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The eternal Escape ?


A young girl lives in Bremen with foster parents. But her life is not great ... Day in, day out, she is abused When the summer holidays begin and her foster parents fly on vacation for a full 3 months, she takes her chance and flees to Cologne. But it is far from over ....

Drama / Other
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>> Chapter 1 <<

~ Author ~

The young girl was sitting on the riverbank like every day and had her feet in the water. Thoughtfully, she looked at the running water. ~ What have I done to them that they treat me like that again and again? She wondered. Her parents - dead and her foster parents - the purest horror. Every day, her foster parents showed her that she was not welcome. This also showed many scars and fresh wounds on her whole body and face. "Maybe I should just jump off the bridge, then they'll let me go. Although ... no, they are not worthy of me, "she muttered to herself, not realizing that she was being watched, and that someone is calling for salvation, as he was a little closer and mumbled, and this somebody did Getting ready to head up to the bridge to escort the rescue services. ~ I pack my things and just leave. "Out of Bremen." No sooner had she made the decision, she heard from wide sirens.She looked up, she saw When she realized the salvation was there for her, she jumped up and took flight, very thin, but very quick and nimble, and so it came to the paramedics and her She was fortunate because her foster parents had left early this morning for leave and would not return until three months later, she quickly ran up the stairs to her room i He produced a small bag under the bed and packed her clothes and belongings. After she had all her belongings, she went back down and took her remaining things, such as her persona, passport, account card, cash, food and drink, as well as purses and odds and ends. Finally, she returned to her foster-parents' bedroom and got her letters, necklace and bracelet, which she had received from her parents before she died, from the foster-mother's drawer. She took her birth certificate and all the other important papers with her, so that her awesome foster parents would not come up with any stupid ideas, because they wanted to have their birth certificate faked once before. After checking that she has everything together, she made her way to the train station.

2 hours and 40 minutes later:

Since the young girl had fallen asleep on the train, she had missed her station, now they had to wait for the next train, which goes to Cologne. This would come in 20 minutes at platform 2. She quickly got another drink and persuaded a 19-year-old to buy her cigarettes. She pressed this as a thank you € 10 in the hand, but he bought 2 boxes of cigarettes and pressed her the two boxes in her hand and smiles warmly and sweetly. "That's very nice of you, but keep it. Just watch it, I give you the boxes. "He smiled lovingly at her and with a hug and a small friendly kisses on the cheek, he said goodbye to her Just in time she arrived at the platform, the small discussion with The 19-year-old had taken some time, of course she was not angry with him, but she was more than confused, she had always thought that there were only mean and evil people in the world, he had been very different from her Easily she shook her head and quickly banished the thought that there are good and loving people too far in the back of her head. ~ Just because he was like that to you now does not mean that everyone is now like that ~ she reminded herself and sat down on a seat.She found her headphones in her jacket pocket, she found a small piece of paper with the name of the 19-year-old, his mobile number and a small message;

# If you need help, or need some more cigarettes, or just have to talk to someone, you are welcome to call or write me anytime. Even though we got to know each other today, I immediately closed you in my heart. You've become like a little sister to me in those few minutes.

I love you

Your "big brother" Jonas #

After she had also driven back the 1h, the 15-year-old finally got out at her destination: the Cologne train station. She was super happy when she was able to stretch her legs after 5h & 20min but when she got into the entrance hall she saw 4 policemen standing at the exit and a slight panic rose in her. What if the cops are here because of her? In order not to fall, she strolled through a few shops and found a beautiful heart chain. Such a mother had her too. Without hesitation, she bought this necklace and quickly changed it. A small smile flitted across her face as she imagined her parents would love this necklace too. But the smile was only visible for a few seconds, but it enchanted someone who had seen this. Determined, she went to the exit and smiled at the four policemen in a friendly, but fake, way. After leaving the station, she strolled through the city and looked at everything. She still had time to stay in a hotel, where she was expected at 20:45. Now she still had 4 1/2 hours to take a look at the city and do some shopping. But even in the city she had, without knowing it and wanting, several people nourished the day with her smile ...

At 20:45 the 15-year-old arrived at the hotel. In this hotel she was often with her parents. Everyone loved their parents. All the staff and the boss knew their parents had died. The boss promised her that she no matter what, was allowed to come here at any time. And she did. When she arrived at the entrance, she was immediately greeted and hugged from all sides. After a little eternity, she stood in front of the counter, where the boss looked at her lovingly, but also worriedly. However, he came out beaming and cuddled her through. "Nice to see you again, little one. How are you and what happened to your face? "He asked her, happy to see her again, after a long 5 years, but also very worried" Yes, I think so, Chris, Joa, we have summer holidays and mine Foster parents went on vacation, but I did not want to go, but I wanted to see you again, and Tada here I am now, and that with my face, were a few thorns I was traveling with friends and there we are through thorn bushes But it does not matter, because I've been to the doctor. " She grinned at him, but inwardly she was beating herself up, hating Chris for lying. Because their cuts in the face do not come from thorns, but from their foster parents .... "We are very happy, are not we?" He shouted through the entryway. "But hello" "Very even!" It came from Every page. "But I'm calm, that's nothing worse." Chris breathed and smiled lovingly at her, but the concern still showed in his eyes. The girl smiled happily, also that Chris believed her story about the 'thorns'. Here was her real home and she would stay here. "So, how long do you want to stay, or are you allowed to stay?" Chris asked her, who was standing at the back of the counter "My foster parents are traveling for 3 months, business trip and I have 6 weeks summer vacation so stay tune me? " she replied and looked at Chris expectantly and questioningly. "So six weeks?" He asked happily, but also beaming with joy, while he looked at her questioning, "Exactly." she beamed at him. ,,Hey guys ! Our little Sky stays with us all the summer holidays! "Chris shouted through the foyer, cheering broke out and everybody was happy about the young girl staying so long, after another 10 min, Sky checked in and made her way Somewhat tired, she put her bag to one side and, after testing the bed, she went down to the dining room and ate dinner, and when she was back in her room, she went to take a shower and then fell dead tired, but When her head touched the comfortable cushions, the 15-year-old fell asleep after a few seconds and fell into a deep but dreamless sleep.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


Passengers can count on a train journey from Bremen to Cologne with at least 4 hours. By car - depending on where you live - the trip takes 3h-4h. For me, the trip takes between 3h 29min to 3h 39min. Since the young girl has missed her ward, she drives back another hour. The waiting time included. In total, this is a time of 4 hours. If errors have crept in, please let me know. Math & I are not friends ... and ws never be ....

Words; 1498

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