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My villain academia

Chapter 2

Beware! Spoilers from season One to Four! Before reading make sure you watch until season 4 episode 13 (Episode 76). You have been warned!

I made it in UA. I passed the test and I kept advancing. We had many inconture during my first years in UA with the league of villain. They once kidnap and tried to turn ka-chan, but they didn’t really now him. We were able to rescu him, but All might had to retier because of it and we lost aizawa thrust with what we did. He was very mad. We also got are provisionnial licente and went in work studied. One of are mission was against the aykuza gang to save Eri, many got hurt, lemillion lost his quirk, nighteye is arm, then is life. Uraraka, Kirishima, Tsu and me learn alot during this fight, it made us stronger and made me dream even more of becoming a heros. We learn alot about Eri and we were able to save her and defeat Overhaul. She now lives in our dorm and we take care of her, it thanks to Aizawa.

Right know it summer break and I was home. Eri is staying with me during the summer, of course because of it, we have Pro heros constetly roming around are neberhood and Aizawa would constantly comme visit us, but it okay. During the time she lived with us in UA, she learn to control her power . The school made a program for her and they were think of making it accesable for other children in Japan. UA were think of making a school for kids from age 4 to 16. The door open taking me away from my thoughts.

“Izuku?” said Eri voice. “Are you awake? Breakfast is ready.”

“I’m comming”

I got up and went to the door greating her. Every day she helps my mom, cook and clean, even if my mom told her she didn’t have to. After helping she would come with me and we would go explore, sometime just us, others times with my classmates, even bakugo, and others time with Lemillion. They are still searching for something to give him his quirk back. But even without his quirk he is still pursuing is dream. I look up to him. The more she spend time with us, the happier she got. The day she smiled, was the day on a school festival. Her smile was contagious, we were so happy on that day and made

“We made white rice, miso soup with burdock root, carrots, and other leftover vegetables, sardines, rolled scramble egg, bacon and sausage." she told me.

"That sound good!" I exclamed.

She toke my hand and pulled me toward the kitching. She change ever sinse that day. She became more like a kid, and I'm happy that she did. She shouldn't have live threw that.

"What would you like to do today?" I ask her.

"Could we go see bakugo?" she ask.

The first time she ask, I was suprise, but know I'm use to it. They are pretty close, bakugo his a little calmer around her. He is actually calmer than a years ago and doesn't pick on me as much, ever since he learn all might and me quirk. We are also closer.


She smiled and made me sat beside her, in front of my mom. We ate, talking about everything and nothing.

Eri nock on the door, waiting for it to open. Ka-chan opened the door, lock down and smiled at Eri.

"Hi, Eri" he said. "Hey, nerd."

"Hi Bakugo, would you like to do something with us?" she ask.

"Sure, what are we going to do?" he said.

His voice was softer when he talk to her. I was happy that he wasn't his usual angry self with her, but sometime their was a weird pain in my chest.

"Well, I was hoping Izuku and you would bring me somewhere knew."

"I got an ideal" said Bakugo.

"Ya?" I ask.

It been so long sence the last time I came here. I used to come here often with Ka-chan, his mom and mine, when we were young.

"The food here is the best!" he said intusiastic.

"Table for three?" ask the waitress.


"Flow me"

She brought us to a table in front of a Windows. The view was amazing. We could see the whole City, It look surreal.

"Wow!" Said Eri. "It so beautiful."

"I love to come her when i was young." said Bakugo.

"Me too" I added.

Die. What? I shake my head. I look up, bakugo looking at me, asking a silent question, I smile, he turns his eyes, my chest compres. We order and wait. Eri talking with Bakugo, I'm really happy they get along. Liar.

"Hey Deku! Were you listing?"

" Ugh, euh... no sorry."

"Always the same, I was saying we should start comming here again with Eri, you mom and mine."

"That would be fun."

The waitress arrive with you order.

"This is yours and that for you and heres for you. I have to say you and your daugter are so cute! I'm so happy for you too! How long have you been dating?"

"What?" Ka- chan and me said

"Well, your a couple, right? Oh my god! I'm so sorry! I feel so ashame!"

"It ok" said Bakugo.

"I'm so sorry, I leave, let you eat, im sorry!"

I look at ka-chan, my face burning. He didn't look mad nor annoyed, he just had pink cheeks. He must be ashame. He looks back and give me a glare, 'say anything and your dead.' I start eating looking down. He hate you, die. The rest of the night went well, and by well I mean he didn't try to kill me or look at me with his scary eyes.
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