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Masterani's Hidden Boss


The story of Masterani's Hidden Boss Yoshi.

Adventure / Other
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The Story

In a small town in the middle of nowhere, there was a boy named Yoshi. He had a dream to be the very best anime website boss like no one ever was. He had worked hard, harder than anyone else to fulfill his dream. While his friends enjoyed themselves, Yoshi had always just worked hard towards his goal.

Years later, Masterani was one of the largest anime websites on the internet. Yoshi had now fulfilled his dream and is the secret hidden boss of Masterani. However, Yoshi had to do many illegal things to get where he is now, and this put him on the FBI’s watch-list. They hadn’t figured out his identity, but they knew he existed.

Everything was going well at this time; however, Behind the scenes, the FBI had been shutting down anime sites in hopes of finding Yoshi’s identity. One day Yoshi had finally got the notice he was most scared of... This sent him into a panic, and he started making many mistakes because of which the FBI had finally found his identity. With no hopes of misleading them, Yoshi had eventually shut down Masterani and revealed his identity to everyone.

He was arrested by the FBI and was imprisoned in ADX Florence, which is one of the most dangerous prisons in the world. He spent some time there but unbeknownst to everyone he was planning a prison break. Using his connection all across the world that he made during the birth of Masterani, he had escaped the prison. He made his way to one of his contact’s private planes and made his escape to China.

Due to his Prison Break and because of Masterani, Yoshi Became one of the most wanted in the world. The Chinese authorities got a tip that Yoshi was hiding out in China, they started looking for him all over. During this time, Yoshi was pretty paranoid and couldn’t sleep well. One day at night, the Chinese had finally found him out, and Yoshi was arrested again and put in a Chinese jail, awaiting his transfer to the FBI.

Yoshi, because of his intense paranoia, had already set up a plan to escape any Chinese prison in case he was caught. The prison break was successful, and he had fled to Thailand.

Once he arrived in Thailand, he had settled down on the island of Koh Tao. He had taken the initiative to bride the authorities and was peacefully living there. However, nothing lasts forever; the FBI had tracked him down and were actively trying to catch him. Yoshi is now on the run and laying low.

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