My final tournament for insanity.

Pt 4 - Ronald McDonald

After hiding in the basement for several hours, I felt something stroking from my hair down to my neck. Shivers went through my spine as I heard someone whispering slowly into my ear "you didn't actually think you could escape my domain, huh?". As I turned around, I saw Ronald McDonald several millimetres beside me. The basement had only one opening: the door. But I have been staring at the door and no one came in. So how did he get there? Was he already here before I came into the basement? How long had he been there? What would happen to me now? Would questioning even help? I was caught by one of Colonel Sanders' henchmen. Ronald McDonald. I was in big trouble. I knew Ronald McDonald was going to tell on me, so I started to panic and begged him for a truce. I made a deal with Ronald McDonald. My only option was to take a bath in super acid in front of him.

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