Restarting Our Love


Chapter 8: Some Memories Were Never Taken; They Remain

"We have to do it tonight. It's the only full moon for another hundred years." With a quick glance behind him, Cross heard the clapping of feet against marble, heading straight for him, so he walked briskly in the opposite direction as Mikan came into view. He questioned his prince's motives for sending his wife to the Outworld, like nothing he'd ever questioned before. But he made his judgement without hearing the full story. He tipped his hat to queen Juri and she smiled gently at him.

"And where ever are you headed so soon after lunch Cross?" Juri asked.

"Just to visit my younger brother is all, your majesty."

"Hurry along then." With a nod, he made his way out of the castle and hurried to WitchChester lane, relieved that his brother lived farther up from Artemis; meaning that he'd never see her if she came home any time soon. Without knocking, Cross pushed open the door to his brother's house.

"Jinta? You here?"

"I'm in the shower. What do you want?"

"I need to find a potion. Enough of it for Kouta, you and I," Cross explained. "Mind if I look through your spell books?"

"Knock yourself out. I expect and explanation when I'm out though." Cross walked over to Jinta's bookshelves which were filled with high level wizardry spells. He had to flick through a good dozen before he found what he was looking for. Jinta emerged from the hallway, his dark blue hair still damp from his shower. "Find what you needed?" He asked, sitting beside Cross on one of the couches.

"Precisely what I needed." He replied. He pointed to a certain spell and Jinta's eyes widened.

"A memory eraser block? What in the name of Howling Hollows do you need that for?"

"The prince," Cross began. "He's sending his wife to the Outworld with Artemis's help. I overheard them saying it was going to be tonight and the prince had a memory erasing incantation under the files on his desk-,"

"That's a complete invasion of the prince's space, justified or not." Jinta interrupted and Cross sighed.

"Hear me out. He's going to make us all forget the princess so you and I will keep guard here to see what happens and I'll send Kouta up with this charm." He pulled out a cross necklace.

"'Up', as in you're going to risk sending your best friend up there? For how long?"

"Until he loses track of her. Then he can use this to come back." He gestured to the necklace. Jinta sighed.

"You want me to prepare the potions, don't you?" Cross nodded.

"This isn't a request, it's a demand. I'll resign as his guard and gather a council. So that when the princess comes back, she'll be killed. You will take my place as his guard. Be my eyes in the castle."

"You really do hate the princess, don't you? Why is that?"

"Mind your own business and make the potions. I'll go talk to Kouta."

"Yes sir," Jinta replied sarcastically with a bow. "As you wish." Cross headed for the door and made his way around the back of WitchChester lane to Swirling Swords lane where Kouta lived. This time though, he had the courtesy to knock. Kouta answered the door with a puzzled look.

"Cross? Come in." He let Cross past him and into his house.

"I'll get this over with quickly. Do you remember the debt that you owe me for saving your life?" Kouta nodded cautiously. "Well I need you to go to the Outworld. You're going to follow the princess."

The rest of this story is hazy but in time will be uncovered.

The betrayal of the broken king and his wife.

The spell that was blocked.

The boy she thought she knew.

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