUeEn: hm maybe red

Spageddie: idk light red

Haystack: so pink?

Spageddie: yeaaaa..

Loverbboy: Mines probably purple

Stan: Green

Trashyboi: Navy blueeeee

Haystack: Alright thank you guys!

qUeEn: what abt Mikey?

Haystack: oh he's with me

Trashyboi: again?!

Trashyboi: y'all dating??

Haystack: NO

qUeEn: Oml I would hope not. Bens mine

Haystack: 100%

2:26 pm

Stan: Why the hell did you wanna know anyway?

Haystack: no reason

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