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Jimin needs dick, basically

Erotica / Drama
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Korean Minjok Leadership Academy. A private, very selective secondary school near Hoengseong in Gangwon.

One of the more picky private schools in South Korea.

Meet Park Jimin. A super senior.

He was in the top one percent of the countries students.

However, in his senior year, he had fallen short in credits. His mom, in a fury, sent him off to a private boarding school.

It was safe for omegas to be. A controlled environment, many omega staff, and guards in the school to make sure no one was hurt or threatened.

Perfect for her unruly omega son.

So here he was, his second senior year, being escorted to the main offices by a guard.

His nose hurt. All the new smells and noises and bodies. It was too much. His poor senses could barely handle it.

"Here you are, Mr. Park. I will be leaving now."

Jimin nodded to the guard. The poor beta was red-faced.

He sighed and opened the door to the office. It was modernly organized, and the decor was nice. It looked like it was trying its best to be comfortable.

However, it was still an office.

With a smile, he walked to the desk where the secretary sat. He softly cleared his throat, and spoke.

"Hello, my name is Park Jimin. I am a new student here, and I was told I would have a tour of the school upon arrival."

She smiled at him, and tapped a couple keys on her computer, then nodded.

"Yes, Mr. Park. I will alert Headmaster Kim and Mr. Kim you have arrived."

Jimin nodded, and went to sit at a chair, to wait.

A few minutes later, Jimin caught an delicious scent. His head slowly lifted, his eyes narrowed.

The door to the office opened, and two tall alphas walked in, both with handsome smiled on their faces.

So it wasn't one scent, it was two. Either way, Jimin liked it. Liked them. Wanted them.

Or well, a piece of them.

"Park Jimin?" The shorter of the two asked.

He nodded, "Yes sir," he stood.

"It's nice to meet you. My name is Kim Seokjin. I am the headmaster if the school. This is Kim Namjoon, principal of the school." He said, and motioned to the man next to him.

Jimin had a graceful smile on his lips. He was glad he dressed to impress today. Tight yet comfortable high waisted skinny jeans that hugged him in all the right places, showcasing his thick thighs, and thick ass. With that, he wore a white button up, tucked into his jeans to show off his tiny waist. His bare neck was visible, almost aching to be marked, and he wore various rings on his fingers.

Needless to say, he was hot.

"It's nice to meet you both, sunbaenims." Jimin bowed, and when he stood straight again, he ran a hand through his hair.

So what if he was a bit of a slut?

"Where to first?" He asked.

The taller one, Namjoon, raised a hand for Jimin to follow them, "We will he showing you to where your classes are, and then other facilities on campus, then we will show you to your dorm."

"We decided to give you a tour personally, just because its your second senior year, and you are only taking a few classes."

"Sounds fun."

As they walked through the hallways, making small talk and occasional facts about the school said by either man, Jimin noticed how horrific the uniforms for the school were.

"Ah... sunbaenims... I hope you know I will not be wearing the pants to the uniform here. I have plenty of black pants to wear, and there is absolutely no way I would like to consider or attempt pulling those off."

Seokjin looked down at the omega, an eyebrow raised, "You will be sent to detention."

"So? More time to do homework, and it's quiet."

The alphas just sighed as the looked at each other.

"Okay. Well here is your first class." Namjoon spoke, and opened the door to the classroom.

"Music, taught by Min Yoongi."

After the words were spoken, the teacher's head shot up. He had been sitting at the piano. Jimin watched him like a hawk, analyzing him. Shorter than the headmaster and principal, but still with a muscular build. His features were softer, but he had a warming presence, which is odd for an alpha. Usually they have a presence and scent that makes an omega wet.

"hey. Who's this?"

"This is Park Jimin."

"Ah. Well I am the music teacher. It's nice to meet you."

Jimin smiled, bowing to him as well.

So far all he had the privilege of being around was alphas. How lucky. They were all so attractive.

"We will see you later, Mr. Min," Seokjin spoke, and raised a hand to rest ever-so-lightly on Jimin's lower back to guide him out of the room.

"Your next teacher is photography. You had mainly art credits, and one gym credit to finish."

"Yea.. I was always super busy with stuff outside school."

"What else were you busy with?" Namjoon asked.

Jimin was not about to tell him he was getting dicked down. So he went with the other reason he was busy.

"I was on a dance team. I had to quit though, since I am attending this school. I would not have been able to make it to practices."

"Understandable. On your application t said you danced, so we had placed you in our dance class. If you are good enough, you will have the option to audition to take part in our own school's dance team." Seokjin said, opening the door to the next classroom.

Jimin's eyes shone with glee. He loved dancing. Just the thought of being on this school's legendary dance team was enough to make him cum, really. However, his attention was soon changed to focus on the tall and very handsome teacher who was staring at them, arms crossed.

Jimin would get on his knees and be his little bitch right now, all the man needed to do was ask, he is so fucking hot. Fucking alphas.

"Kim Taehyung, photography teacher. Mr. Kim, this is Park Jimin."

"Ah, the infamous super senior. It's nice to meet you. I look forward to having you in my class."

Jimin did not miss the way Taehyung's eyes wandered down his body, and back up again.

"I look forward to being in your class! It's nice to meet you."

Taehyung nodded, before turning back around to continue whatever he had been interrupted with, and the trio walked out of the he room.

"Your last class is the dance class. The instructor is also the dance coach." Seokjin spoke, filling the silence of the star struck omega.

Since all of his classes were in the art building, the walk wasn't far. The dance class was a class that could either be put down as an art credit or a gym credit, but the class was located in the arts building.

When they reached the room, they entered, to find the instructor dancing. Upon them entering, the teacher noticed, and stopped, also pausing the music playing.

"Hyung, Namjoon, it's nice to see you. Who have you brought?"

"Park Jimin, and your teacher, Jimin, is Jung Hosoek. He is very excited to start your class. He loves to dance."

Hoseok nodded, and looked at the omega, who looked a little dazed, the poor thing.

Jimin couldn't breathe correctly, but he had the strong scents of both Seokjin and Namjoon with him at all times, plus he could still smell remnants of the other two. Now he was in a room where this alpha had been dancing and sweating, which amplified his scent so much.

god Jimin needed to get fucked.

"S-Sorry.. um.. yes, I am so excited! I was on a dance team before attending this school, so I hope I make the requirements."

Hoseok smiled warmly, "I have no doubt you will."

"Alright, Seok-Ah, well get out of your hair. See you later!" Seokjin waved, and they left the last class.

"One more room before we show you other things offered on campus. The detention room, since you said you would be adamant about wearing your own pants."

Jimin just shrugged and followed them. He didn't care if he had detention.

After leaving the arts building, it was only a short walk to the larger, main school building, which is also where the main office was.

Three floors up, to the top floor, and in the back corner was the secluded detention room.

"This is the detention room. Detention is run by Jeon Jungkook, who is the boxing coach here. He will also be a substitute teacher if needed." Seokjin said, and opened the door to reveal the alpha running detention.

No one was in the room, but they still had it just in case. It was basically a place for their permanent sub teacher to have something to do.

Jimin was weak in the knees. Too many hot alphas.

"Hello, Headmaster, Namjoon. Who have you brought to me?"

"This is Park Jimin. He has stated that he will he refusing to wear the uniform pants. Teachers will probably send him go detention for it. Usually we would enforce the rule, but his testing scores were so high, he'd be too valuable to lose." Seokjin spoke, "So you will probably be seeing a lot of him."

Jungkook looked at the omega, briefly, if you blinked you'd miss the way his eyes flitted on his body. "I see."

Jimin smiled, and looked around the room. It was dim, but that seemed to be more of a choice when the lights had been turned on. It wasn't cozy, but it wasn't supposed to be. Ideal for studying, which is fine.

For now though, he needed dick.


Park Jimin



Super Senior/Slut

Jeon Jungkook



Substitute/Detention Monitor/Boxing Coach

Kim Taehyung



Photography Teacher

Jung Hoseok



Dance Teacher/Dance Team Coach

Kim Namjoon




Min Yoongi



Music Teacher

Kim Seokjin





Korean Minjok Leadership Academy is a real school. It is a private boarding school in Korea.

I am merely only using the name for name purposes. I will most likely be referring to it as KMLA in the future of the story. Any other information besides the location/school name is most likely incorrect, as I am using just so I do not have to make up a name.

If you could not tell in the intro chapter, I am using a lot of US high school things(credits,detention rooms,etc), as it is what I am familiar with.

That being said, all characters(not names) are mine, and this book does not reflect on their actual personality. All characters are above the age of consent.

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