My final tournament for insanity.

Pt 3 - Finding security in things not seen

The basement was extremely dark. I could hardly see anything. I crept up to a corner with lots of large objects for me to find comfort in hiding. All I was able to hear and smell are the terrified rats scampering over their dead cousins and with a whiff of rotting burger and fries. I sighed. A few seconds later I heard footsteps outside. "Who's there?". Someone knocked on the basement door, probably suspecting my presence. I jumped and nearly screamed. It was probably one of Colonel Sanders' henchmen. I was in deep trouble. Anyone caught trespassing Colonel Sanders' property would get punished. I held my breath. I didn't want to get caught and experience the horrors that the people who tried to build a rocket ship went through. I closed my eyes and hoped for the storm to pass at nightfall.

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