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"We loved with a love that was more than love" Kim Taehyung having a ability to hear colors by others voices gets to a boy band unwillingly. Never in his life thought about his attractions towards the males happens to fall in love with Jeongguk who radiates his own unique color! Topkook↑ BottomTae↓

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Ignore the mistakes!

Jimin stood in front of Namjoon panting, Namjoon looked at him with eyes furrowing in worry!

"I got this from the lawyer." he spoke in between his breaths, handing the tourquise blue colored book.

"It's.. 'his' dairy, Jimin," Namjoon let out in shock!

"Yeah, I stole it from him, while I went to get some of my paper works done with that of company's!" Jimin spoke dragging a chair for himself.

"Should we read it? I mean it's 'his' private dairy! When did 'he' even write all this pages?"

"I don't even know about this! Let's see what's in that? Will get something from it to get 'him' out!" Namjoon convinced Jimin.

"Yeah, by this we can get him out of the hell he is suffering from! let me call all of them! Let's read it together" Jimin ran out of the room calling the other members..

Namjoon just tried to take a glimpse on first page of the book, he turned the first paper which smelled of dandelions in particular.

He caressed the book smoothly and hugged it from his hands keeping at his chest as small drop of tear left his eye trailing down his cheek while his lips curved into smile enhanced with his dimples.

As first page was opened, he looked into it carefully reading those lines, the mesmerizing handwriting


Welcome to my story,

It's me Kim Taehyung..!

Before I start my story I have few things to say,

Every story has two versions, the fairytale one and real one.

The fairytale one has all those things which makes you feel 'aww' and 'its happening' and 'that is where she meets Flynn Rider's'.

Unlike the former, the real one makes you go 'no' over again and again in different pitches.

It may contain all gruesome scenes that make life justified to earn it's name,from blood to tears to horrible decisions.

In late seventeenth century, Hans Christian Andersen wrote about a mermaid who sees sinking ship and saves handsome prince from drowning.

Nature's play, she falls for him but he doesn't because he doesn't even know she or her love exits.

Love is blind, she was one of them to prove it, she asks help from the sea witch who had a deal with her to give her legs, exchange for her beautiful voice.

Condition got continued, If she can get the prince to fall for her, she can stay human forever. If she fails she dies.Every step she takes until then with the borrowed legs will feel like walking on shards of glass.

If you look into it, the math is simple.Person is infatuated with someone from another species, not even same gender though, a species she knows nothing about.

Why all of other things, she thought that only way to get attention of the prince is to give your voice and experience fucking pain as hell which can kill her.

Why? Because she loved him, she LOVED him. It justify all of this foolish acts of her.

Love is selfish, It steals our power of thinking rationally. It makes us take courses of action that are not advised in the most polite terms of the sense. So she choose the deal.

She felt aching pain when her feet fall on the ground, her only focus was to see the charming smile again.

She shuts down the voice in her head that tell her she will die because she knew that reaching the end of the tunnel is worth it.

But little did she knew, that by the time she reaches the prince, he has married another woman who he thought was the girl who saved him.

She can't fight, as she doesn't have her voice to prove.She had another choice, she might have killed the prince and turn him into mermaid.But she was happier sacrificing her life rather than slicing her loved one's heart.

She throws herself into the sea, and turns into bubbles entering a kind of purgatory where she has to do good deeds until she MAYBE, earns a soul, which will take over years to happen.

Happy endings are only in some fairytales and movies.

In real life, one little slip of heart leads to wrong choices upon wrong choices.

The mermaid just wanted the prince's heart, it cost her own voice.

Should she have walked away to kill the prince?

Maybe she didn't understand what she never thought about the prince before she dived into the waters.But she knew the feeling was good.

Is risking everything worth following your heart???

Now if you are eager enough to know my story! You can jump into next page!!

A story of two boys, who never had idea to beriends, but destiny had its own plans in case of us...

Come on, Let's get coloured!!

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Love y'all!

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