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Wolf & Fox


Kim Taehyung gets left in the woods by his brothers, only to be scooped up by Jeon Jungkook. A wolf who wants nothing to do with anything and anyone. But what happens when Taehyung manages to crawl his way into Jungkook's cold heart? Highest WattPad Ranking: #69 in #namjoon #32 in kookv / #28 in kookv / #19 in kookv #106 in vkook / #10 in vkook

Fantasy / Romance
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Chapter 1 ;; Fox Boy

“Taehyung wanna play a game?” Taehyung turned and one of his ears flopped down, oblivious to the glint in all of his older brothers eyes. “A game? I like games!” Taehyung stood up, bouncing up and down before he got distracted by a butterfly. His eldest brother rolled his eyes and yanked him back by his tail, earning a small Yelp from Taehyung. “Stay focused for two minutes you idiot. Anyway, we’re going into the woods and going to see who can spot the wolf fastest and run away. Are you in?” Taehyung’s eyes widened, “Eomma said we can’t be around the wolves cause they’re meanies.” “Yeah well, she won’t know if you keep your mouth shut. Now come on.”


Taehyung his behind a bush, so far he was the closest to a wolf they came across in the woods. Taehyung glanced away from the wolf as he was supposed to keep watch, a butterfly similar to the one before, fluttered by him. “Pretty,” Taehyung mumbled to himself, completely forgetting about the task at hand, the butterfly seeming more important. He chased after it stopping when he heard screams and a loud growl, turning to see his brothers running. Taehyung took after them, only to be tripped by a tree root. “Ow!” Taehyung landed face down in the dirt, struggling to get up, before a pair of strong hands scooped him up effortlessly. “Well, looks like today is my lucky day. I caught a little fox.”


Taehyung laid limp in his captor’s hold, trying to pretend like he was dead, which didn’t work. Taehyung struggled, yelping when he received a hard smack to his butt. Taehyung felt himself getting lifted by his captor’s hands turning to be faced with a pack of wolves. Eyes burning into him with hunger. “He’s mine back off,” his captor growled from behind him, everyone looking towards the small fire as Taehyung was shoved into a small hut, pushed into a corner. “You stay,” the captor said, turning and walking to his bed, laying down on it. Taehyung whimpered as he curled up in a ball, keeping his eyes on the back of his captor. He didn’t want to be here. He just wanted to be at home.


Jungkook grumbled as he was poked awake by a soft finger. “What?” He growled out, opening one of his eyes, seeing the small fox boy he had captured only yesterday. Jungkook

studied and assumed the boy was scared, seeing as he had his ears folded back and his tail between his legs. “Uh.. s-sorry to bo-bother you but.. I’m hun-hungry..” the small fox boy whispered out, playing with his fingers as he looked at his feet. Jungkook huffed and turned back around, “Not my problem, go get it yourself and come back.” All Jungkook heard was a soft sniffle and a soft “nevermind” as the fox boy went back to the corner Jungkook placed him yesterday, softly crying to himself. “For fucks sake,” Jungkook mumbled to himself, reaching under his bed and threw small bag of fruit towards the fox boy without turning around. “Eat that,” was all he said as heard more sniffling and a even softer thank you before his sleep took over him.

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