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Taehyung's always been a jerk to Jungkook back in high school because he secretly used to crush on him really bad. But they aren't in school anymore. They're in an elevator and they're stuck. Together. For 10 hours. Will Taehyung be able survive those dreadful hours?

Romance / Humor
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“Yes, mom. I'm heading for the main gate right now. Will be there soon, alright?”

He's been there in the car for about 5 minutes and has been bombarded with a million texts already.

Okay, a bit of an exaggeration.

“Argh, this woman seriously. She proves that she's my mom.”

He smiled to himself as he rushed up to reach the main gates of the only ginormous building in the area. His mom's been there for some appointment and even though it hadn't even begun yet, she's called him out to wait in the waiting area for her, to make sure to give her a lift as soon as she finishes.

She left for her office right in the morning and for her appointment, exactly half an hour before the scheduled time. She's a very particular woman, who doesn't like being late anywhere around and made sure to let her son know the facts.

It's weird how she still treats her son like a teenager, even though he recently turned 20 but for her, he's just that kid who prefers to spend his time playing video games and doing weird stuff.

Maybe, to make sure he doesn't burn down the house along with his invited friends, she rather called him up to secure her ride that wasn't gonna happen anywhere near this hour. He was sure her appointment was gonna last at least 2 hours but here he was, entering the main gates of the most famous hospital in Seoul.

He headed in the parking lot, secured for the guardians of the patients and as soon as he parked, left a text to her saying that he's there.

[Tae, 1:35 pm]: I'm here mom, don't worry. Your Uber's ready -.-

[Mom, 1:36 pm]: good boyyy. I'll get you your favourite snack on the way back my pumpkin.

[Tae, 1:36 pm]: Snacks are fine but I tOLD YOU NOT TO CALL ME PUMPKIN

[Mom, 1:37 pm]: okay, got it pumpkin.

They're weird. This mom and son duo. They're from another planet where everyone's weird.

Unfortunately, since this isn't a McDonald's drive thru, so he just can't get a treat in here, nor pick out on some real hot guys and girls that serve there.

He's bored to say the least. He could have stayed at home and invited the two of his friends over, Yoongi and Jimin, who happened to be dating but he didn't mind third wheeling as long as they were there to stay the afternoon and burn the house down with him.

They're a good company that he still is in touch with after high school. He isn't dating or seeing anyone in particular. Apart from the few crushes he had in school, he hasn't had his eye on anyone for so long. Probably because it's only in high school that you find extremely hot boys around. After school, everybody washes off that makeup.

It was a stupid idea, to agree with his mom to come around in the first place. Now he's just there, sitting in his car which happens to be in a weirdly isolated parking lot cause not many patients seemed to be around. At least their cars weren't and he was glad.

It wasn't long before his phone buzzed again to find another message from mom.

[Mom, 1:42 pm]: Are you still there in the parking lot??

[Tae, 1:43 pm]: Your appointment of 1:30 hasn't begun yet?!

[Mom, 1:43 pm]: She did come but told me politely that she was waiting for her son to come for something. It'll begin in another 10 minutes I guess.

[Tae, 1:43 pm]: Mom, seriously? Why did you call me that early when you knew they were gonna delay around!!

[Mom, 1:44 pm]: Love you too, baby.

Taehyung was done. If the faculty could delay the appointment by a good 15 minutes or so, they were definitely gonna take long during the process too. Though, he doesn't know much about gynaecologists but being a doctor of such a reputed place, he knew she was gonna be take long.

[Mom, 1:44 pm]: Why don't you come up as well? What are you doing in the parking lot anyways?

[Mom, 1:45 pm]: Floor 20, the first door towards right. Come on. Come up.

He gasped but after all, his mom was right. What the heck was he gonna do in the basement anyway where there wasn't any one around?

He made sure to double check his car was perfectly locked and that he had the keys secured up in his pockets before he headed for the main building.

It was a pretty fancy place for sure to stand up to their reputation. Most of the doctors here were 5 star rated and very well trusted so he was hoping his mom was to get all the necessary checkups she needed today.

Of course, he wasn't to run up the stairs till the 20 floor, even though he was dying to waste some time here and there but he was pretty sure he was gonna pass out at around 8 if he was to execute that.

So he threaded straight to the elevator area where a bunch of people were around.

Just as he was lazily moving towards the elevator, he saw a really handsome figure pacing around and man, did he have a great body.

But it wasn't long before the drool-worthy sight became a moment to recall the past as he recognized who that person actually was.

That amazing heck of a body and those biceps that seemed to be popping out of that black t shirt apparently belonged to the face that he could never forget and the name he always seems to remember.

Jeon Jungkook.

His high school crush.

Man, he still looked hot. Remember his statement of everybody looking shit once school was over? He might have to retract that statement.

Or simply agree that Jeon Jungkook was a bloody exception cause he still looks like a snack.

But what's the bothersome part?

Okay, long story short, Taehyung was a dick to him back in school. Know that thing where you find something really beautiful yet unachievable, so you just pretend that it's shit and behave like shit towards that thing to just convince yourself?

Yeah, exactly that logic is applied here.

He just knew that he was way outta his ken so whenever he was around, he'd behave like a confident asshole with truckloads of attitude in him just to show that he doesn't care.

He was sure of the fact that Jungkook hated him now. But he thought that was better than being rejected by one of the most famous hunks in school.

He was there talking to the receptionist who was smiling back at him, maybe flirting with her. But she seemed pretty older to him. Doesn't matter, cause back in school he did admit and Taehyung eavesdropped that he's into "younger boys and older girls".

Nah, doesn't seem like flirting cause he just bowed his head down in what seemed like a "Thank you, bye" or whatever but why does he care? He was just patiently waiting for his elevator to come.

Finally, after two minutes of waiting, the elevator did arrive and he was the first one to enter and press 20. A bunch of people arrived after him and since the lift was designed to hold a great amount of people, it did have a nice waiting time as well.

It was almost to be shut when someone pressed the call button and the doors were opened again and in came another person.

He checked all the buttons to find the floor he wanted to reach was already pressed and simply stood there in the crowd.

The only problem being he was the same high school crush of his and he was now in the danger zone of being recognized.

He just stood at the back and saw a couple people leave when they reached the second floor and saw Jungkook shift a little backwards to provide space for the people to leave.

Then it stopped on the fifth floor and he hoped he'd leave as well but he didn't and just stayed behind seeing other people leave, just like Tae.

Taehyung was getting more and more anxious by the second as he saw the last person apart from them, exit at the seventh floor and he still hasn't left.

The only floor's button pressed was 20 and only the two of them there.

Floor 9.

Taehyung just kept looking at the side, mentally cursing at himself for not carrying his mask along that would have been instrumental in hiding a great amount of his face.

Floor 11.

Jungkook wasn't looking at him though. He was just staring at the door and Taehyung was time and again checking the floor numbers out. Just a few more seconds and a few more floors and they will be there on the desired floor and go out their separate ways, hopefully.

But maybe destiny had other plans.

Floor 18.


The lift stops in the middle of nowhere trapping both of them in.


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