My final tournament for insanity.

Pt 6 - And the winner is

I massaged the super acid into my scalp with my fingers, then with my palms when my fingers dropped off, then I used my wrists when my palms dropped off. My body was hurting so badly that I was wondering why I hadn't died from the shock. The event eventually drew to a close. The acid had melted all my hair up into a black, thick, and very viscous liquid and my arms could hardly move. My scalp had dissolved so much that finger sized chunks of head flesh were falling off and my bits of acid were leaking into my skull and onto my brain. The pain was so excruciating that I believed I had won the tournament.
Colonel Sanders finally concluded the winner of Super Vinegar Rain,"Thank you for participating in this tournament.""The results of Super Vinegar Rain are in!""And the winner is "

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