My final tournament for insanity.

Pt 0 - Global domination

Year: 5000AD. Planet: Mars. Population: 1,000,000,000,000. The entire globe was dominated by one individual: Colonel Sanders. His voice echoes throughout the globe whenever he speaks. He is the man feared by everyone. Colonel Sanders organizes global tournaments every day, and at the end of every tournament, he rewards the individual who came out as the winner with a prize. The tournaments that he organizes are very sadistic and always involves some form of mutilation and/or torture. However, everyone wants to participate in it for the rewards. To win the tournament, you have to start participating in it as early as possible. The problem is that he only announces the prizes at the middle of the tournament. The prizes he gives for each tournament varies. Most are as worthless as dust, but the rarest and most coveted of all, is the title to be his henchman. Earning this title means to never participate in any future tournaments again.

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