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The thing awakening


Sequel to the movie THE THING 1982

Archil Pandey
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Chapter 1 Argentinians

1982,Antarctica , US camp on the brink of collapse due to fire lit By pilot R. J. MACREADY. His team member CHILDS is near him sharing drinks With him. Both under suspicion of other’s nature considering each other THE THING. They preferred to stay awake all night thinking who might be the THING

Next day, they search inside if the radio comm is still operational. Macready takes Sample of Childs’ blood and put it to a testby hot wire in case of any difference with Normal human’s test and then did the test on himself. They both turned out to be normal

For 2 day, they kept themselves on radio comm to reach to anybody they can.

Due to burning of the station, most of the supplies have been exhausted and nearly 1 week Of supplies are left.

3 weeks later, Argentina’s BELGRANO 2 research station sends two helicopters on a location based on An unknown caller from a radio communicator. Argentinians arrives at the site where they saw adebris of an unknown station.

Looking at a log of wood which depicts NORGE on it reveals that it is a Norwegian research station.

They started investigating it. They saw a block of ice half melted in a room whose roof was already broke out. Station commander Rivero search the whole office room to find any clue of what causethis destruction. Assistant Marino informs that except few documents, most of them are missing that indicates maybe someone visited here before argentinians. Suddenly a scream was heard from another room. Rivero and marino ran towards it. They saw meteorologist Ponce vomiting on the floor. Marino stunned after seeing the view of a person on a chair with his throat slit and his blood solidified and his hand holding a razor.

Rivero asks his subordinates in spanish

Rivero- lo que paso aqui (what happened here)

Ponce- no lo se (don’t know)

Archaeologist moreno comes in and reports about a sled dog’s corpe

Rivero- un extrano hizo esto? (an outsider did this?)

Moreno-tal vez…. Hay ana estacion americana cerca(maybe…. There is an american station nearby)

Marino-tomara un dia llegar alli(it will take a day to reach there

Rivero – contactales(contact them)

Moreno-ya hecho, ninjuna respuesta (already did, no response)

Rivero-me siento mal por esto( I am getting bad feeling about this)

Rivero sends marino, ponce, moreno with 7 other crew members :Diaz(physicist) Torres(biologist), Bruno(pilot) and 4 security guards Alonso, Ruiz, Castro, Gomes

Next day they arrive at US research station. They were surprised to see the whole station burned down

They searched the whole station. Diaz found some documents and tapes in the game room in which few were damaged. He kept them in his bag. Torres went to see the debris of kennel where all dogs were killed by biologist Blair after going insane and before assimilated by the THE THING.

Suddenly Torres heard someone passing nearby through the corridor.

Torres-Ponce… eres tu? (ponce…… is that you?)

He ran after the guy and went into a dark room. There he saw some rotten flesh of sled dogs who seemed to be eaten by someone. It came to his mind that the person might not be ponce and maybe Someone from the station

He took out his gun and pointed at the shadow of a person

Torres- come out whoever it is (in argentinian accent)

The shadow is removed and person comes out

“my name is CHILDS”-says the guy

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