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ᴘsʏᴄʜᴏ | ᴊɪʜᴏᴘᴇ


He broke into the psychos house.... and pet his dog?

Erotica / Romance
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Hoseok cleaned his knives, leaving the wipes on the ground, and taking off his leather gloves. He shut his trunk, and got into his car. While he was driving home, his phone kept going off.

He was stopped at a red light, and quickly checked his phone. His motion-detecting cameras spotted movement. He clicked on it, and the live feed showed a shadow slowly moving its way up his yard.

The light turned green, and he drove off. Every few seconds, he briefly looked back fo the screen. It took the person a bit, but he was eventually to his back door. He could see the person better now, and concluded that it was a young boy. Well, young man. He had taken a few minutes to determine whether or not someone was in the house, and decided to go through the doggie door.

Hoseok was a little shocked that the man actually fit.

He pulled into his driveway, and shut the car off. He decided to watch the cameras for a while.


Jimin chewed on his lip as he awaited his 'sentencing'. He was a new recruit for his neighborhood gang, and they were sending him on a mission to see if he was good enough.

A couple minutes of discussion later, they came back to him.

"We want you to break into old Kim's house."

Jimin blinked for a second. No one ever spoke to old Kim.

Old Kim wasn't old, quite young actually. However, he didn't like people on his property. It was a privacy thing, Jimin guessed.

The gang also didn't need to know that he found old Kim attractive.

"Okay.. tonight?"

They nodded, "Right now."

He purses his lips, and nodded. He stood up, ready to go change into black clothes. It was getting dark out.

He knew he might be ridiculed for them, but we wore leggings. They were comfortable, easy to move in, and they weren't baggy. He also wore a tight, long-sleeved top, and black combat boots. His were worn in, but had amazing grip, and were also waterproof. If he was chased out of there, his feet would survive.

When he was ready, he got a text from the gang leaders.

Text me when you get in, I'll tell you what you'll be taking.

Jimin nodded, reading it, and went on his way. Old Kim lived across the neighborhood, in the nicer district.

He kept to the shadows, and went into old Kim's from the back yard. He wasn't going to risk getting seen by anyone in the house. Jimin kept to the sides of the yard, in the darker areas. When he got to the house, he knew it'd be stupid to even try the door.

The door did, however, have a doggie door.

Jimin was not tooting his own horn(only a little bit), when he prayed his ass would fit. He worked hard, and if it would be his failure right now, he wouldn't be happy.

He got down to his knees, and pushed his way through the doggie door, and he had to move himself sideways, but he fit.

Jimin took in a deep breath, and looked around. The house was nice. His thoughts were interrupted by a growl.

The dog.

Jimin turned to where the growl came from, and awed when he saw the dog. A menacing one, for sure, but a cute one.

"Oh... look at you! You're too cute!" He cooed in a whisper, and stuck his hand out for the dog to sniff.

The dog, a little confused, sniffed his hand. Jimin supposed if anyone tried to break in, the dog would scare them away. However, Jimin wouldn't get past how cute this large dog was. It was stupid of him to do this, really.

When Jimin felt a lick on his hand, he smiled and slowly reached to pet the dog on its head. The dog, Jimin saw as a big puppy, and started scratching his ears. The dog kicked its back leg, tongue lolling out of his mouth.

Jimin awed, a smile on his face. He didn't even think about having to text the gang. There was a dog!


Hoseok watched, a little pissed, but a little amused. After a while of watching, he decided to go in and get the story himself.

He got out of his car, and as predicted, his dog heard the car door, and started barking. He looked back to his phone, and snickered was he saw the boy freak out.


"No! Crap- don't bark, don't bark!" Jimin begged. He wasn't sure why he hasn't booked it out yet.

He followed the dog to the front door, quietly begging it to stop, and when he finally caught up to the dog, and started petting him to get him to calm down, a voice spoke up.

"I already know you're in my house."

Jimin yelped, and fell on his ass. The dog licked up his face, and Jimin was face to face with old Kim.

Hoseok had kneeled down when Jimin fell, and shuffled up close to him, looking at every feature on the boys face.

Fluffy hair, fair skin, thick lips, small nose, wide eyes. Hoseok recalled down he saw the boy in the cameras. A little short, but toned, and an ass.

Hoseok narrowed his eyes. He wouldn't kill him, yet.

He just wouldn't let him go.

Jimin, out of habit, started to chew on his bottom lip in nervousness. He could feel himself getting hard, just seeing this attractive man in front of him.

"Who are you, and why are you here."

Jimin shivered, and stuttered over his first few words, but eventually got out, "Park Jimin.. it was my recruitment task from my gang to break into your house and take something."

Hoseok knee he hadn't taken anything but figured he couldn't be too careful.

"What have you taken?"

"No-nothing. I was supposed to text when I got in, and they'd tell me. But I got distracted by your puppy, and never texted."

"Hm.. do you know why they never told you what you had to take before?"

Jimin shook his head.

"Well, it's simple. I've killed every one else who's tried to break into my house."

Jimin's eyes filled with tears, "sir please.. please don't kill me! I'll let you do what you want with me, but don't kill me!"

Hoseok wasn't moved that he was begging. Everyone did. However, he knew his respectful terms, and he did find this man attractive, so he wouldn't kill him.

"Anything I want?" He asked. He could see the hard-on the boy was sporting, and his lips turned in a smile.

Jimin nodded, "Yes sir.."


Jung Hoseok

- psychopath

- contract killer

- full-time sadist

Kim Seokjin

- private chef

- party planner

- will gut you

Min Yoongi

- dog babysitter

- switch

- Hoseok's part-time sub

Jeon Jungkook

- Hoseok's best friend

- like really close best friend

- totally not gay

Kim Taehyung

- runs a club

- submissive

- loves dancing

Kim Namjoon

- taehyungs dominant

- acts as a body guard

- hates dancing but will for Taehyung

Park Jimin

- dog lover

- submissive

- scatter-brained

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