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Nothing Like Us


A beautiful love story between a cold and arrogant a CEO and an innocent college student...

Romance / Drama
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A short intro

Kim Taehyung a famous model and CEO of Bighit Entertainment.. A cold and arrogant young man who falls for an innocent college boy Jeon Jungkook.. Love has no gender, no language and race.. It will makes you happy, it will hurts you and it will also be both our strength and weakness..

Kim Taehyung who don’t believe in love until he met jungkook.. He will do anything to make jungkook happy... And same goes for jungkook he will do anything to protect his taehyung.. Its a beautiful love story of Kim Taehyung and Jeon Jungkook.. They both love each other unconditionally.. Both tae and kookie face many dangers in their life... But their love make them even more stronger..


Age 24

Famous model and CEO of Bighit Entertainment

Cold and arrogant

Best friends Jung Hoseok and Min Yoongi

He gets what he want..



Age 19

Younger brother of Jeon Seokjin

Like a son to Jeon Seokjin and Kim Namjoon

Kind , caring and also innocent

Best friend Park Jimin


Taehyung pov

Kim taehyung an arrogant and famous model who is a dream boy for many young girls no one can escape from his charm. His father and mother love him a lot. He is perfect in every way but his parents worried for his arrogant nature.. His close friends Yoongi and Hoseok know that tae is an arrogant asshole... And only they can control him..

‘Yahh kim taehyung where are you?’ Hoseok hyung voice made me to wake up in the morning..

‘I am up hyung no need to yell in the morning..’ oh god his voice is really loud in mobile.. I finished my morning duties and took a hot shower.. I checked myself once in the mirror and locked my apartment. I hopped into my black porche panamera car and drove to my office. when I entered into my company everyone greeted me and I went straight to my office..

‘Taehyung today you have a photo shoot and meetings in the afternoon. Come on yoongi hyung is waiting for you..’ hoseok hyung explained my schedule ..

Yoongi hyung is our company photographer.. He is also a rapper.. I changed the outfit for the ad I went to the studio and the photo shoot starts..

After the photo shoot ends I thanked the staff members and went to my cabin.. In the afternoon I attended the meeting.. And it was really a busy day for me..

Its late in the evening only a few members were in the office.. I went to the nearby park to relax myself.. I wear my mask so one knows me.. I saw some children playing in the park only few people are there in the park.. Childhood days which have no worries, no stress.. It’s full of happiness.. Suddenly my phone rings and it is hoseok hyung..

‘Tae where are you?’ hoseok hyung asked..

'Hyung I am in the park I’ll be in five minutes..' I was looking at my mobile so I didn’t notice my surroundings.. Suddenly I hear some one shouted watch out.. I turn to look who it was.. A black haired boy pulled me with him.. My mobile slipped from my hand.. I saw a car passed very fast.. we both stood up thats the moment I looked at the beautiful boy before me..

‘Are you alright? Do you hurt somewhere?’ The boy asked to me with concern..

‘No..’ I looked at his right hand and there was a cut.. I took his hand and covered the wound with my hanky.. I noticed the black haired boy looks like a college student.. He is really beautiful.. Our eyes met but soon he looked away from me..

‘Take care..’ the boy bowed at me and went to the bus stop..

’Yahh tae what are you doing here? Who is that boy? ’hoseok hyung asked..

‘Ah I didn’t say thanks to him..’ Before I reach him he gets into the bus..

‘Tae are you listening to me.’. I nodded my head..

‘Hyung can you get me the details of that black haired boy.. he saved me from the accident…’ he looks so shocked..

‘What..’ Hoseok hyung literally screamed.. He checked me whether I got hurt or not..

‘Hyung I’m alright.. Just get me the detail of that boy..’ After that we went to the office.. After answering some mails I relaxed myself on the seat.. I think about the boy who saved me today.. His doe eyes, milky white skin, petite body I want to meet him again.. I grabbed my key and went to the parking lot.. The thought about the black haired boy disturbed me a lot..

Why I feel weird.. It's the first time i feel like this.. That innocent eyes.. I want to see him again.. I dont know why I want to know about him.. It's only a few minutes.. And I know that he didnt now about me.. And he is a boy.. pretty boy that caught my interest.. I have to know about him first..

Jungkook pov

What a good day.. But I didn't look at his face.. But thank god he is safe now.. Myself Jeon Jungkook.. Arts and music student in seoul university.. I love to sing and dance.. I have abest friend Park Jimin who is also my childhood friend and also my protector.. Jimin is my only friend till now.. Actually I'm little introvert and shy type boy.. In my little world I have jimin, jin hyung, yoongi hyung jimin's boyfriend and namjoon hyung who is goin to my brother- in- law.. They care for me and they are over protective..

I was on the way to my apartment I live with my brother Kim Seokjin who is a doctor in seoul hospital..when I entered our apartment I saw jin hyung was cooking..

‘Kookie what take you so long?..’ he came out of the kitchen and first he noticed was the cloth covered my wound.. He rushed towards me and uncovered the cloth and saw a cut in hand..

‘Sit on the sofa ill clean the wound..’ he was scared a little.. he cleaned my wound and covered it..

‘Hyung I’m alright .. I just slipped on the road that’s all..’ I tried to calm him down.. I don’t want to scare my handsome brother..

‘That’s all… how many times do I have to told you to walk carefully..pabo..’ I smiled at him

‘Come let’s eat dinner..’ we prayed before eating the dinner.. Jin hyung is my father, mother, my best friend and my everything..

‘Woahh hyung you are a great cook.. Namjoon hyung is really lucky..’ Namjoon hyung is also my English professor and my brother’s boyfriend.. they are going to marry soon..

He smiled at me.. ‘Ah kookie tomorrow I have a night shift so call jimin to stay with you..’ I nodded my head..

After finishing the dinner I washed the plates and we both went to the balcony looking at the moon.. Before going to sleep we both talk a little.. Jin Hyung is my only relation..After a little talk I went to my room…I took a bath and brushed my teeth.. I wear a t-shirt and shorts and called jimin hyung..

Me : jimin sii what are you doing? Are you alone or with your boyfriend..

Chim : yoongi has some work so he’ll come late..

Me : okay..

Chim : Kookie did you see the recent photos of model kim taehyung.. he is really beautiful and..

Me : Hyung you have a boyfriend.

Chim : Its not I’m going to break up with Yoongi… ah Yoongi hyung came..I’ll meet you tomorrow at school..Good night kookie..bye..

I received a message from jimin hyung and it is a photo of a young man.. Kim Taehyung.. Woahh he is really a handsome man.. He is.. Now I know why jimin like him.. But my thoughts were distubed when i heard a heavy thunder.. It remains me that day which I want to forget..

'koo..' I saw jin hyung near the door.. He sit beside me on the bed.. ' h-hyung.. will he come..' He is my worst nightmare.. Jin hyung caressed my hair and shook his head..

'He wont koo.. He wont hurt you again.. I wont let him to hurt you..' He kissed me on my forehead.. He stayed with me in my room until I fall asleep..

No one's pov

'Sir.. we cant able to find him..' Aaron looked at his bodyguard who is lowering his head..

'It's not the answer I want.. I want him.. that pretty boy is only mine.. I want him.. I dont know what will you do I want that boy..' Aaron said to his guard.. The bodyguard bowed to him and leaves the room..

'Do you think I will leave you jungkook.. I won't..' Aaron looked at the pic of jungkook and seokjin.. 'I will come for you.. soon..'

Its a top tae bottom kookie ff..

Its purely a fanfic.. I have no intent to hurt bts members.. Its only a ff..

I hope you guys will enjoy the story..

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