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"Careful of what you touch, the boogieman might just come to hurt you."

Romance / Drama
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"Hyung! You haven't been over in forever!" Yoongi whined, pouting up at his hyung, Kim Seokjin.

"I know, Yoongi-ah, and I'm sorry. But ever since my father passed, I've been very busy with the company."

Yoongi pouted. At eleven, he understood that death was serious, but his hyung was also the most important person in his life. He never got to see anyone. His mother and father kept him cooped up indoors all day. The only people he ever saw was his tutor, his parents, the maid, and Jin.

But when Seokjin's fatehr died, he had to take over the company. He was very busy, and didn't have much time to come see his precious dongsaeng anymore.

Yoongi was sad, as he only ever saw the outside world from the windows of the mansion he lived in. That view got old very often.

Jin was ready to take over the 'company'. It was a bit sudden, and a forced step down by his father. Before taking over his fathers mafia, he was a hit man. It was almost an embarrassment to work for his fathers mafia, as he wasn't high on the totem pole. Almost the lowest, actually. But when Jin started working for him, he slowly went up. Not by much, but the korean John Wick was someone to be feared. When anyone heard that Kim's hitman was coming, they all feared.

When his father died, and word got out that he was taking over, no one thought anything would come of it.

But the fear from his previous position was still held. He was brutal, ruthless, and stopped at nothing to get what he wanted.

In just a few months, he had risen, killing higher ups on every mafia going against his own, taking all the busymen, and recruiting them as his own.

His mafia was now large, and ruled the capital city, Seoul, with fear. Seokjin was known as the boogieman, and the mention of the name brought nightmares to everyone.

But here he was, at 21, enjoying a fun, innocent time with his favorite dongsaeng, and making him food.

He was a softie for this little human, and from that moment on, he made a decision.

Whoever hurt Min Yoongi, will suffer monumentally.

Aged are stated as they are in present day, first few chapters will be in the past

Kim Seokjin. Boogieman.


Will do anything to protect Yoongi and make sure he knows nothing of his profession. Head of doomsday group of hitmen.

Jung Hoseok. Money.


Handles and runs any and all stocks in Asia. Dabbles in underground business with Seokjin.

Kim Namjoon. Weaponry.


Handles all weapons for the Kim Mafia. Selected for the doomsday group of hitmen.

Park Jimin. Seducer.


Body and mind made of sin, resident psychopath, most likely high on something bad. Selected for the doomsday group of hitmen.

Kim Taehyung. Communications.


Handles all communications for the Kim Mafia. His charm will make you love him and easy way of reading people makes you defenseless.

Jeon Jeongguk. Technology.


Knows the ins and outs of all technology, insanely smart. Truly a genius that went down the wrong path. Selected for the doomsday group of hitmen.

Min Yoongi. Clueless.


It's his first years out in society, and he just wants to know what the world is like, and wants to spend time with his hyung.

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