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language || Jikook


jungkook has lived in america all his life. with his parents being so busy with there jobs they ended up not teaching him much Korean. jungkook knows a bit but not much. jimin who has lived in korea all his life does not know much english. but is fluent in korean. the two boys randomly meet on ig. jk thinks jimin is cool and goes to dm jimin. jimin gets the message realizing this person is speaking english. and asks if they know any korean. jk says he knows very little. despite the 2 not being able to communicate very well they still make there friendship work. eventually in the story they will both study each other’s languages. this book will be written in english. but i will use honorifics because why not? also i do not know much about the korean school system. so i will just use my knowledge of the american system.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

He turns his phone off at the smell of food. He walks down the stairs and into the kitchen. He sees his mother put spaghetti onto a plate. "you're home?" he asks his mother. Her being here was quite a shock to him. She was almost never home to make dinner or any meal of that matter. He always had to make it himself. As a kid, they hired a nanny though she didn't last long. Jungkook was quite a bratty kid. Though is it his fault all he wanted was the love of his parents? She looks up ignoring his question "just in time! Dinner is ready.” she gives a small smile before taking a seat. Noticing jungkook hasn't moved from his spot yet, she gestures her hand towards an empty chair. "come on sit down have a bite to eat.” finally moving from his spot he sits down. Jungkook takes a minute to start speaking "mom where is father?” jungkook asks. "Your father is currently in a meeting, I am not sure when he will be home..” she says. She takes another bite before speaking again. "actually..that is kind of why I am here.” his mother says slowly.

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