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Park Haeun the greatest CEO to the PARK's Company. Her big brother Park Jimin has his company. Their companies are together. She is the girl's idol to follow they always say that she is PERFECTION. That she is perfect in all her aspects, in character, in personality, in features, in EVERYTHING. -------- Kim Taehyung The CEO of KIM's Company. Along with his brother, Kim Seokjin has another company. They always work together. The guys are always jealous because they always want to have what he has and also for the women's hearts. --------- But one day their father's I wanted to make something rare for them. What happens if something strange happens to their hearts and minds? Let's find out in Chapter One. Hope you enjoy.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Haeun Pov

I heard my alarm going off then sit on my bed and the sun that is coming from the curtain is hitting my face.

I get on the side and put on my sandals and get inside the bathroom.

After I close the door I unbutton the top of my pajama and pull down my pants along with my panties.

I undid my messy bun and get inside the shower I put it on warm and get relax as the water hit my body, and decided to finish.

After some time I get out of the bathroom and go to my closet and get out my bra and underwear match Lacy.

I wear them and then I get out a red crop top and a black waisted Jean and a black jacket and some red shoes.

I undo my wet hair from the towel and get seated and grab my dryer, and try to dry my hair.

After some time I put on a light make up and grab my purse and my watch and my sunglasses.

I locked my front door, then open my car and get inside and turn on, and go to my company.

Haeun end of Pov.

Taehyung Pov

I get up and immediately get inside my bathroom I pull down my pants along with my boxer.

I get inside the shower and bath myself.

After I get out of the bathroom I get a boxer and a black suit.

I get my tie and watch.

I tell my assistant to locked my door and I decided to wait for him to get inside the car my driver is in it.

And we got ready to go to my company.

As I get inside I saw as always all the women’s were looking at me and then Mark told me something(Mark is his assistant)

Mark: sir, you have a meeting in 10 min.

Me: okay thank you.

I arrived at my office and search for my papers for the meeting, and a pen to write the important things.

I arrived at the room and get seated at the top seat, and started the meeting.

End of taehyung Pov

Haeun Pov

I arrived at my office and plop down after the 2 and a half meetings I grab my notebook where I write the thing that is important that we talked in there.

Me: okay, they offer a new segment, a new concept, and a new model, and also the results of our new project that we are still working on it.

After I closed my book I open my laptop and saw a mail from my father.

Then I heard a knock on my door.

Me: come in!

Roxie: Hey, just wanted to talk how was the meeting?

Me: oh hey Roxie, well it was tiring and also they want the results for the next month and I don’t know what to do, should I talk to them?

Roxie: well yeah because we need at least 2 months, this project we were making it for like 4 week ago and also don’t forget the details, and is complicated to have it for a month.

Me: I know right.

Well she is Roxie my best friend since high school we decided that we will work on the company of my father and since I know that I will take his place here I make her my future assistant, so here we are.

Me: indeed to talk to them tomorrow, please send them the mail, and reserved for tomorrow 3 hours, please.

Roxie: okay, please don’t stress yourself.

As she said that she gets out of my office.

I laid back in my chair then open the mail my father sends me.


Hey princess I send you this because we need to talk after you work today please come to this XXXX restaurant and please were something nice I invite someone.

From Father.

After I saw that I knew it there was a no for an answer.

I check the time and it was time for lunch.

I turn off my laptop and grab my wallet and a mini purse I always have on my desk.

I get down to the cafeteria and saw Roxie and taerin on the desk we always eat.

As I was approaching them they waved to me, I smile to them and give them a slightly waved.

Me: hey, so what did you order?

Taerin: the usual, Avena, Apple and a healthy Sunny side up eggs and toast and bacon.

Roxie: is always the usual breakfast, also I wanted to talk with you for tomorrow’s meeting well I make you the reservation for the upcoming meeting for the 8 am to 11 and also with the companies meeting with the KIM’s company contract.

Me: well you know I know the person that manages the KIM’s company and you girls know what we are talking about.

Taerin: well yeah we know the secret.

Roxie: we know your past, but you know your father.

Me: Okay, please don’t make my morning bad after the news I heard this morning.

After eating I get to work again.

End of haeun pov.

Taehyung pov.

After the meetings, I get inside my office and order my receptionist to order me some food.

As I was working on my laptop my door open and I heard the voice of my assistant, mark.

Mark: Hey, just wanted to remind you that tomorrow you are having a meeting on the contract with the PARK’S company.

Me: Oh don’t remind me that I don’t want to remember my past I just want to hurry up with the meeting that our fathers made up.

Mark: okay okay I know that you are in bad terms with haeun and I know that she is feeling that same, but you have to do it.

Me: I know, is just that she was ... You know.

Mark: yes I know, but you know is just a meeting for signing the contract and then we are done.



I was working on my project document, as I was working I checked the time and I saw it was time to get ready for the meeting my father did, so I just saved my work and shut down my computer and get my stuff.

as I get out from the elevator I tell Roxie.

Me: hey I will go out so please check my office if I left something and if I did please leave my house, okay?

Roxie: okay no problem.

Me: thank you.

as I exit the building I get inside my car and get to the other apartment that I was having there my dress.

as I get to my apartment I get inside and leave my stuff on my couch and get inside my room and grab my dress and change in my room.

the dress is a black that hugs my body tight and a diamond necklace and gold pearls earrings and with some beige shoes.

I put on as my make up brown shadows eyeliner and red lipstick and some blush.

I get out of my room and get my stuff and keys and go outside and get inside my car.

I drive to the direction my father text me through my phone.

I finally arrived and get parked my car and got out from it, after doing that I fixed my hair and got ready to see who is going to meet.

as I get inside a lady asks me.

lady: good night miss may I help you?

Me: yes please my father park made a reservation.

lady: you are her daughter right?

Me: yes.

Lady: okay I’m sorry, please follow me.

as that lady said that I follow her and saw my father back and another man like the same age as my father.

as we get there my father looked up and stand up from his seat and hug me.

father: oh my princess is in here already this earlier?

Me: well you told me to not be late so I make my promise.

father: well is true, okay come and take a seat.

as I took the seat that it was next to my father, he presents me to his friend.

father: well haeun this man in front of me is yoobin but you can call him yoo for friendly okay you can calm him like there is no problem.

Me: hello mister yoo is a pleasure to finally meet you.

as the time pass by the same lady that guide me to here came but with someone.

lady: excuse me but you have a guest.

yoo: oh son you came just in time.

as I hear that I turn around and try to see who it is but as I did it I regret it because.

father: oh taehyung you came, as your father said just in the right timing.

as he was standing there he crossed his eyes to mines and we were staring at each other. and then he smiled to one side. and said.

taehyung: well is nice to meet you again miss the park.

my eyes rounded and I was choked.




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