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A number of one shots written by me. They are probably all taekook though

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Evy is evyl
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Just Dance

Jungkook stared at the crowd.

The music blared through the room and he felt ass if his brain was vibrating too. He wasn't drunk yet, thank god. He really couldn't hold his drink.

There were some people grinding and some people standing in the sidelines just staring people down. He wasn't one of the guys who would stare a guy or a girl down and he didnt appreciate others doing the said thing to him. He scratched his neck, feeling uncomfortably.

He didn't get why he agreed to come to his friend's first time DJ'ing. Maybe it was because of the comment 'You got no jams like Chimmy boy.'

Nowadays, Hoseok (the said DJ friend) was tying to sound like a cool person, but honestly speaking he sounded like those guys on TV trying to act gay. Like gay people legit don't talk like that. It's just a stereotype.

He then spotted a guy with blonde hair dancing like it was his last. He was moving as if he would never get the chance ever again. He looked mad. People who tried to dance with him, scurried away because of his lack of attention to them.

Jungkook was mesmerised by him at first glance. He had fallen in love with dancing in a young age. He remembered the first time he tried dancing perfectly well. It was the best feeling he ever had. He, deep down, felt like the blonde understood him. And before he knew it he was walking towards him.

The music suddenly changed from a seductive one to a track that was full of joy. Jungkook widened his eyes when he recognised it. It was the song he had first danced to.

"Just dance" was the name of the song. If he remembered correctly, it was about falling in love while dancing.

It sounded like something cliche but so cute.

He looked at Hoseok who gave him a thumbs up and a 'Go for it Bunny.'

As he came closer to the dancing blonde, he started moving his body too. The blonde seemed to have noticed him and had started smiling, probably glad to finally get a partner. They slowly started synching their moves together.

People around them stared at them in awe. It didn't seem like they knew each other but they acted like it.

The blonde had started singing the lyric. Though Jungkook couldn't hear him, he knew for some reason his voice was beautiful.

They started danced and sung as if they had rehearsed it from the very start, they moved perfectly in sync and it felt as if their hearts were beating in sync too.

The songs changed but their moves were still in perfect sync. Hoseok smiled at them, putting on more songs with a happy tune.

After a few hours of dancing (that seemed like forever to the both), they walked to the counter, panting loudly.

Jungkook looked at the blonde who leaned on the counter. This was the first time he had noticed his features, well, except the hair. He had beautiful tan skin and moles that made him even more unique. He had plump pouty lips. His physique was one of a dancer too. He was perfect.

"You *pant* dance well for a guy who likes to shyly watch people dance from a corner," the blonde panted.

"Is that a... compliment?" Jungkook asked panting.

"Yes," the blonde replied.

"Well, that's good, cause you dance very well too," Jungkook said.

The blonde smiled, "What's your name, baby?"

"B-baby? Wait- are you quoting the song?" Jungkook asked.

"Yep. So... your name?"

"Jungkook, Jeon Jungkook," he stretched his hand out for a shake hand.

The blonde smiled a boxy smile that made Jungkook's heart flutter, "Kim Taehyung. Nice to meet you Jungkook, Jeon Jungkook. I hope to meet you again tomorrow."

"A-again t-tomorrow?" Jungkook stuttered.

"Yeah. Aren't you my dance partner from now on?" Taehyung asked, furrowing his eyebrows and smiling, making Jungkook even more flustered, "Well, see you tomorrow."

"Y-yeah," Jungkook waved flustered as fuck.

As Taehyung went outside the club, he laughed while imaging the flustered guy's face. It would really be a shame if he didn't come tomorrow. Only he could match his steps and make his heart beat race like this.

The both touched their chests, feeling their heartbeats that were still beating fast, loud and maybe in sync.


May turn into a full book one day~ (but only if people’s demand for this is a lot)

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