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Mateless Alpha | KOOKV


"There's a limit to your delusions, human. A weakling like you will never be a replacement for my lost love." ---jjk What happens when two different worlds cross paths unexpectedly? This story is about a human, whose curiosity leads him to his fall, and an Alpha, whose fate is to rule his pack............. alone.

Romance / Fantasy
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In a dark cold night, when snow is covering most of the land, and silence fills the air, two creatures of black and white, pant heavily as they run for their lives.

One is an Alpha and the other one is his Omega.

The two did not mind the heavy snow, almost freezing their furs. All they could think of is to save their lives from the pack of wolves running after them.

Their pack had been attacked by these blood-thirst monsters. Many of them died and only few were able to run..... or not?

We can't outrun them. I'll distract them while you run away.

The alpha said through their link. Mates have strong bond. They can communicate with each other through their link.

No! I'll come with you. If death is upon us, then I'm not leaving your side.

The stubborn omega retorted back, making the alpha groan in frustration.

This is not the time to argue. Go now!


I said go... NOW!

Much to the omega's distaste, the alpha used his alpha voice for his mate to follow his order.

With a heavy heart, the omega run to the other side, leaving the alpha alone. All the omega can do is to glance at him for the last time.

The alpha waited for their enemies. Once he saw that they are nearing him, he ran to the other side of the forest. He smiled wickedly after noticing that they have followed him.

No matter what happens, don't come back. Find a safe place to hide. If I come back alive, I'll look for you. Until that moment comes, stay alive love.

The alpha waited for the omega's response. No words were heard but only whimpers and cries that show the omega's breaking heart.

Be strong. I love you.

The alpha said for the last time. He stopped running after noticing that he has nowhere else to go.

He's trapped between a cliff and the pack of wolves ready to attack him.

The leader of the pack came forward, growling at the alpha.

In a blink of an eye, the leader jumped at him, his fangs are portruded, ready to tear the alpha's flesh.

The alpha growled back. If he's going to die, he's going to make sure he'll die fighting.

He's an alpha after all.

The two creatures bit each other with an intent to kill. They stumbled on the ground, one toppling down the other. The enemy was able to break off from the alpha's strong grip.

One of them has his ears wounded and the other one has a limping leg.

Blood started to paint the snow, either from the alpha or the enemy.

Seeing that the leader of the enemy seems to be losing, the pack of wolves started to attack the alpha altogether.

At first, the alpha was able to avoid the blows from the enemies. However, one of the wolves bit him in the leg, making him whimper in pain.

He fell down on the ground. The wolves took this opportunity to attack.

The alpha closed his eyes. He has accepted his fate. If death wants him, then he can have him.

In that moment, a creature appeared in front of the alpha, trying to protect him.

His omega.


It was too late.

The omega took all the blows from the enemies. She was badly wounded, almost unable to move.

As if it was not enough, one of the wolves pushed the almost breathless omega off the cliff.


The alpha saw it all. He saw how his omega looked at him for the last time before falling down the cliff.

I'm sorry... I can't leave you alone......

I love you.

No! Please...... no!

With all the energy that's left of him, the alpha limped his way to look down the cliff where his omega's lifeless body fell.

Why?! Why?! Please....... Please.....

The alpha howled in pain. His howl broke the silence of the night.

Werewolves nearby the forest were able to hear his wails. They heard the cries of an alpha who lost his love.

The alpha's grief turns into anger. The kind of anger that summons the devil.

He has nothing to lose anymore. He knows he'll die soon since his omega is already dead.

The alpha turned around to face his enemies. He's giving off an aura that even the devil will fear.

I'll kill them all.

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