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Sex-enemies with some benefits?

Romance / Action
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"Jimin! Are you ready for school?"

"Mom I'm seventeen, I don't need you to wake me up every morning. I'm a senior in high school!" He has been up for hours at this point. Barely even gotten a wink of sleep. But she didn't need to know that.

She was to be kept blissfully in the dark.

"You're my baby, Jimin! Of course I'm going to wake you up to see you off!"

"If you really want to, mom. Alright, I'm gonna be off to school now. Don't you worry your pretty head about a thing, okay? Is it alright if I have some friends over tonight?"

She nodded, "Of course it is! Text me who all is coming over so I know how many to cook for. Oh- and Jimin? How are you?"

Jimin stopped his morning rush of getting out of the door on time. He turned around, slipping his arms into his leather jacket. "I'm fine mom, why? Don't worry. I told you not to worry about anything, and I mean it."

She smiled, somewhat sadly, "Well- I try not to. By ever since your dad died- you've gotten so much more mature and taken on so many responsibilities, and I just want to make sure you're doing good."

Jimin smiled, "I'm great mom! I have nothing to worry about, and you don't either. Dad worked hard to secure us a place in the world to be comfortable if something ever happened to him. we're fine, and you need to stop worrying."

His mom nodded, but she looked unsure. She just wanted the best for her son.

Jimin kissed her forehead, and grabbed a random set of keys, making his way out to the car garage. He clicked the button, locating the car he chose for the day, and hurried to it, as to not be late.

The late Park Jihye, leader of the Park Syndicate, died a tragic death, one of cancer. He was a good man, though he was cruel. Not to his family of course, never to his family. When he had died, all of his underground associates and company had attended his funeral. He was truly a kind man, and many looked up to him.

No one ever messed with his family. In the underground world, that was just off limits. Especially the family that had nothing to do with their business, and had no idea. He had threatened someone once, when they had made a swipe at his family, more specifically his wife, and after that, no one ever said a bad word against her again.

And growing up, he had always told Jimin that one day, he wanted him to take over his company, his syndicate. At sixteen, of course, it seemed like a bit much for him to handle, and many were wary of him.

But he quickly stood up to the tests, and was an even more grounded man than his father. But here's the thing- he made sure he worked anonymously. No one besides his group knew who was running the Park Syndicate.

And of course, one of his first days leading the group, he pissed off the leader of the only other syndicate that had equal standing as his.

But, instead of taking out with the old school shooting or fighting, no.. they hashed it out a much, much more violent way.

Now seventeen and living his best, most dangerous life, he just wanted his mom to stay worry free.

Kim Seokjin, truly was a cruel man, but he especially liked to piss off Park Jimin.

Twenty-five and on top of the world. He had it all. Except for that little Park brats ass. He wanted it on his lap at all times. He wanted him to be an obedient dog. He wanted Park Jimin to be his little bitch.

That's what he liked, though. Little twinks who knew their place, and didn't argue. Jimin was definitely not that, but he was hot. Seokjin wanted to break him.


Jeon Jeongguk


Jins right hand man. His father was Jihyes right hand man

Has a creepy obsession with guns, but appreciates Jimin's creepy obsession with knives

Kim Taehyung


Jin's dog. Senior in high school

Actually really creepy and even Jin gets scared

Park Jimin


Rich boy kinda-philanthropist, goes to a rich asf private school

Weird obsession with knives

Kim Namjoon


Intel for Park Syndicate

He likes fashion 🤷🏻‍♀️

Jung Hoseok


Teachers assistant

Jimin's personal calm down-guard

Min Yoongi


Loathes living But also loathes enemies living? so he must live so they won't

Jins main hitman

Kim Seokjin


Kim Syndicate leader

New teacher at Jimin's school 🤪

Jackson Wang


Rich Family, Hype Man

certified bean

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