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Sexual Encounter || BTSxV


It all started at the train ride to home when Taehyung was touched. - EXTREMELY KINKY // INCLUDES CHIKAN AND MORE - Previously known as "Bad Encounter" in wattpad - Top!BTS Bottom!Taehyung Started : 14th September 2019 Ended :

Romance / Erotica
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Train Ride

It was already late. The night couldn't possibly get any darker and the clouds were ready to cry. It was absolutely the worst when his car was in the repair shop and has to be left there for days.

Now he's facing the consequences that another driver did to his car hence him taking on the train.

Taehyung never really liked riding the train. It was cramp, full of sweaty people and there's no full possibility that he'll get a seat.

Not at this hour at least.

He was mentally groaning out loud, just really tired of all the work he had to sustain from hearing his boss yap all day about him and his lover.

Lover. Taehyung has a lover. He just couldn't wait to go home and talk to him again on the phone and FaceTime together.

Taehyung was all giddy looking at the time from his cellphone that he almost missed the train stop when it was right in front of him. Today also at this hour was when he did not get a seat.

'It's ok' he tried to be positive. There are people who needs it more and his energy would definitely come back once he reach his bed.

The train going back is a long trip and takes a lot of time. He just didn't know that for today especially it would feel longer.

And then he felt that things got a little tighter. He could feel that a palm had briefly scarped his ass. Taehyung tries to ignore it by thinking positive. "You're thinking to much" he convince.

It wasn't even half way through that the bumpy ride had gotten more and more passengers, enough to make everyone squeeze at each other from head to toe.

Taehyung was having a difficult spot in the right space but he still holds the hand strap above him.

Then two pairs of hand are palming his ass cheeks very fully. It was hard to convince one self that it was not intentional!

The pair of palm strokes him softly. He didn't want to cause commotions and drag attention to himself so he tries his best to shove the hand and mine away.

Unfortunately that was not possible.

The train was too crowded, he didn't have much move let alone be separated by this stranger. And moving the palm away had only lead to either him losing his balance and drabs the hand strap again or that the touch would still come back.

The mysterious man's palm circled around his ass playfully. "Well aren't you thick, doll." The man's voice was so soothing yet so husky to be believed in. His voice was sexy that Taehyung needs to take a look at his face.

"Ah ah." The man stops him. One of his palm had covered up his eyes. "Aren't you a very curious doll, hm?" The man's other hand had moved from touching his ass to feeling his hips.

"Such small waist. Such a pretty doll."

Taehyung didn't know what came over him. The man's husky whisper and nickname felt good that he almost needed more but morals had stopped him.

"No.. no, get your hands off of me..!" Taehyung softly shouts so attention wasn't on him.

The man only found the more the reason to continue. "Why don't you beg for it?" His hands goes under his shirt and slithers on his skin like a snake before it reaches on his perked buds.

The man's finger plays with his nipple until he could feel it harden. "You like that? You like me playing with your sensitive nipples, doll?"

Taehyung shook his head but was already turn on by all the pleasure the man is giving.

"Too bad then." Taehyung couldn't see but he was sure by his cheekish laugh that he's smirking, enjoying, taunting Taehyung with all humility.

The train then stops. People started to move, some even bumped on him. Some people were getting off the train and had gotten a bit looser for Taehyung to move away from the man.

Unfortunately on his side, he wasn't able to identify the man any longer. It was either the man had gotten out as well or that he was also gotten away to blend with the remaining crowds. Shit.

Taehyung was finally able to get a seat despite it being very warm. He had his eyes all on caution during that day.

The small glance towards the time on his cellphone had proven how late it was and how little time that needs to be shove to go back home.

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