My final tournament for insanity.

Pt 1 - Let the games begin

Everybody on Mars was as weird as heck. Almost everyone was a humanoid, but mutated of sorts. There was a crocodile man running around, and other impossibly bizarre yet fancy looking humanoids performing seemingly crazy stuff. My life was pitiful and I always hid in a dark corner because I didn't want to participate in any tournament. I was sleeping comfortably when suddenly Colonel Sanders' omnipresent voice rang throughout Mars from every direction. "Having a good day every one? Excited for our next tournament? Wait no more! It's finally here! Our next tournament is about to begin! LET THE SUPER VINEGAR RAIN BEGIN!". Colonel Sanders then explained to everyone that the condition to win is the person who can soak and massage the most vinegar into his/her/its hair. Instantly, the sky turned into a very unusual colour of a mix of pink and cyan. The rain started dripping, then raining, then pouring. The rain of super vinegar had begun.

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