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Rival Mates


In which Kim taehyung also known as V is a future leader of silver moon pack and is an 17 year old boy who is an Alpha . Has grown up being spoile by his fathers . current Alpha and Luna of the pack And hating a certain bunny looking true blood alpha. Jeon jungkook also known an JK a 18 year old true blood alpha . and going to take over his fathers place as an pack Alpha of bloodmoon pack . also has grown up hating the guts of certain boy who goes by the name of Kim taehyung . ...... An taekook fanfic . Power bottom tae. Top Kookie. Ignore mistakes as English is not my first language. Also my first time in writing. Slow update for staring Hope I get loved

Drama / Romance
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Kim namjoon

Alpha of silver moon pack .Mate with Kim Seokjin Also know as Jin . father of his only child Kim taehyung . Loves Jin and tae a lot . A great leader ,loved by all and is childhood friend with jeon junghyn and jeon somi alpha and Luna of blood moon pack .

Kim seokjoon
also known as jin is Luna of silver moon pack . father of taetae and mates with namjoon . an Omega. Loves jooni and tae a lot is respect by all and is the scariest person when angry . very motherly. Harm his baby and hell will break down on you.
Jung hoseok
taes cousin and best friend . joon is his uncle .lost his patents in an rougher attack. Joon and jin treat him as there own son loves his family a lot .
An beta and is going to be pack beta in future.

Park jimin
taes BFF since diapers. A adorable sweet Lil mochi . can be a Satan if he is angry and show you what is hell . 17 but 3 months older than tae . lives in silver moon pack. An beta
Jeon junghyn
alpha of blood moon pack loves his pack and family. Mates with somi and father of Jung kook

Jeon somi
Luna of blood moon pack mate of junghyn .mother of Jung kook .loves her pack and family very much an alpha

Min yoonji
also known as suga an alpha . cold hearted to others but a sweetheart to close people. Has a crush on a Lil mochi. jungkooks best friend .

Jeon Jungkook
future head alpha of blood moon pack . A tall handsome 18 year old high school student in 12 grade . true blood alpha . sleep around with girls and boys .practically a fuck boy . loves to tease and insult taehyung a lot . is attracted to tae . wants him to be in his bed wants to fuck him but won't admit it aloud

Last but not the least

Kim taehyung
Future head alpha of silver moon pack. Sweet boy loves to argue and insult his fav. Rival jeon jungkook .A tall hansom 17 year old highschool student . an alpha . has a Lil crush on handsome yet stupid true blood but won't admit. Has muscles but also a bit femine curves.

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