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This story is about a girl who's parents got divorced she lives with her mom in Arizona and her dad lives in a house they bought when they where together in a town called Fargo and her mom thinks it's a good Idea for Taylor to go see her dad and spend some time there for a mouth and Amber doesn't really want to go she loves it there no matter how hot it can get there she will always love it there and the town that her dad lives in is cold and to many trees she just doesn't want to go oh and there's this boy that she's know since they where kids but when her parents split she hasn't seen him since he her age know nineteen his name is Ulrica he's two years older then her. the fathers name is Mike and the mothers name is Merle. And the main carter is the daters name is Amber. Amber has long curly dark brown hair with blue eyes she has pail skin, she's only 5'7 Finn has jet black hair that's cut shorter on the sides. His big and musculer, and he's 6'2, he's got darker skin and he's got scars on on his arms and some on his face but the one that most people see is the one on his eyebrow. And what makes it all is his yellow and gold eyes wolf eyes is what there called. Mike the father has green eyes and black hair he's 6,foot. Merle has light short curly brown hair and dark blue eyes she's 5'8.

Fantasy / Adventure
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Chapter 1🌒

YOU GOT EVEYTHING? YAH I GOT EVERTHING MOM! Amber runes down stairs as she yelling. Yah I got eveything, ok good just makeing sure, your going to be gone for a mouth. Ugh, do I really have to go it's so gloumy there and cold. And her it's sho warm,and open,with no trees,and there... Oh stop you'll have a great time. Says the one who devorist the man I haven't seen him in five years ok FIVE YEARY! STOP! Ok just STOP HOUNEY! Just get in the car please so I can drive you to the air port ok? Fine. As her mom drove her to the air port she didn't say a word. Bye mom I love you,I love you too Amber. As her mom drove away Amber didn't know what to think she really didn't want to go. But what's the worst thing that could happen right?... The flight was two hours long right now she was out side Waiteing for her dad. Where is he! HI!!! AMBER!!! ITS ME WOW!!! Hi dad. I almost didn't reconice you your so big what nineteen? No seventeen. Oh wow you look just like your mom with your long curly brown hair and thous big blue eyes! I missed you sooo much Amber so much! Hum ya I missed you too," ok well it's an hour drive to Fargo! Oh. So let me get that for you. No I'm fine I got, oh ok, well just put it in the trunk, ok. Slams trunk and hops in the car and they start driving. Wow so beutiful. Dad stop! What you'll be the prettyst girl in town, guys will be going head over heels for you. DAD I ASKED YOU OT STOP. Please just stop. Ok sorry, remember that boy you used to hang with when you where little. Ya why? He's still there I Gould him you where comeing well we got a suprice for you when you get there. Oh what is it? Like I said it's a suprice! Ok. After that they just talked a little but then she was done talking so she put in her earbuds and listin to some music...ok well where at the house. The town is like a mile away, ok, but I thought you might want to get settled Frits then maybe we could go to town, sound good? Ya that's fine. She gets out of the car to see a little more of the house. Hum nothing's changed, no not much I keepers it the same, go ahead look around. She started walking in the frount of the house and the back. Kind of creeping with all the trees, oh not really you get used to it after awhaile. Here let me get my stuff, you sure ya it's mine," ok, oh your suprise will be here in a little bit ok? Umm ok, she gets her stuff and walks to the house and openes the frount door. Umm the same, light blue walls with dead animals hanging on the walls creepy, and then there's the living room and kitchen. Then she gos up stirs to find her old room. This must be it, she says as she opens the door, and still the same, it looks like no one has been in here, she looks around same with her quilt on the bed with pink pillows and blue cartens. Well this will be mine for a mouth. Home sweet home, this is going to be the most boring trip ever, HEY AMBER YOUR SUPRISE IS HERE!!! OK COMING. She yell as she runs down stairs, and out side and befor her eyes is a very cute guy lending on a truck. HEY! He say, THERE YOU ARE! Hi? Umm OH MY GOODNESS! FINN IS THAT YOU?! Ya it's me. She runs up to him and gives him a big hug. Oh I missed you wow you so talł you used to be like the skins skinnyst thing, now look at you, you to you the most beutiful in town all the girls will be Jelous. No stop, yes it's true oh it's so good to see you, ya you too. Ok well I'm glad you guys are starting to talk but the suprise!! Oh ya what is it? ITS THE TRUCK!! You like it Amber? What your giving me a car OH MY GOODNESS FINN THANK YOU SO MUCH! She hugged him again. Umm no hug for you old man? Oh sorry dad. She hugged him tight thank you both, can I take it out for a rid? That's up to you it's yours, oh right haha. Hey I'll come with you if you want? Ya you can come Finn, ok she got in the truck sat in the set felt the weal and looked at the radio. Then Finn got in his big shoulders toulk up most of the room, and his head all most touched the cealling. He must be at lest what 6'4 maybe 6'6. But there was somthing about him his hadn't noticed the scars on him until now. All over not only that he was wherein get Tshirt in forty degree walther! Like what how is he not cold?. But she stopped thinking about it she felt safe for the most part. Ok now you know how to drive right? Umm in seventeen," yah I know how to drive," ok well let's go then," ok she started the enigan. Old but it worked. She stared to drive, but she didn't really know where to go so Finn had to tell her. Here we are home sweet town. This is it? Ya not much but it's town, ok hey there's a book store! Ya right across the street, ok! Ha I'm going to grab us a set at the dinner ok? Ya I'll be there right after I go to the book store! Oaky. She gets out of the car and walks across the street to the book store and opens the door hello? Well hi oh! You must be Mikes daughter? Ya that's me, well my aren't you a beutiful thing. Hum thanks. What can I help you with? Oh I'm just looking, ok well if you need anything just ring the bell, ok thank again.she starts looking at the books when her phone rings. Oh? Hello? Amber, oh hi mom, hi honey how are you? I'm ok, ok geass what! What? DAD GAVE ME A CAR!! Wow! It's a truck, and Finns with me oh I think I got to go I'll talk to you later ok? Ok Houney I love you bye, bye love you too. She puts down her phone thanks the women and walks across the street th the dinner where Finn is Waiteing. HELLO WELCOME TO OUR DINNER ILL BE WITH YOU IN A MINUTE! Umm I'm her with someone, oh never mind found him, OK! Hey, oh hi, you where in the book store for a good minut. Oh ya I love my books," ha I thought you where going to leave, well if I know where to go mabey I would have. Hahahahah! So? You would have if you knew the way? Well it's not soooo bad here, and I'm with my best old friend. True, it's really good to have you back here Amber I missed you a lot," thanks, my life was never the same when my parents split, and I lots you it was hard for me.but know I'm happy I came.

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