Playdates! Yugbam


Hello, everyone! How are you? Today you'll be reading a yugyeom x bambam fanfiction! Yugyeom and Bambam are korean idols from the group GOT7!

This will be pure fluff<3 I cannot write drama that well so don't expect it from this book. If you want drama or angst find another book please.

If you have any questions feel free to comment it or pm me. Updates will be slow and I'm sorry for that. I just don't have much inspiration and I'm very lazy.

Heads up this will contain:

Homosexual content

Most likely Swearing

Most likely mentions of violence (in a playful way of course)

Most likely Jokes that will offend sensitive people.

If there are any more warnings you think I should put tell me please. The reason why I say most likely is because I'm not really sure everything I'm going to do with this story but, I know myself. So, I took a good guess and that's what I came up with. I will probably add to it by myself.

Anyway, have a good day and enjoy!!!

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