My final tournament for insanity.

Pt 2 - Comfort is a Joke

I needed a place to hide. I quickly ran to shelter. Drops of rain touched my skin. It stung so badly. I quickly realized it wasn't vinegar. It was a super acid. I didn't want to participate, and for hours, I kept fleeing to different places with shade from the rain. The rain was so acidic that it kept dissolving the shades that I was hiding under and I had to constantly change my hiding spot. I was having a bad time moving around because the ground was flooded with a acidic mixture of smelly goo and bits of bone with streaks of blood and hair floating around. All hope of avoiding torture seemed to be lost until I found a safe hiding spot with a lot of material above and around me. It was a flight of reinforced metal basement with stairs over 10 floors high. The problem is that I was hiding in Colonel Sanders' dark, dark, basement.

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